Facebook ads training

 Are you using Facebook Ads?

facebook ads training

If not… WHY NOT?

They can be a very effective way to drive targeted traffic and find incredibly valuable demographics information on your ideal prospects and clients.

In a 2012 survey, 43% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies reported that they have acquired a customer through Facebook.

I am working on a project right now in a specific niche, and Facebook advertising is a part of the lead generation efforts. I targeted a specific geographic area, set my daily spend low to start, set my targeted likes and demographics… then let it loose.

And it bombed.

So I rewrote the ad, put a different picture in, refined the targeting.

Nailed it.

Got exactly what I wanted…

…good click through rates, good landing page results, and some VERY telling demographic information.

Facebook has some exceptional demographic reporting. I found out that a certain sex between 45-64, that live in 4 Canadian provinces are VERY good prospects for me.  They clicked the highest and responded the highest.

Now I can refine my ads and target JUST THEM.

So I eliminate the money I was spending on the wrong age groups and wrong provinces… while narrowly targeting my most likely prospects.

The results are exceptional when you do measured and targeted marketing like this.

Are you?

You know you should… and NOW is the time to start!

 Announcing the Facebook Jumpstart Series…

Where you get ads up and running quickly and inexpensively on Facebook.

The place where you find out:

  • how to design the ads
  • how to write ads that make money and attract the RIGHT type of prospects
  • what types of pictures to use
  • what types of pages to send your prospects to
  • how to measure response
  • how to dig into the demographics report to uncover hidden gold and money
  • how to refine your ads based on your demographic research to get stellar clickthrough rates and buyers
  • …and much, much more.

This series is 3 calls of 45 minutes each. One call a week.

  1. You get access to the webinars.
  2. You get access to the recordings
  3. You get BONUS gifts:
  • Small Display Ads report (sells for $20) – which gives you some insider tips on generating leads through advertising
  • Turning your words into wealth (sells for $49) – formulaic blueprints for writing ads that sell
  • Surprise recordings never before released (including an interview with the $7 billion dollar man on how to use stories in your sales for exceptional results – works AWESOME for Facebook marketing!)

…And you get a bankable blueprint for generating leads and sales when you need them


Lets get realistic though.

I like no BS… and here it is.

Do not expect to make a million dollars with your first Facebook campaign. Even your first ad or three may BOMB. That’s part of the process. I have been writing ad campaigns for a decade now and get very frustrated with people who believe in the fairy tale nonsense the BS slingers throw around.  You probably won’t get it exactly right the first time – but it can and has happened.  You need some extra money for testing ads on Facebook (you can set your daily ad caps as low as $1 – I recommend starting your campaign with a $5 a day budget and growing it from there, based on results).

I won’t feed you bull.

And I won’t put up with bull either.

I have invested many, many tens of thousands of dollars in my training over the past decade.

I have written hundreds of ads, sales letters, and lead generation campaigns.

And I have made my clients many, many millions of dollars (you can see testimonial at the link near the top of page).

Advertising and marketing is not about trying something once and giving up… complaining the entire time about how it “doesn’t work”.

IT DOES WORK. You need to figure out how to MAKE it work for you, your business, your product or service, and your offer.

That means investing some time and money. Not much money I am asking for a decade worth of experience in writing ads and campaigns that produce results.

A whopping $39.

Others are charging $799 for Facebook training.

But I have invested in them and feel they are far too deep and advanced for what most people want.

I specialize in the entrepreneurs out there.

Those with limited budgets and time.

People who just want to get it up and running quickly and easily without all the stuff they may nbever need.

EXACTLY what this is.

You will be up and running with one or more campaigns in this time.

You will have clicks to analyze.

You will have demographics research to fuel further marketing and refine your message.

You will have a system that you can run for years to come.

…feeding you leads when you need them.

Facebook DOES work… and I will show you how.


I am only accepting 30 people in the program… so capacity is limited as I want to be able to provide question and answer help to everyone in the program.





Join me in this Jumpstart program!

You will discover a simple and fast way to attract quality clients and prospects.

See you there.



  1. Hi Troy,

    Alan here, the cookie guy and Immunocal guinea pig. (seemed to recover more quickly from my cold) this Facebook course looks good, my store manager, less than half my age, was extolling the virtues of Facebook to me yesterday as a marketing tool. Some of it sunk into my cranium. So your offer is well timed. Does attendance require being there in real time, or can I listen in at my convenience? Baseball season started, so evenings mean my (very) veteran presence is required often.

    My goal for Cookies Of Course is to increase my delivery business through my web site, as well as prospecting new customers for my wholesale frozen batter. (And probably, eventually Immunocal when I decide to go that route.) In your opinion, Facebook is a good fit?


  2. Frank Daley says:

    Troy, is there a way on FB to allow a VA to access the back end to make changes etc?

    I thought there as but the other day i prowled around on FB and could not find such a thing.
    It sure would help!

    Anxious to take this course b/c I want to start a campaign for my first product!


  3. Hi Alan. There will be 3 live webinars – that are recorded and posted for you to view.

    Facebook can be made to work within what you want. The key will be to test out some approaches to find the right markets (age, location, likes, etc) that would be interested in what you are offering.

    Definitely can be made to work.


  4. Good question Frank – here is the answer you were looking for (yes, it can be done) https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=187316341316631

  5. Tory,

    I have had a facebook ad account since 2008 but it is only in the last few months I have gotten serious about using I have built https://www.facebook.com/dailydosebeautifulart from 0 likes to just over 700 on a $5.00/day budget and about 20 mintues a day. However no sales yet and to catch up to art.com 223,000 like and Allposters.com 535,000 likes I need as much help as I can get. After following you for well over 5 years I know you can do this for me. I am looking forward to learning from you yet again.


    Dart Wooden

  6. Hi Troy,

    I’m a marketing guy from the UK, and I’ve been following you for some time now. I love your down-to-earth approach, and your focus on results!

    I’ve just dabbled with facebook ads in the UK, but need to take it seriously. Will you be able to provide a forum or email support for any questions? How long will the support last… just for the duration of the 3 weeks?

    I’m assuming we can access the webinar recordings in UK time. I wonder, do Adwords campaigns/landing pages transfer easily to FB?

  7. Hi Richard, Good questions!

    There will be email support during and after. No set time limit (as long as it isn’t abused 🙂

    They will be put online after the calls in a secure site, so you can access anywhere.

    Adwords is quite different in a number of ways – we will go through this in the calls.

    There are some things that transfer, but a different mindset is needed to capture attention on Facebook – plus you get to use pictures on Facebook – which of course you cannot on Adwords (not in text ads anyhow)

    Look forward to seeing you in the class!


  8. Hi Troy,

    I have a content based website which I continue to improve and expand. One of my goals is to create nice passive income from my passion for helping beginner photographers.

    Am I correct in thinking that your classes about Facebook can help me achieve this through my beginner photography guide Facebook page (and help drive traffic/sales to my website)?

    Thank you!

  9. Hi Angela, Great business to be in. Facebook will be a definite help and tool for you to reach the photographer market. We can target very specific interests through Facebook so this would be a good fit for your lead generation. See you in the class! Troy

  10. Kendall says:


    What do you think about a Hair Restoration clinic using Facebook to get likes and capturing a herd?
    Please keep in mind most people who get some kind of hair restoration (Hairpieces, hair transplantation surgery or hair loss treatments) are very low key about it and don’t like to let others know they have received or will be receiving treatments or procedures.

    Of course there is always the exemption to the rule.



  11. Hi Kendall, You may be able to capture a small % of those who have had the procedure done. As you say, they are very low key and secretive about what they have done – spreading the word through Facebook is probably not the best way to stay anonymous. That said, I would drive traffic from Facebook ads to your own private site. Then you can have them join your community and they will be much more comfortable with something like that, rather than blatantly telling every contact of theirs that they had a hair procedure done. My thoughts anyhow. Troy


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