Doesn’t this just make you want to scream?

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Every niche has ’em …

Trusted authority figures who are full of shit.

Bogus health advice… fatal financial advice… disastrous marketing advice… terrible relationship advice — you name it. The media is full of it.

And people who don’t know any better are lapping it up. 

Doesn’t it just make you want to scream watching the fake experts in your niche leading their followers down the garden path while you struggle to gain the attention, credibility, and influence you deserve? 

After all, moving your products and services just gets a whole lot easier when you’re recognized as a trusted and admired authority, doesn’t it?

Well I say it’s high time you put an end to this authority envy.


By registering for the free webinar training event I’m putting on with Daniel Levis, creator of the popular new course, Effortless Influence — How to Master the Art of The Sales Story.

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Here are a few highlights that will be covered at this all-new training:

>>> How to demonstrate the value and
authenticity of your expertise through 
story. This is the ultimate secret to 
selling at premium prices and with 
superior profit margins — ten times more 
profitable than mere functional 
advantage …

>>> How to disarm the defensive stockade 
people put up against persuasion by 
weaving the facts, features and 
benefits that prove the superiority 
of your offerings into the innocent 
fabric of story …

>>> Stealth Positioning — How to convey 
authority through accomplishment 
without a hint of braggadocio or 
boastfulness …

>>> How to craft a great origin story 
that cements your credibility as a 
seller and bonds you to your target 
audience like crazy glue …

>>> How to create a killer case study. 
Discover 12 interview questions for 
extracting amazing success stories
from your best customers… and the 
secret narrative structure that almost
guarantees explosive, competition-
crushing case studies …

>>> Plus more!

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Last time I had Daniel do a story selling training the accolades were off the charts and this all-new session promises to be even more enlightening.

Do whatever you have to do to be there. Daniel will be giving away some awesome free gifts and doing live Q&A at the end of the call.

Even if you can’t make it, register anyway in case there’s a replay.

–> https://www.daniellevis.com/EI_white 

See you there!

Troy White

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