Evil & illegal… yet a life-saver with thousands of years of success

Do you know what the 2nd leading cause of death is right now in the US and Canada (and most likely not much different in most other areas of the world)?

Not booze.
Not guns.


Those ones your Doctors prescribe.


over 175 people a DAY now – thats over 63,875 people a year.

Think about the city of 64,000 people – pretty good sized city – right?





Tens of thousands disappeared and families devastated.

Futures destroyed.

Happy memories slowly disappearing.

Thanks to prescription pills.

CNN shed some light on this International disaster on Sunday night.
(not sure how long that link will stay live – let me know if it doesn’t work)

You know what else?

There’s a 100% natural, fully organic, SAFE alternative out there.

**** ZERO deaths in the history of mankind. ****

Which is pretty impressive considering this simple plant has been used to heal for thousands of years.

Hieroglyphs in the pyramids show this was honoured and renowned for it’s healing properties.

Cave men bowed to the nurturing and nutritional powers of this plant.

In ancient Asia, it was one of the most revered healing herbs – one used in some form or another for most ailments.

…And then politicians got involved.

Profits became more important that people.

Sensationalism became the trusted source of medical information.

And the plant was made evil.


Pills were made out to be the good guy.

The politicians protected the untruths…

…and made the REAL FACTS out to be fake.

Fast forward to May 2018…

Today, 175 people will die in the US and Canada.

Thanks to these miracle “pills” the politicians praise and the Doctors dish out by the handful.

But they are the good guys… right?


Prescription pills have become the worst menace in society we’ve seen yet.

But people have this thing now.

This miracle tool.

It’s kinda hi-tech.

But it’s pretty simple to use.

It’s called…


It takes about 30 minutes to do a wee bit of research.

Research YOU can determine the truth about yourself.

Unless you like the Government telling you what to read, what to think, what to eat, and how to kill yourself at record speed.

Some actually DO believe the government has their best interests at hand.

Which I find hilarious.

Others actually like to THINK for themselves, and do their OWN research.

I highly recommend it.

It’s pretty liberating.

I’ll make you a deal…

You watch the CNN special

If you think pills are STILL your best option for health and happiness… hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this article.

But if you watch that show, then think about some of the people you know with health issues or chronic pain, fibromyalgia, diabetes, immune issues, autism, add, or adhd – you’ll realize…

…lots of people could use your help.

I want to show you a proven model for helping people with their health and happiness.

A model that is backed with the Rolls Royce of health supplements – and a 30 day results-backed guarantee.

No better time than right now to change your focus (or add in a new focus and income stream).

I will show you how…

…and I’ll show you how ridiculous it is to believe in the governments nonsense around this plant right now.

People that can think for themselves can invest some time to watch the CNN special, do a quick search on Google, and realize…



There are better ways.

Healthier ways (not-one-death-in-the-history-of-man-kinda-safe)

Hit reply and lets talk.

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