Feeling Stuck or Confused In Your Business?

Most times the answer is right in front of you

You ever felt lost, dazed and confused?

Can’t see the answer to that nagging business problem?

It happens to all of us.

To me quite recently.

I was struggling with an idea and what to do with it.

So I tossed and turned.

Mindmapped it.

Lost sleep over it.

and then…

…lo and behold… the phone message I got pried open the door I was looking for.

I returned the call – and got some seriously GREAT additions to my idea.

Additions that will help my clients and help me build my own business.

All because I was overlooking my most important asset – the people I know.

If you are lost or confused and need help, have you gone out to your network of people?

Not with an email.

With a real live (gasp) phone call.

Something amazing happens when ear meets phone – a connection is made and big things start to stir.

Sometimes minds and melded and breakthrough ideas come forward.

Other times the person on the other end sees something (good or bad) in your problem or idea.

Many times they know exactly who you should next talk to.

…or, in my case, where I could find the exact model to do what I wanted to do.

As I have shared before, I can be a major recluse.

It’s easy.

Keyboard and computer can be my communication tools… and the phone gets neglected.

Which means I am neglecting my contacts, my friends, my family.

What about you?

Are you stuck?

Then pick up the phone and make that call.

Get in touch with the person you know that might have insight for you.

See where it takes you.

Yes, phone calls take much longer than blasting out an email.

But the connection is deeper and amazing things happen when person-to-person communication over the phone takes place.

…a CHALLENGE for you.

Over the next week, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call someone you never call.

Someone that might be able to help you through any business challenge you might have.

One call.

30 minutes of your week.

Who knows where it will take you!

In my case, it gave me the clarity I wanted and the plan of attack I needed to follow.

All in 30 minutes.

Compared to the hours I had wasted stewing about it.

One call.

That might be all it takes.



  1. mike whims says:

    I notice all the icons you have under each article (ie digg,facebook etc) I am very unknowledgeable about social marketing. Can you recommend a resource that would help me understand and effectively implement these marketing tools?


  2. Hi Mike, Good question. I use the WordPress plugin called ‘Sociable’. In your Worpress panel, click on Plugins (left side) – the Add New – type Sociable into the search box – second one down on the list says “Sociable Zyblog Edition” – click on ‘Install Now’ – then ‘Activate’ once it has installed.

    Let me know if you run into problems. Thanks, Troy

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