Client appreciation parties

Who doesn’t love a great party!

Your clients do – and it may be time to throw together a shindig for your clients and prospects alike.

Some important things to keep in mind while you plan your client appreciation party:

– invite all your existing clients (no matter how long it has been since they’ve heard from you)

– ask and encourage them to bring their friends and business associates

– create a list of media, potential jv partners and associates you would like to attend and

invite your suppliers as well (the people you pay money to – the ones that should be throwing you a party! – chances are good they will talk you up big time to other potential customers in tohe upcoming weeks and months

make them RSVP to get a ticket – no ticket – no entrance (this is your way to get the mailing addresses of those you have never met before). You can be lenient at the door, as long as you get the contact information for those who show up unannounced.

No sales pitches or talks allowed – this is not a reason for a pitch-fest (doing so would cause you much more harm than good)

– Send thank you cards to everyone who attends – include a business card only

– Work on getting some sponsors to put together door prizes and a take-home package (samples of products could be included)

– Find something (or someone) you can make a big announcement around (charity donations, personal announcements, celebrity in attendance, etc) – this can create a highly memorable part of the evening that others will talk about for a long time [Note: at my Wild West Wealth Summit, I gave 10% of ticket proceeds o Ronald McDonald House. I brought my wife and kids up on stage to present the check to the Director of the Charity. The tears in the eyes of those in attendance was reward enough for what we did. I am also contributing 10% of home study DVDs and CDs to the charity as well

– You would be wise to bring on an event planner for a larger party – it can be very time consuming and easy to forget small but noticeable details

– You could also consider posting an advertisement in the appropriate trade magazines or newspapers that your ideal clients would be reading

– Prepare or post an agenda. People like to know what to expect in the event. You can also mail his out with their invite.

– If you are a low energy type of person, bring along some high energy staff or family members to energize the group.

If you don’t want to throw a large party – or are just looking for ideas for smaller group appreciation events, how about some of these ideas:

Host a scuba diving event where you meet with clients and family members at a local dive shop/pool – book off the entire pool – and have an under the sea party where they get to try scuba diving for the first time in a supervised safe environment (even the die-hard dives would love to come to this!)

Host a wilderness hike. Hire a tour guide or experienced outdoors hiker to show you the surroundings, point out the areas of interest. Have a lunch delivered and catered to the top of mountain. Provide everyone maps and transportation.

Extreme sports can always be fun (but you may limit who attends). This could include 4x4ing, zip lining, mountain climbing, race card driving, sky diving, ATVs, bob-sledding, etc.

Go boating (and invite me when you do!). Not everyone is a boat freak like I am, but people love to be pampered. Rent a nice boat and have a drive, and serving staff in place – treat them like royalty and show them the open water.

Host a murder mystery night. Hire a company that does this for a living – you can even go to your local acting and drama schools. Everyone loves a good show and you can combine the show with a party and a great meal.


…don’t forget my invite!



  1. I couldn’t agree more. I like the idea Troy. This is something that many businessmen have overlooked in many years. They go for very pricey consultants and seminars that they thought would help them drive their business to success. Well perhaps it is a good idea but they tend to forget the most basic essential foundation. The lifeblood of the business are its customers and they should never be taken for granted.

  2. Gret stuff, I found this when looking for ideas for MY CAP party… I’m holding it at one of our beautiful State Parks and donating to the park. Am looking for good ideas of what to call this party. I don’t like to call it a client party, sounds like business and I want it to sound like fun… Personal fun.

    Any ideas? I just hate terms like Gratitude Gathering, etc that sounds sooooo hokey to me. Love some suggestions!

  3. Hey Lisa.

    Thanks for the kind words. I would create some names around the park or about nature.

    Create something with a strong headline-worthy name.

    Look to Hollywood style parties – or look for plays on things like:

    Trail Blazers (or Trail Blazing)
    Ageless Adventure
    The Green Zone
    All that Glitters and All That Grows
    Bear Hugs
    Horsin’ Around
    Walk On the Wild Side
    Nature’s Night Life
    Roughing It!!
    Rustic Wilderness

    Just a few ideas around nature anyhow.

    Play it up – grab some cheap stuff at to suit your theme – and have FUN!


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