Entrepreneurs: Get your BHAG going with this…

Is stubbornness costing you a fortune?

I am the first person to admit how pig headed I am.

If you don’t have persistence, competitiveness and downright
pig-headed determination tattooed to your forehead, you will never
make it in your own business.

Thin skinned and worried about what people think of you?

Get a job.

Entrepreneurship is only for those who can handle criticism from
others.  I can’t tell you how many times in the past 8 years in
business I have heard negative [email protected] from those in my circle of
friends, and from those on my ezines.

At first, it definitely hurt.  I would take it personally… and it would change the way
I thought about my future.

Over time, I realized those who complain the loudest and
criticize those who are trying to help, are the ones that will
never go anywhere in life and are doomed to a life of mediocrity
and self-fulfilling doom and gloom.

Good on them (I have a few of them as relatives and they drive
me nuts).

Those who are supportive of your dreams and ambitions are like
rare treasures that you must protect, and keep nurturing at your

The one skill I have found most critical to success in your own
business is the ability to roll with the punches and follow the
signs in front of you.

It means that you must have a dream to pursue, a “Big Hairy
Audacious Goal” or “BHAG”, as one person I know likes to call it.

What one thing do you dream about quietly at night?

Maybe a place you have always wanted to live, or something in
your life you have always wanted… maybe a grand vision for the
changes you would like to make in the world.

You MUST have those… and you MUST review them every day of
your life.

But you cannot let your stubbornness get in your way and cost
you your dreams.

I have my bhags, and they continually drive me forward and
inspire me to do bigger and better things.

One of those BHAGs is to create a community of highly passionate
entrepreneurs who want to accomplish GRANDIOSE things.

A place where you and I can go to bounce ideas off others, to get ideas
on what is working now, and a place where people share their best
strategies for growing their business.

Which is the EXACT reason Troy MoJo White and I partnered up on
The Entrepreneur MoJo Community!

Instead of complaining about a slow economy, take the extra time
you have now to implement new ideas, new systems, and new goals
for yourself that inspire you.

The key is to constantly be moving forward…

…to think bigger this month than last.

…to do things this month that you have never tried before.

…to stretch your comfort zone to the point of breaking.

Are you now?

There has never been a better time to start.

When the economy does recover, which it will, things will be

People have changed.

They got taken down a notch…or 14.

They realized they aren’t invincible.

They realized that things go up… and they go down.

And for you the entrepreneur, they will be buying differently.

When you reposition yourself and your business to be more in
lines with your BHAG, the right people and opportunities will
just appear in your life.

If you stay stubborn, those opportunities will pass you by,
unknowing to you.

Take the opportunity at hand and just get ‘r done!

To your success,

Troy ‘MoJo’ White

PS:  Where else will you get the opportunity to work intimately
with 2 millionaire-makers on YOUR business?

Where else will you be given daily, weekly, and monthly tools that
WILL grow your business?  Troy and I created the Entrepreneur
MoJo Community from the ground up.

We built what we knew was lacking in the entrepreneur and
small business community: a place you can call home and make a
boat load of money alongside other passionate entrepreneurs.

No matter what stage you are at in your business, the
Entrepreneur MoJo Community will give you the push you need
to make all your BHAGs come true… guaranteed!