Creative writing vs cash-producing writing

I was responding to a question from an entrepreneur about the ‘state’ of email marketing.

…“Email is dead” is the concern she had.

After all, someone said that on the internet – probably in an email she read – so it MUST be true!


Email marketing is THRIVING right now and everything about email marketing is simple to do, uses a formulaic approach to getting results… and ANYONE can use it to grow their business.

Know what else?

The type of writing we’re talking about applies to: email, Facebook,
Twitter, Direct Mail, phone or video scripts, or pretty well
anything you need for finding leads and building your business).

Yup, no matter what you sell or who you sell to – the principles apply and can make your cash flow happy.

The next problem?

What kind of email marketing courses she should get.

There’s a TON of them out there – a new one just launched yesterday.

And there are some great ones for sure.

You know what makes me the most money in marketing though?

Information PLUS implementation.

Rapid-fire get-r-done implementation.

EXACTLY what the Writing Zing coaching program offers!

Training, information/education, and accountability for IMPLEMENTING what you learn.

Not more information products cluttering your shelves and hard drives.

Cash in your bank account sounds a little better – don’t you think?

We don’t worry about being ‘creative’ in marketing – we worry about bankable results (after all, you can’t spend accolades by your peers or family – but you can spend cash that you make with your newfound ability to turn words into wealth!)Writing-Zing-Coaching-Troy-White

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Join me in this coaching series and I guarantee you will not only learn some dramatically powerful ways to hone your ability to turn your own words into wealth, you’ll also get some campaigns DONE and bringing you cash…

…I guarantee it.

So, if you want help getting more cash flowing into your business – grab one of the final 2 spots.

More details here if you need them

When they’re gone – they’re gone – and the price is doubling at end of day Friday.


PS: I just received a question on Writing Zing and if it applies to the B2B space – namely targeting “C-level” execs.  

My response:

The principles we will be learning are based on effective and compelling writing.  
I am not a hype type of writer – and have done quite a bit in the B2B world (one 2 page letter I did for a client in B2B – targeted at a cold list – of 200 of the biggest home builders in a specific area – got a 18% response rate.  Response was measured by return call or email – not by an order – so would definitely work in your space).  

Actually that letter I mentioned – we got at least 6 thank you emails back from the prospects on using the type of letter we did. They were sick and tired of the same old same old ‘pitch letters’ that are used. Our approach was radically different and it worked.

Let me know your thoughts or other questions.


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