Customer Follow-Up: What to do if you’ve never done it

The biggest problem I see with entrepreneurs?

They don’t follow up properly with their leads and their clients.

They put the responsibility on THEM to buy, even when they have never heard back from you after putting up their hand and saying “yes, I am interested”.

Get this right: it is YOUR responsibility as the entrepreneur to stay in touch with your prospects and buyers… not theirs.

If they don’t buy – it is YOUR FAULT… no one else.

The best thing you can do for an immediate cash flow surge is to mail an apology letter to your existing database.

Apologize for your lack of communication.

Share with them what is going on, the new products or services you have, and what they can expect from you in the coming months.

To them, it shows you care.

To you, it finally opens up the communication channels and you can NOW start promoting to them again.

This works fast… and works well.

But,, again, it is up to YOU to actually do it. To write the letter. To click send.  Or to have it mailed out (even better) handwritten to your list.

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