Creative writing vs cash-producing writing

I was responding to a question from an entrepreneur about the ‘state’ of email marketing.

…“Email is dead” is the concern she had.

After all, someone said that on the internet – probably in an email she read – so it MUST be true!


Email marketing is THRIVING right now and everything about email marketing is simple to do, uses a formulaic approach to getting results… and ANYONE can use it to grow their business.

Know what else?

The type of writing we’re talking about applies to: email, Facebook,
Twitter, Direct Mail, phone or video scripts, or pretty well
anything you need for finding leads and building your business).

Yup, no matter what you sell or who you sell to – the principles apply and can make your cash flow happy.

The next problem?

What kind of email marketing courses she should get.

There’s a TON of them out there – a new one just launched yesterday.

And there are some great ones for sure.

You know what makes me the most money in marketing though?

Information PLUS implementation.

Rapid-fire get-r-done implementation.

EXACTLY what the Writing Zing coaching program offers!

Training, information/education, and accountability for IMPLEMENTING what you learn.

Not more information products cluttering your shelves and hard drives.

Cash in your bank account sounds a little better – don’t you think?

We don’t worry about being ‘creative’ in marketing – we worry about bankable results (after all, you can’t spend accolades by your peers or family – but you can spend cash that you make with your newfound ability to turn words into wealth!)Writing-Zing-Coaching-Troy-White

Quick note: the price doubles at end of day Friday, March 7th for the 6 week Writing Zing Coaching program! There are 2 spots left – grab them now.

Join me in this coaching series and I guarantee you will not only learn some dramatically powerful ways to hone your ability to turn your own words into wealth, you’ll also get some campaigns DONE and bringing you cash…

…I guarantee it.

So, if you want help getting more cash flowing into your business – grab one of the final 2 spots.

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PS: I just received a question on Writing Zing and if it applies to the B2B space – namely targeting “C-level” execs.  

My response:

The principles we will be learning are based on effective and compelling writing.  
I am not a hype type of writer – and have done quite a bit in the B2B world (one 2 page letter I did for a client in B2B – targeted at a cold list – of 200 of the biggest home builders in a specific area – got a 18% response rate.  Response was measured by return call or email – not by an order – so would definitely work in your space).  

Actually that letter I mentioned – we got at least 6 thank you emails back from the prospects on using the type of letter we did. They were sick and tired of the same old same old ‘pitch letters’ that are used. Our approach was radically different and it worked.

Let me know your thoughts or other questions.



Using waterboarding pigs and sensory deprivation on cows in your marketing

An admission: I have a man-crush on Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather

Here is a guy that absolutely ROCKS using ‘personality in pixels’ and


Dave Munson and family on another Saddleback Leather Trip

his website is loaded with incredible examples of marketing using

Waterboarding pigs and sensory depravation on cows is just one itty bitty example of the great marketing he does on his site.


I have written many times about Dave Munson and Saddleback Leather – if you haven’t invested some time poking around their site and noting how they use stories to sell – do it now

Just noticed some new things he had put up that I wanted to point out.

Notice how simple this is – how he weaves personality and humor into the Saddleback Leather sales copy – and how un-pushy his sales process is.

After reading through his Saddleback Leather site (and buying Troy a xmas present while there 🙂 – take some ideas on how to sell using personality driven copy like this and apply it to your own site – quickly!

A few snippets from the Saddleback Leather site:

(for guys: what to say to convince your honey you need these leather goods)

* I don’t know why, but owning a hope and a dream like this,
makes me want to just sit down on the couch and OPEN UP about the
hopes and dreams we share.

* Think of all of the extra TIME we’d spend TOGETHER on our
long walks holding hands and showing off the leather.

(for girls: what to say to convince your hubby you need these
leather goods)

* You know, I feel frisky just thinking about that leather piece.

* I don’t think I’d need to go shopping for another thing
all year after buying something like this.

(for the both of you – from Dave: what he says to convince the both
of you need these leather goods)

You’ll be more popular. You’ll have more friends.
What’s wrong, you chicken? I might invite you to my birthday
party. If you don’t buy this case, then next year, when
you’re scouring the internet again looking for your next garage
sale piece because yours is already torn or broken, your mind will
drift back to my words. You’ll slowly shake your head and say,
“Man, was that guy right or what”. And then you’ll
slightly squint, press your lips together and give a few small

I tell you what, buy it now or kick yourself later.

I’ve made this for you to break in. It’ll take a few months
until it really starts to look cool, and you’ll have to use it
a lot. In fact, the more you use it, the better it looks (and it
already looks great). It’ll eventually form to the places on
your body it touches regularly. The edges will soften and round
some to become even more chic and classic looking than it already

Where can I see one of these cases in person?

I don’t have any of the items in stores and we’re not big
fans of folks coming to our home because of the weirdo factor. My
sister, Patricia, and her husband (my Chess and Scrabble nemesis)
send out the leather from their place near Ft. Worth, Texas. But
again, because of the weirdo factor, they don’t want you
dropping by there either. If it helps, everyone tells me that
they’re much more impressed with them in person.




Does exactly what it needs to do.

Saddleback Leather is a PRIME example of how to use personality in your marketing and how to excel marketing online.


Have a great day.


PS: I interviewed Dave Munson a while back about Saddleback Leather and what he had done with it.

He gave me one insight on where he finds clients that I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED.

I have never shared this idea with anyone before.

And I am not going to here.

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How to find beach bums in the snow (new video about Christmas money)

Not everyone is blessed to be born near the beach.

Nor is everyone gifted with the instant ability to make money working from home.

BUT, there is a way to not only create a full or part time income from home… there is also a proven Beach Bum Blueprint for finding the beaches of the world, even if you live in snowville like me.

Brand new video just put up for you here (complete with snow and all)…



PS: If you are ready for change and want to start doing what you need to do
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But it can start you on the path that creates the lifestyle you want.


Marketing secrets of The Mocking Dead

If you aren’t living in your own Zombieland, you’d have heard of The Walking Dead tv series by now.


The Walking Dead

Based on the comic book series, The Walking Deadtells the story of a small group of survivors living in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

Not only has it received all kinds of awards for it’s story lines, it also saw 10.9 million viewers tune in for its season three premiere to become **the most-watched basic cable drama telecast in history**.

Not too shabby for a bunch of zombies getting their heads blown and cut off!

You know what I love most about this show?

It’s yet MORE proof that story telling just keeps getting better and better.

Television sucks overall if you ask me.

Stupid reality shows and lame excuses for plots have dominated the airwaves for many years.

But that’s all changing.

Series like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Weeds, and Californication are telling great story lines…

…and are creating copy and paste templates for marketers to use.

Yes, its time to point out some of the lesser obvious techniques the writers use to continue pulling these award winning series out year after year.

It’s time for YOU to start mocking the writers fantastic techniques.

We are headed into the last 2 months of the year and prime buying season is upon us.

Here is a template to follow to get the best reactions from your leads:

1) Marketing in series.  You see one-off marketing attempts all the time.  Big sales that come and go faster than a zombie can lose his head.

What’s missing?  A series of mini-stories.  One that feeds off the last.

They are easy to do – just get out a pad of paper, get creative, come up with a marketing theme, and then build a 5-part mini-series around your theme.

Each part digging deeper into the story, and each one egging the next one on.

THAT keeps them coming back.

2) Bone crunching cliffhangers.  You MUST end each part of the series with a cliffhanger.

Something that makes them HUNGRY for the next part in the series.

Tempt them with a peek inside the next story – but don’t give away the best parts to come.  Share with them a piece of the nuggets soon to follow.

3) Some gore, some tears, and some cheers. Mix it up.  

You gotta leave them crying in one of the parts of your series… and cheering you on in the next.

Yes, YOU are the main character in the series and you need to tell YOUR stories. The good, the bad, and the truly revolting.

THAT is what people want… and that is what keeps them coming back.

4) You MUST share you overriding goal or objective in every part of the series.  

In The Walking Dead… their goal is simple: SURVIVAL.

Not getting eaten.

Pretty simple.

When you are creating marketing campaigns like this… make sure they know something BIG is coming up.

Tempt them with it.

Tell them what it is.

Then when your series finale comes… end it with a BANG and over deliver on your promises. Your goal may be to buy a new product.

It may be get them into an auto responder sequence, or into a membership program, or maybe a loyalty club.

Tell them what it is… but tease them to the point of baited breath anticipation before you give it all away.

Keep them guess till the last possible moment!

5) Be prepared for the haters.  LOTS of people think The Walking Dead is stupid.  They bash it, make fun of it, and put down those who watch it.

You know what?

The writers and produced DON’T GIVE A CRAP!  

They are breaking television records – and the haters just help spread the message.

Your marketing WILL create haters if it is done right.  Never seen a successful marketing campaign that didn’t.

Everyone has an opinion and the ONLY opinions that matter to you are the ones that LOVE what you are doing.

Aggressive mocking dead marketing campaigns will create lots of haters – and FAR MORE lovers.

Seek them out and do everything to feed their appetite!

Have fun with your story lines and watch out for those zombies!




Can firing clients help you live longer?

The late, great Gary Halbert used to love wearing ball caps that said CLIENTS SUCK on them.


I’m sure many a thin-skinned folk would be offended.

The people who paid Gary a couple thousand dollars to watch him beat up on clients, while laying out the foundation for successful marketing…

…they didn’t care.

All they cared about was the wisdom shared… and their ability to IMPLEMENT that wisdom as soon as they could.

Anyone in the entrepreneurial or sales space can probably relate to this next statement…

…not all clients ARE good clients.

Many of them DO suck.

So you need to run like the wind when they show up.

Or just tell them to piss off.

Depends on your personality.

For many years I took on almost every copywriting project that came my way.

If they had money to invest in copy and marketing… I would help them.

I wrote for: authors, speakers, infopreneurs, dog trainers, horse trainers, massage therapists, time travellers (don’t ask : ), spiritualists, Amish craftsmen, weightlifters, martial artists, coaches, health consultants and suppliers, drug pedlars, computer companies, software, roller coaster test pilots (true!), painters, realtors, mortgage brokers, network marketers… you name it… I probably wrote for them.

I love the writing process and learning about new things!

But in 2008, something changed.

Maybe it’s just me… but it seemed like clients became 100 TIMES more difficult to deal with.

Granted, my patience was wearing thin… copywriting rates were more challenging to get… and I was sick and tired of pain in the ass copy jobs.

My biggest pet peeve?  

Someone hires me to write copy and give marketing direction.

They need help, right?

So I do what they pay me for…

…and they INSTANTLY become a world class wordsmith and marketing expert that now knows FAR more than me.

The copy is wrong.

The headline is wrong.

That won’t work with these kind of buyers.

Myyyyyyy business is different.

Without even testing it… they just know it won’t work.

Despite them paying someone who has well over 10,000 hours invested in learning a specialized craft.

So we banter back and forth.

Troy gets pissed off.

We part on bad terms.

Gladly this didn’t happen all the time… but often enough to take YEARS off my life!

Now… I don’t even bother taking on the projects.

As you could probably guess… I am using my copy to promote things that pay me directly for my effort.  And pay well they must and do.

What I am doing with Empower and Marketing Beach Bum is my big focus right now (… but I am still sharing my ideas and success with marketing and copywriting here in my blog and newsletter.

Just last week I got an email from a person who wanted copy done.

A distinguished expert with all kinds of accreditation and praise for their expertise.

They had written a quarter page newspaper ad… and it bombed.

So they wanted to hire a specialist.

I was one of the people they contacted.

I sent over some sample ads close to what they wanted done.

Not good enough they said.

They wanted one almost EXACT to their business.

So I sent the closest I had.

Ok, thats good… now send me names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and the names of the first borns of my testimonials.

No, I said.

Here are my testimonials right here (pointing them to the testimonials section that is prominently displayed on

Not good enough… I need to talk to those SAME people who wrote the testimonials.

Which is frankly where I told him to take a hike.

As I hope you would too.

Look… there are people out there that think as soon as they hand you $20… they OWN YOU.

They don’t.

Even if it’s $20,000.

This was a small project.  And this client was destined to be a royal pain in the ass to work with.

Imagine how difficult he would be if he was already driving me nuts!

Been there. Done that. Not taking on those clients for all the money out there.

Just not worth my sanity, my health… and my income.

Those ones drag you down, beat the crap out of your self-confidence… and kill your productivity.

So get some thick skin and just walk away.

Most ‘buyers’ are completely dumbfounded when they discover you won’t take their money.

Their egos start inflating and they can get downright ugly.

Even more reason to tell them to take a leap.

This is SO invigorating!

Next time someone is being a pain in the ass… fire them.

Donald Trump has it right…. “YOU’RE FIRED!” carries a lot of power and feels DAMN good to say.

It will free you from difficult clients and time-sucking tasks.

So you can move on to things you DO enjoy!

Now is not the time to crater to everyone willing to hand you money.

Now is the time to find your true passion… inject your personal stories into that passion… and make yourself a business model that YOU LOVE.

Have a great day.



Thank you

I don’t say this enough…


Ya, you.

However long you’ve trusted me to write these somewhat long and bizarre emails to you… thank you.

For 10+ years now, I have taken on writing as a skill, art, and science project to master.

I still have a long ways to go to claim mastery…

…but I truly do enjoy writing to you.

My writing took on a different and more emotional voice this year, for reasons some of you now know.

But without you, I am just sitting here slamming keys for no reason.

You’ve been there as I told the birth of my twin daughters.

You’ve been there as I shared the journey I went through for my first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do (and I hope you are still here in December when I report in on my testing for second degree Black Belt!)

You’ve probably heard the pain in some of my emails…

…and the odd time I gloat a bit over fun things I have going.

You’ve seen me write about spending time with the Amish…

…and you’ve seen my love of the bad ass bikers in SOA.

Writing was never something I was good at… I even had to re-do my English 101 class in University as my first try grades were dragging down my entire GPA.

But I had experience in sales. Computer sales, house painting sales, sauna sales, personal alarm system sales (failed badly at that one), even selling multimedia catalogs on 3.5 inch diskettes before the internet had caught on.

And copywriting was a way to sell things through the written word.

So I sought out an audience, and started writing my Moonlight Motivation newsletter (never shared that name with you guys before… and if you used to read my newsletter way back then, please touch base with me – I would LOVE to say hi.)

You helped fire my writing up…

…and you helped me realize when I screwed up in a big way with my writing.

I have shed tears while writing, and dripped blood on my keyboard while writing.

Early morning.
Late at night.

From the beach…

…and from the cold depths of Calgary’s winters at minus 30 in February.


When you share with me what you want to see… or what you really didn’t like seeing from me…

…I can work on my craft and get better.

When you are silent… I don’t know if you care.

You have fueled my passion to write.

So thank you.

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada today and I want to thank YOU for being here through thick and thin.Happy Thanksgiving!

No matter if you are in Canada or where you live, today is a day to say thanks.

Thanks for people like you that give me a chance to entertain and educate you.

Thanks for people like you who have trusted me, my products, and my recommendations.

And thanks for just being there and reading my scattered view of the world.

You rock!

…just sayin’.

Thanks again and I do hope you have a wonderful day!