Cure for a case of the B.S.O.S.

Night terrors.

coughLack of motivation.

Constant depression.

Are just a few of the symptoms that Stage III B.S.O.S.
is already coursing through your veins.

But lucky for you, there is a guaranteed cure that’s within
your reach.

And it wipes out any instance of Bright Shiny Object
Syndrome (B.S.O.S.) from you life…

Relieving you of the constant struggle of bouncing
from one thing to the next that is infects your email
box on a daily basis and….

Places your bank account on life support.


Doesn’t require the latest medical breakthrough tocure you from its clutches.

In­ fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Relief is simple, painless and…even lots of fun.

On Thursday, October 15th at 4:15pm (EDT)…

I will be speaking with Kenrick Cleveland where he will
reveal his proven Message Guidance System (M.G.S.)
that allows you, as a marketer, to target your messages right
at the sweet spot ­ getting you YESes in all your communication..

And once you command this methodology…

You won’t fall for the empty promises of the latest doodad or
“new” secrets carefully designed to suck the money out of
your wallet… and not your prospect’s.

…infecting your email box on a daily basis.

Join us by clicking the link below and registering for
this all important Webinar that will change the way you
communicate when selling your services, products
and ideas.

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Talk soon,


P.S. If you are not familiar with Kenrick, you are in for
a real treat.

For the last 38 years, Kenrick has been developing skills
and strategies for getting YESes from others.

Remind me to ask him on the Webinar…

To tell the story on how he became the number #1 rated
speaker at the world famous Jay Abraham marketing events…

…where participants paid over $10k to learn his skills and
strategies for hearing YESes.

Jay says:

“Kenrick E. Cleveland embodies the most powerful,
enduring, effective and masterful techniques of
persuasion and influence that have ever been taught.”

It’s for the same reason that world renowned copywriter
Gary Bencivenga says:

“Anyone whose living depends in any way on
persuading others ­­ and that includes almost
all of us ­­ should learn and master what Kenrick
has to teach about the art and science of persuasion.”

Or here is what Rich Schefren has to say:
Kenrick tops my shortlist of people I’ll reach out to
when I  need advice on Persuading others to take a
desired action. His arsenal of skills and strategies has
increased my bank account by millions of dollars.

If  you have the chance to work with Kenrick, jump on it.

Rich Schefren

==> I want to master the secret to Yeses!


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