Fat loss and lean muscle mass

I wrote an article about some recent discoveries that have helped me lose some unwanted belly fat and build my business income.

One has nothing to do with the other – but they both have lessons to share.

The belly fat thing was a frustrating one for me.

I get a ton of exercise, and have lost a lot of weight – but I just couldn’t get that belly fat to go away.  I drink lots of water, eat well – most of the time (my belief is that life is short and you SHOULD enjoy some not-so-healthy foods every once in a while).  I do martial arts many times a week, walk the dog for 30-60 minutes a day, and do weights at the gym twice a week in the early am.

So if I do all that and can’t get rid of that belly fat – I can’t be the ONLY one that frustrated with this problem!

I tried supplements and allllll kinds of various concoctions.

At the end of December 2013 I got a call from my good friend Alan Ogden.  Ala is an ex-Pharmacist who leans more towards natural and healthy alternatives to pill-popping.  And Alan is always on top of the most fascinating health trends.

Arctic Cloudberry Visi Probita

The incredible Arctic Cloudberry

He tells me about Collagen Protein and shares the information with me.  I already take whey protein shakes daily, but never had thought or really heard of collagen protein.  Then I hear that they collagen protein is mixed with an incredibly nutritious and beneficial berry from Scandinavia.  One only available for 73 days a year – one that is exclusively for sale through the company Alan told me about.

I do my research on the product and decide to try it out.

Fast forward 28 days…

I continue my workout routine, and stay committed to eating as I always have.

The differences?


And belly fat.

Getting so much exercise makes a person sore – especially a 45 year old person like myself.

I love the workouts and put up with the aches, pains, and sore muscles…

..but I sure am healing a HELL of a lot faster now.

Sore muscles are at a bare minimum (same workouts – even more – than I did a month ago).

I recover faster from injuries that DO happen (and they do – I’m 45 and love to push myself).

My energy level is higher, and I feel much younger in body.

The best part?belly fat

That stubborn belly fat? That spare tire I can pinch on the sides? Quickly going away! I can SEE the differences.  Fat melting off.  My biggest trouble spots are quickly becoming my favorite spots to watch change happen.

I know this is a long story – but I want you to know this is my real experience in just under a month of using these 2 products.

There’s other benefits I would love to share with you about my trial in the last month… but those can wait… and you can ask if you want to know more.

The point is – these products have worked noticeably better than any other product or supplement I’ve tried.

I heal faster from injuries – and fat IS melting off my biggest trouble spots.

That ALONE should be enough.

Do I believe YOU will lose fat from using this?

I don’t doubt it – but can’t promise it.

If you eat more than before taking the product – I doubt it will help.

But if you choose to eat properly MOST of the time, and get  some exercise (walking is one of the best exercises out there, if you ask me), then you WILL notice the difference.

Before I share with you the product info, I have a WARNING FOR YOU.

The company behind the product is a direct sales company. That means they sell direct to consumer, and do not sell through stores.  It means they have commissioned sales people (called business owners), selling the product for them, rather than advertising directly through the company. It means it has that – gasp – network marketing title to it.

BUT – the best part?

FAR MORE people buy the product and use if for its benefits than actually get out there and make money selling it. It means people LOVE the product – and use the product because they love what the product does for them – and the ‘make money’ side of it is secondary to them… if even a consideration at all.

Warning over.

The product is truly unique and powerful… and I’ve tried a LOT of products over the years! This one works and delivers.

So, to the products, I am taking the Probita Collagen Protein Chews 2-4 times a day and the Vinnle product once or twice a day (both use the Scandanavian Arctic Cloud Berry).

Combined, I am in love!

MY KIND OF RESULTS. (here’s some of the clinical trial results)

I have seen the products work – I have decided to share my experiences with these products with a few people. If they decide to try the products out – GOOD.  If not – GOOD.  This is not a hard pitch – this is based on my personal experience.  I decided to immerse myself in this world of product – and will be selling the products on the side (outside of my main business) because I BELIEVE IN THEM.

If you want to try out the Visi products – I would LOVE to hear your results.

If you want to get in the business with me and sell these Visi products after you’ve seen your own personal benefits – let me help you!

You know I love to write copy and do marketing campaigns – I will help you do the same.

Collagen Protein - Probita

Read the Collagen Protein White Paper

For now though, I would recommend doing some of the research and at least trying these two products combined for a month. THEN you can at least make an educated decision on the benefits YOU feel. You can keep taking the products, stop taking them, or take them and make some money sharing YOUR success story with the world (using me to help you get your story out there!)

You can reach me at 403-259-4566 with questions – or email me at [email protected].

To a healthy, happy you!



PS: Here are some links for researching these products, if you don’t believe what I say so far …

Here’s a great audio talking about the products and the business 

Probita White Paper 

Vinnle White Paper

Collagen White Paper

TRUE STORY: I felt like my body was dying



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The Visi Product Family - Probita and Vinnle

The Visi Product Family – Probita and Vinnle are the first two products I tried

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