Facebook advertising

We all know the numbers…

500 MILLION users.

Nothing else you need to know.

If you want to tap into a VERY powerful database, Facebook is something you should be researching.

Are your ideal clients on Facebook?

With half a BILLION users, don’t jump to conclusions until you actually do your research.

2 years ago (wayyyy before all the ‘gurus’ started hyping their wares on Facebook advertising), I saw great success with Facebook ads.

From a $15 ad investment, I was able to sell $2,500 in seminar seats.

Not a bad return!

Things are much more competitive now, but the size of Facebook is growing by the second. If the founder doesn’t mess it all up, it will be one of the MOST powerful marketing databases in the world.

I recently interview Brian Bagnall on the power of Facebook advertising and how anyone can start using it today.

Here is the mp3 recording of that call.

Enjoy – and see you on Facebook!



  1. it was very interesting to read smallbusinesscopywriter.com
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