Fist fights and tramplings: what a way to say THANKS! (here’s positive ways to get customers)

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!
Be careful out there… mayhem and danger are lurking in the Walmart near you.

Reports are already storming in about fist fights and tramplings over some pretty stupid things.

Save $20 on a toaster? HELL YA! Lets trash the joint!

$50 off a tv? Worth some jail time to lay a beat down on that mother and daughter over there!

Stupidity at its finest.

And before you non-Americans gloat, don’t get so cocky.

The madness is not much different where you are either.

I am in Calgary, Canada… and we have our Thanksgiving last month.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t copying the mayhem and doing our own Black Friday Freakouts today too – news at 11:00.

EVERYONE is doing Black Friday specials.

Thanksgiving emails.

Gratitide emails.

As we should be grateful to all the wonderful people we have in our lives.

I am thankful to YOU.

For you to be a loyal reader… client… and marketing-geek-like-me!

I am also thankful that I see BEYOND the stupidity out there.

I see these dates coming up that 4 million other businesses AREN’T using in their promotions.

I see the power in using WIERD AND WACKY promotions… rather than just doing what every other business out there is doing.

For example, some dates from my 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar :

December 4th is National Santa’s List Day (don’t imagine any astute marketers or writers out there would be able to turn that into an article or promotion? Nah.

December 5th is National Day of The Ninja. No fun to be had with a date like that using a promotion around Ninja Cooking Techniques (if in the cooking business), or using it to talk about your love of Martial arts and Bruce Lee (and using the date to tie into a Ninth Ninja Throwing Star Special, or something off-the-wall like that).

Or what about the fact that the second week of December being…santa

International Operation Santa Paws Week (to use your pets, or love of animals, as a GREAT reason to share your favourite animal story – which I’ve said time and time again is a simple and VERY effective way to create an emotional connection with your clients and prospects).

…Or that the second week of December is International Coats for Kids Week. Couldn’t use that to do some good things for a kids-focused charity, or to collect coats for kids… could you?

Think about this…

This weekend people are getting HAMMERED with Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

Next week… nothing.

Yet you get it.

You understand the power in THEME MARKETING.

You understand the profits to be found in using UNUSUAL PROMOTIONS.

You understand that using the 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar means you STICK OUT from the crowd.

You know that 2014 will be a stellar year…

…because you AREN’T typical.

You like being different.

You like atypical results!
Think beyond what everyone else does.

Promote yourself differently… into different niches.

And be wacky!

It works… and it will grow your business!

Have a great – and safe – Thanksgiving weekend!


2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan


National Monkey Day and the Power of Viral Marketing

Did you know that today, December 14th, National Monkey Day (the Ikea Monkey would be proud!)?

If you owned the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar, you would!

AND… even better… you would know how to use National Monkey Day in your marketing to pocket some money.=

Marketing in this day and age is about story telling, sharing, collaborating and fun.

People ARE buying… and you can be the one they buy from.

The Ikea Monkey is an example of the viral effect online. ikea-monkey

If you are living in a cave, or under a rock, you may not have heard of the Ikea Monkey… yet.

You will though.

Darwin, the Ikea Monkey, was found wandering outside of an Ikea Story in Toronto this past weekend.

The young Ikea Monkey captured worldwide attention after he somehow let himself out of a parked car Sunday and ambled around the Ikea parking lot dressed in a fitted shearling coat.

Darwin The Ikea Monkey was captured, held by animal services, and his owner was fined $240 for having a prohibited animal.

Of course, the internet got ahold of this and the viral sweetness of the net took over and Darwin the Ikea Monkey became an overnight sensation and superstar!

Now, this was not used as a marketing gimmick (but I do wonder if the owner of Darwin has alterior motives and wanted to become an overnight star… albeit for the wrong reason… but a star she still has become. Next are book deals and made-for-tv movies I’m sure).

Even if the Ikea Monkey was an ‘honest mistake’, it still shows what can happen when you find a meme and use it to generate massive publicity online.

Millions of people around the world have read about the Ikea Monkey.

Shirts and bumper stickers, I am sure, WILL be printed.

Why not create your own viral sensations?

Think about it…

Here’s a few random picks from the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar:

December 15 – Cat Herder’s Day

December 18 – National Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day

December 26 – National Whiner’s Day

December 30 – Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute Day

January 2 – Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

January 13 – Rubber Duckie’s Birthday

Now, if you can’t think of ONE way to turn those events into something fun for Facebook, or for a blog post (like this), or for your email newsletter… you need SERIOUS help with your marketing!

These are goldmines for marketing ideas.

Youtube videos.


Memes on Facebook.


Product launches.

You name it… you can make it work.

So stop messing around with your marketing and get serious!

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar is PACKED with over 1,500 ideas like this… plus shows you what and how to turn them into marketing ideas.

Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan for 2013

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar and Annual Marketing Plan

If you can’t turn THAT into a killer year of fun-filled promotions… hand up your shingle and move on to a job where you don’t have to think.

Harsh… but true.

I am holding a special offer on the calendar right now for just $36 until December 24th. 

Grab it now while you can at this special deal

ONE promotion will help you pay for 10, maybe 100 calendars.

Imagine what a year of them will do to your bottom line!

I guarantee you will pocket AT LEAST $5,000 from using this calendar in your business in 2013. 

All you need to do is pick a date a week, run the promotions (outlined in the Marketing Calendar), or even copy and paste the ones already written for you.

Do that consistently and not only will your revenues increase… your customers will LOVE the fun and innovative marketing ideas you use.



PS: There is also a way to get the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar as a
FREE Bonus… here’s a short video showing how.



Awesome Gift Ideas for Guitar Lovers

Not only is this an excellent resource for Christmas gift ideas for the guitar lovers in your life…

…it is ALSO an exceptional way to create a funky ‘about us’ page for your site.

I always talk about Saddleback Leather ( and share their pages as excellent examples of how to use stories in your marketing.

…low and behold…

…the marketing guy from Saddleback Leather has his own creative inspiration and designs a line of awesome gifts for guitar lovers…

…and creates the ULTIMATE story selling “About Us” page on his guitar lover site-

You know what?

If you did the one line inventory of stories exercise… you just wrote a new about us page for your sites!

Model this template – I LOVE IT.

Happy shopping.


Great gifts for guitar lovers

Great gifts for guitar lovers


Using waterboarding pigs and sensory deprivation on cows in your marketing

An admission: I have a man-crush on Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather

Here is a guy that absolutely ROCKS using ‘personality in pixels’ and


Dave Munson and family on another Saddleback Leather Trip

his website is loaded with incredible examples of marketing using

Waterboarding pigs and sensory depravation on cows is just one itty bitty example of the great marketing he does on his site.


I have written many times about Dave Munson and Saddleback Leather – if you haven’t invested some time poking around their site and noting how they use stories to sell – do it now

Just noticed some new things he had put up that I wanted to point out.

Notice how simple this is – how he weaves personality and humor into the Saddleback Leather sales copy – and how un-pushy his sales process is.

After reading through his Saddleback Leather site (and buying Troy a xmas present while there 🙂 – take some ideas on how to sell using personality driven copy like this and apply it to your own site – quickly!

A few snippets from the Saddleback Leather site:

(for guys: what to say to convince your honey you need these leather goods)

* I don’t know why, but owning a hope and a dream like this,
makes me want to just sit down on the couch and OPEN UP about the
hopes and dreams we share.

* Think of all of the extra TIME we’d spend TOGETHER on our
long walks holding hands and showing off the leather.

(for girls: what to say to convince your hubby you need these
leather goods)

* You know, I feel frisky just thinking about that leather piece.

* I don’t think I’d need to go shopping for another thing
all year after buying something like this.

(for the both of you – from Dave: what he says to convince the both
of you need these leather goods)

You’ll be more popular. You’ll have more friends.
What’s wrong, you chicken? I might invite you to my birthday
party. If you don’t buy this case, then next year, when
you’re scouring the internet again looking for your next garage
sale piece because yours is already torn or broken, your mind will
drift back to my words. You’ll slowly shake your head and say,
“Man, was that guy right or what”. And then you’ll
slightly squint, press your lips together and give a few small

I tell you what, buy it now or kick yourself later.

I’ve made this for you to break in. It’ll take a few months
until it really starts to look cool, and you’ll have to use it
a lot. In fact, the more you use it, the better it looks (and it
already looks great). It’ll eventually form to the places on
your body it touches regularly. The edges will soften and round
some to become even more chic and classic looking than it already

Where can I see one of these cases in person?

I don’t have any of the items in stores and we’re not big
fans of folks coming to our home because of the weirdo factor. My
sister, Patricia, and her husband (my Chess and Scrabble nemesis)
send out the leather from their place near Ft. Worth, Texas. But
again, because of the weirdo factor, they don’t want you
dropping by there either. If it helps, everyone tells me that
they’re much more impressed with them in person.




Does exactly what it needs to do.

Saddleback Leather is a PRIME example of how to use personality in your marketing and how to excel marketing online.


Have a great day.


PS: I interviewed Dave Munson a while back about Saddleback Leather and what he had done with it.

He gave me one insight on where he finds clients that I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED.

I have never shared this idea with anyone before.

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…what can it do for you?

Just join for $25 and decide after I show you the inside track


How to find beach bums in the snow (new video about Christmas money)

Not everyone is blessed to be born near the beach.

Nor is everyone gifted with the instant ability to make money working from home.

BUT, there is a way to not only create a full or part time income from home… there is also a proven Beach Bum Blueprint for finding the beaches of the world, even if you live in snowville like me.

Brand new video just put up for you here (complete with snow and all)…



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But it can start you on the path that creates the lifestyle you want.


Marketing secrets of The Mocking Dead

If you aren’t living in your own Zombieland, you’d have heard of The Walking Dead tv series by now.


The Walking Dead

Based on the comic book series, The Walking Deadtells the story of a small group of survivors living in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

Not only has it received all kinds of awards for it’s story lines, it also saw 10.9 million viewers tune in for its season three premiere to become **the most-watched basic cable drama telecast in history**.

Not too shabby for a bunch of zombies getting their heads blown and cut off!

You know what I love most about this show?

It’s yet MORE proof that story telling just keeps getting better and better.

Television sucks overall if you ask me.

Stupid reality shows and lame excuses for plots have dominated the airwaves for many years.

But that’s all changing.

Series like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Weeds, and Californication are telling great story lines…

…and are creating copy and paste templates for marketers to use.

Yes, its time to point out some of the lesser obvious techniques the writers use to continue pulling these award winning series out year after year.

It’s time for YOU to start mocking the writers fantastic techniques.

We are headed into the last 2 months of the year and prime buying season is upon us.

Here is a template to follow to get the best reactions from your leads:

1) Marketing in series.  You see one-off marketing attempts all the time.  Big sales that come and go faster than a zombie can lose his head.

What’s missing?  A series of mini-stories.  One that feeds off the last.

They are easy to do – just get out a pad of paper, get creative, come up with a marketing theme, and then build a 5-part mini-series around your theme.

Each part digging deeper into the story, and each one egging the next one on.

THAT keeps them coming back.

2) Bone crunching cliffhangers.  You MUST end each part of the series with a cliffhanger.

Something that makes them HUNGRY for the next part in the series.

Tempt them with a peek inside the next story – but don’t give away the best parts to come.  Share with them a piece of the nuggets soon to follow.

3) Some gore, some tears, and some cheers. Mix it up.  

You gotta leave them crying in one of the parts of your series… and cheering you on in the next.

Yes, YOU are the main character in the series and you need to tell YOUR stories. The good, the bad, and the truly revolting.

THAT is what people want… and that is what keeps them coming back.

4) You MUST share you overriding goal or objective in every part of the series.  

In The Walking Dead… their goal is simple: SURVIVAL.

Not getting eaten.

Pretty simple.

When you are creating marketing campaigns like this… make sure they know something BIG is coming up.

Tempt them with it.

Tell them what it is.

Then when your series finale comes… end it with a BANG and over deliver on your promises. Your goal may be to buy a new product.

It may be get them into an auto responder sequence, or into a membership program, or maybe a loyalty club.

Tell them what it is… but tease them to the point of baited breath anticipation before you give it all away.

Keep them guess till the last possible moment!

5) Be prepared for the haters.  LOTS of people think The Walking Dead is stupid.  They bash it, make fun of it, and put down those who watch it.

You know what?

The writers and produced DON’T GIVE A CRAP!  

They are breaking television records – and the haters just help spread the message.

Your marketing WILL create haters if it is done right.  Never seen a successful marketing campaign that didn’t.

Everyone has an opinion and the ONLY opinions that matter to you are the ones that LOVE what you are doing.

Aggressive mocking dead marketing campaigns will create lots of haters – and FAR MORE lovers.

Seek them out and do everything to feed their appetite!

Have fun with your story lines and watch out for those zombies!