Craziness and marketing

Here’s to the crazy ones…

…the misfits
…the rebels
…the trouble makers
…the round pegs in the square holes
…the ones with no respect for the status quo

While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see them as geniuses.

What a GREAT commercial Apple has here (and a real shame it was never used)

Watch this and see how many of your entrepreneurial friends fit the craziness description spoken about here…

Speaking of Crazy People… this reminds me – I have a post I wrote some time ago about the movie
Crazy People.

Have you seen the movie?

Anyone and everyone in small business should!

Not only is it a FUNNY movie… it gives some killer examples and concepts behind “truth in advertising”.

Check out some of the ads that Dudley Moore “wrote” in this spot from the movie…

Granted, the examples given in this post by Dudley Moore are a bit on the edge for some… but boy would they GRAB attention these days.

Absolutely love this movie and recommend you track it down.

Crazy People Rock! Both the movie and in real life.

To the wild and wacky world of success.



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