National Monkey Day and the Power of Viral Marketing

Did you know that today, December 14th, National Monkey Day (the Ikea Monkey would be proud!)?

If you owned the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar, you would!

AND… even better… you would know how to use National Monkey Day in your marketing to pocket some money.=

Marketing in this day and age is about story telling, sharing, collaborating and fun.

People ARE buying… and you can be the one they buy from.

The Ikea Monkey is an example of the viral effect online. ikea-monkey

If you are living in a cave, or under a rock, you may not have heard of the Ikea Monkey… yet.

You will though.

Darwin, the Ikea Monkey, was found wandering outside of an Ikea Story in Toronto this past weekend.

The young Ikea Monkey captured worldwide attention after he somehow let himself out of a parked car Sunday and ambled around the Ikea parking lot dressed in a fitted shearling coat.

Darwin The Ikea Monkey was captured, held by animal services, and his owner was fined $240 for having a prohibited animal.

Of course, the internet got ahold of this and the viral sweetness of the net took over and Darwin the Ikea Monkey became an overnight sensation and superstar!

Now, this was not used as a marketing gimmick (but I do wonder if the owner of Darwin has alterior motives and wanted to become an overnight star… albeit for the wrong reason… but a star she still has become. Next are book deals and made-for-tv movies I’m sure).

Even if the Ikea Monkey was an ‘honest mistake’, it still shows what can happen when you find a meme and use it to generate massive publicity online.

Millions of people around the world have read about the Ikea Monkey.

Shirts and bumper stickers, I am sure, WILL be printed.

Why not create your own viral sensations?

Think about it…

Here’s a few random picks from the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar:

December 15 – Cat Herder’s Day

December 18 – National Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day

December 26 – National Whiner’s Day

December 30 – Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute Day

January 2 – Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

January 13 – Rubber Duckie’s Birthday

Now, if you can’t think of ONE way to turn those events into something fun for Facebook, or for a blog post (like this), or for your email newsletter… you need SERIOUS help with your marketing!

These are goldmines for marketing ideas.

Youtube videos.


Memes on Facebook.


Product launches.

You name it… you can make it work.

So stop messing around with your marketing and get serious!

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar is PACKED with over 1,500 ideas like this… plus shows you what and how to turn them into marketing ideas.

Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan for 2013

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar and Annual Marketing Plan

If you can’t turn THAT into a killer year of fun-filled promotions… hand up your shingle and move on to a job where you don’t have to think.

Harsh… but true.

I am holding a special offer on the calendar right now for just $36 until December 24th. 

Grab it now while you can at this special deal

ONE promotion will help you pay for 10, maybe 100 calendars.

Imagine what a year of them will do to your bottom line!

I guarantee you will pocket AT LEAST $5,000 from using this calendar in your business in 2013. 

All you need to do is pick a date a week, run the promotions (outlined in the Marketing Calendar), or even copy and paste the ones already written for you.

Do that consistently and not only will your revenues increase… your customers will LOVE the fun and innovative marketing ideas you use.



PS: There is also a way to get the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar as a
FREE Bonus… here’s a short video showing how.



Cracking the Google Code

I had the pleasure of talking with Dafne Canales Lees about Google, SEO, and how to legitimately start rising up to the top of Google.

Here is the recording and the incredible top 10 list that you need to know…

If website traffic and lead generation is important to you (it should be!) then make sure you invest the time to watch this recording.

My site gets beat up on during this call, and the information she shared with me was truly awesome!

Wish I knew about this a decade ago when I first went online.

Let me know your thoughts.



Trampires and Vamper Tramps – how to tap into hot trends

One of the most important and profitable things a marketing geek can do is watch for hot trends.

I am a marketing geek… proud of it too.

You should be too if you want to grow your business and create new revenue streams.

Probably by now, you’ve heard of the drama around the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson split?

You should be following celebrity news – actually all kinds of news…

…it is pure gold for entrepreneurs who want simple and easy ways to generate fun and excitement in their marketing.

I wrote about my love of the True Blood series before.  It is a brilliant show and I HIGHLY recommend you tune in and watch very carefully how they build in cliff hangers… EVERYWHERE.

It’s one of the best parts about that show.

Now Will Ferrell is jumping in and called Kristen Stewart a Trampire… I LOVE IT.

Great name… much like the Vamper Tramp name from True Blood.

If you are running an email list or blog, you MUST start writing about these things.

It generates buzz, comments, and can lead to some prominent placement on high traffic websites.

I have used this technique also for

Gene Simmons and his marketing expertise

Gordon Ramsay and his business makeover genius

Lady Gaga and he incredible skills at building a loyal fan base

or recently Katy Perry and her tenacity and persistence to build the life that she wants.

EACH of these generates traffic to my site and interest/comments from my readers.

I email my posts out and it generates even FURTHER comments.

Anytime you do this, it generates good will and that wonderful stickiness that we all crave so dearly on our sites.

So there is a simple and easy way to tap into the minds of the North American public.

Watch the news.

Find hot topics.

Blog about them.

Share those posts.

If you are lucky, someone with a higher traffic site picks up on your article and links back to it.

Worst case… Google picks up on it and ultimately drives you traffic too.

It’s a simple… and FREE… way to generate attention to your marketing.

Watch for it… leverage it…make sure people know about it.

Have a great weekend.


PS: If you are curious how a bed-ridden gal turned this type of marketing and a blog into $33,000 in just 90 days… have a peak at this


Referral marketing

Every now and then I discover something that’s so good I just
have to share it with you.

Recently I had the good fortune to view a presentation by Tom
Poland of The 80-20 Center and I was impressed.

Tom’s created a “wicked-smart” webinar training on …

How To Get Ten Successful Referrals Every Month
(And even when you’re on holiday or asleep)

Here’s what others have said about this training…

“That was most excellent! I took copious notes and have since
written them up properly. I look forward to making a plan based
on them and then it’s all action! Many thanks.”
Christine Fromont

“Thank you for the webinar yesterday – it was very informative
and worthwhile for follow up action – the Godfather action
approach is excellent – Have a great day.”
Coral Smith

“Hi there, I wish to thank you for your Seminar yesterday. The
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Thank you again. Best wishes.”
Lee Hanna

“Thank you very much for showing me how easy referrals can be.
Awesome! Thank you again – you are wonderful!”
Charlotte Campbell-Lamerton

I delighted to say that I’m sponsoring and event where Tom’s
agreed to share his training with you at no cost during a
value-packed 90 minute webinar on…

PST (USA) Tuesday March 20th at 6:00pm

You can click here to find out more details or to register (I’m
pleased to be sponsoring the event so you don’t have to pay a

How To Get Ten Successful Referrals Every Month
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And what I love about Tom’s content is that it’s simple,
incredibly practical (zero fluff, zero hype) and yet it’s so
cunningly effective it brings a smile to my face.

Here’s what you’ll discover during the webinar:

* Why you should definitely NOT rely on Word of Mouth marketing
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* Ten types of lead generation, which ones to avoid (and why)
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* Eight costly but common mistakes to avoid when wanting to get
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* Tom’s powerfully effective “Godfather” referral strategy that
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* Three specific, step by step referral systems that virtually
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* The #1 all-time critical business commitment you can make that
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* And Tom’s agreed to stay online at the end of the event for
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80-20 Center

Best of all, most of Tom’s proven effective referral systems
will cost you not even one dollar to implement.

His systems are …

Relatively easy and fast to implement
Incredibly effective
Mostly zero cost
Natural and stress-free

To find out more or to register please click here:

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!


PS this is a live event and the technology gremlins forbid us
from guaranteeing that a recording will be available so please,
cancel whatever else you have on and get to this event … if you
want a simple system to get new clients then this will probably
be one of the best events to attend in 2012


Makes the postman blush (and grown men cry)


Hope you are having a GREAT week!

Nothing has helped me more from a therapeutic and marketing standpoint than writing daily emails.

I know it may seem like work…

…but nothing good every comes without some work.

And it isn’t hard work at all.

In fact… there are so many INCREDIBLE examples to share with you, its more difficult deciding what to share.

Today, 2 fine, fine examples of great marketing ideas.

First… the blushing postman.

Look how she starts this video for Panty by Post

Panty by Post

Great marketing ideas galore here!


…with a story about one of her great loves… the French… and French Panties.

Not only is the video simply divine (simple, and selling)., it grabs your attention and would compel you to watch (man or woman).

These days anyone and everyone with a simply little handheld HD camera can do this (even me!).

Then add in some of the great editing software out there these days and voila… you have a video to use on Youtube, on your blog, on your site, on Facebook shares… and so on, and so on.

The second thing I LOVE about this video is the unusual membership piece. You have hopefully read my Million Dollar Lobster report (if not – here is the direct download link

Unusual membership programs like this are powerful ways to draw attention, publicity and experience buyers.

A membership is an experience.

It is something you get to interact with on an ongoing basis.

Vs a one-time purchase.

Is there any way at all you can take frequently bought items and turn them into a membership concept?

I have seen near everything sold via membership…

…panties, shows, jewelry, honey, steaks, baked goods, fresh goods, lobsters, shoes, dive-bar tshirts, kids gifts, art and paintings, travel, cars, motorcycles, boats, to name a small sample of what is now available.

Can YOU be the first in your city, or industry, that brings out a membership program?

Think it through – it’d be awesome to inspire you to create this.

The second example for today you may have already seen on Facebook.

Budweiser NAILED IT with this viral video.

What a beautiful idea and concept here.

…and Bud is winning over more fans than EVER with this.

It evokes emotion… and may even bring a tear to your eye.

If you have ever felt like you love and activity so much, but know you will never be in the big leagues (due to age, skill level, whatever) then this video will get that emotion factor revved up.

I LOVE my martial arts.  Been doing it for 12 years or so off an on, the past 6 years in Tae Kwon Do (training for second degree Black Belt right now)… but I know that my age and size are a factor in competition.  Maybe it is more fear than anything, but I haven’t been in one with my TKD.  There is a chance coming up this summer… we will see.

But I GET this video.

I would love to be in a competition and feel like a superstar (despite not being close to one).

THAT is the feel Bud gets going with this video.

…and it does 2 things I want to point out: It shares some intimate emotions with their prospects and clients, and it shows them doing something that gives back to the community.

Both of which you and I could be doing.

My blog post this week talks about emotion and the powerful force behind it in your marketing… you should read it if you haven’t.

Anyhow, hope you have a GREAT day/week/weekend.


PS: The Story Selling Home Study Coaching program is ready and is an incredible way to introduce your clients and prospects to your backstories… where your real money will be made.



Cashing in on the not-so-obvious

Why do people overcomplicate things like they do?

It always amazes me.

Without a single thought or care about mastering the basics of marketing, they sprint head first following the scent of a shiny new “social media marketing tool”.

Meanwhile…the greatest marketing opportunities are right in front of their eyes.

Here is a perfect example that was sent to me by my friend and fellow marketing consultant, Graham McGregor (who, by the way, has an EXCEPTIONAL free book you can grab at

How they capitalized
on one of the
worlds greatest disasters.

Before the naysayers go off on their tangent about capitalizing on disasters… listen in first before you judge.

The Titanic sunk in 1912.

Thousands of lives were lost.

The 100 year anniversary of this disaster is in 2012.

rather than shying away from the sinking of a cruise liner, the New Zealand Cruise Ship, the MS Balmoral, decided to make the most of it.

2,000 people have pre-booked a cabin for the MD Balmoral voyage that retraces the route of the Titanic’s maiden voyage

Not only are people paying up to $12,100 for passage on this cruise, they are also lining up to “have costumes made to re-create the appearance of the original passengers, while there have also been requests from musicians to audition for places in the modern version of the string quartet that played as the flagship of the White Star Line fleet began to list.”

This Centenial Celebration is gearing up to be a highly enjoyable one for the passengers, and a highly profitable one for the Cruise line.


What did they do right,
and how can you copy?

The 2012 Cash Flow Calendar is designed to help YOU do exactly what the MS Balmoral has done…

…find unusual events, and create theme-based promotions around it.

For example, in January of 2012, here are a few unusual events you could create themed product or services launches around:

* Second week of January is National Pizza Week
* The fourth week is National Mozart week (and Jan 27th is his birthday)
* January 12th is the 36th Anniversary of the passing of Agatha Christie in 1976
* Friday January 13th is not only a Friday the 13th, but is also the Rubber Duckies birthday
* Sunday, January 22nd is National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day… what better reason for a pet-related marketing campaign (pet campaigns can be a BIG draw for contests, competitions, and just fun all-around promotions).

Keep it simple.

Find a special event or date you could really have fun with.

Do some research about the basics of the date or reason for celebration.

Create a 3 step (minimum) campaign that has some fun with the date, tells a great story that ties into that date, then relate the celebration to your special offer.

Send out all 3 steps, each of them having fun and telling a different part of the theme or story-based campaign.


In theory… right?

The key is to just do it. Don’t overthink it… massive momentum and action will take you MUCH FURTHER than over analyzing it will!

Just get it done.

Have some fun.

And give your clients and prospects something fun to get excited about too.

It worked for the cruise line… and will work for you too.

Here’s to a fun-filled, promotion and story packed marketing year!


PS: People often ask if this applies in their country too (assuming they are outside of North America).

Why not?

Even if National Pizza Week is an American thing, or a Canadian thing, so what?

There is no rule book saying you can’t create your own holiday like this.


You don’t need to ask for permission to do a promotion… just get it done!

2012 Marketing Plan and Cash Flow Marketing Calendar

The 2012 Cash Flow Calendar...turning wacky dates into money making marketing campaigns

The 2012 Cash Flow Calendar walks you through the basics of good theme-based promotions and gives you AMPLE opportunity for standing out from the crowd.

…it also gives you a 12-month, week-by-week calendar you can modify to suite your own marketing plans for the year.

Rest assured though… actually filling the calendar out for your own use… and then IMPLEMENTING what is planned… is THE KEY to massive marketing success in 2012.

Thinking about it or promising to do it won’t get you there…

…getting it DONE will.