Canada Post’s Secret… Uncovered and Exploited by the USPS

I have long been preaching the power of using direct mail to complement your online marketing efforts.


Because ‘everyone’ is NOT online.

Because ‘everyone’ do NOT prefer email to print mail.

Because ‘everyone’ is not on Facebook and Twitter.

There is a huge opportunity to leverage the dinosaurs we call our postal service into your marketing.

And the United States Postal System just figured out one of Canada Post’s little secrets.

Yes, for many years now, astute marketers were using Unaddressed Admail in Canada. Direct to the door mail for 11.9 cents per household.

Fantastic for lead generation!

But until recently, the USPS didn’t have a service that would work like Canada Posts Unaddressed Direct Mail tools.

…Until now…

What it means to everyone is that there are now more options south of the 49th parallel.

And it also means it is TIME to get serious about using this tool.

If you need help – let me know.

If you want a webinar around this – let me know.

This is a fantastic tool for geo targeting of your prospects and clients.

Hope you are using it!!

Let me know your thoughts.

(I also have a product called Direct Mail Detox
that you will find helpful for generating QUALIFIED leads)


PS: I should also share the fact that I have seen some incredible results using this next-to-free direct mail tool. One client in a very competitive, commodity type business used a flier I did up and we used Unaddressed Admail to businesses – and got an incredible 12:1 return on their investment. Another sold a number of high end home products (average price of each piece if $800) for a whopping $300 investment in mailing and postal services.

This is a great way to find leads and make sales. Definitely worth your time to test.


Elephant poop hats, and long copy pizza boxes

Fellow business builder,

I have a great entrepreneurial story to share with you today.

This holds keys to establishing a great story for your business, and on how to get your customers talking.

First, Elephant Poop Hats…

You may have never heard of Tilley Endurables.

They produce the world’s most durable hats, one of them was eaten and pooped out 3 TIMES by an elephant! That hat has become a central point in their marketing and that exact hat is now on display in their central store (still looking next to new).

Talk about a GREAT story.

30 years ago, Alexander Tilley had a moment of clarity while sailing. He was fed up with trying to find a decent sailing hat, and took it into his own hands to design the ultimate hat. After a few variations on design and durability he struck gold and found the magical combination of design, durability and downright good looks.

Next thing you know, other sailors were all over him to get one of their own.

Once they became THE essential piece of clothing for sailors, birders were next. Then hikers. And so on.

30 years later, Tilley Endurables has branched off into all kinds of durable travel goods, and can be found in 2,500 retail stores across the world.



Alex Tilley is a masterful story teller. He uses stories to engage his buyers. He uses stories to fill his 4-page owners manual (yes, a 4 page users manual, for a hat!).

Another type of story he uses involves intricate details on the design: “Most Tilley Hats are born from a process involving 41 steps, 23 sets of hands and 15 pieces of fabric/notions. All Hats and Caps are made in Canada with the exception of the TF1 Fedora and TOS1 Oslo Hats, which are handcrafted in the USA. The fabric for each Tilley Hat style is rigorously tested for durability, breathability, sun protection, comfort and of course, good looks!”

He gets his customers to share their stories as well: “We built our business on testimonials,” Tilley has said proudly. Examples like this are to be found in all their marketing: “I was walking east on West 78th Street in New York, as usual wearing my somewhat ancient Tilley original. A very well-hatted man was coming toward me. To my surprise, he gave a little bow and said… ‘Great hat!’.” M. Maclean, Toronto, Ontario

Brag tags anyone?

Tilley hats come with Brag Tags that you can give to people who admire your Tilley. The tag notes “Most Tilley wearers and the person beside you is a prime example, are interesting people of sterling character. It is well worth cultivating their acquaintance. To that end, you’ll be pleased to learn it is customary to provide the giver of Tilley Hat procurement information with a WARM HUG, OR STAND HIM OR HER TO A DRINK.”

Not only is that a great story to share, and to give, but it builds the buyer of the hat up to a high status that others desire for. Not only that, the owners manual tells you exactly HOW to use brag tags for maximum enjoyment (and where to find the secret pocket in your hat to store them, so you always have them on hand)!

To top it all off… a lifetime guarantee: “If your new purchase doesn’t fit, send it back. If the color doesn’t suit you, send it back. If a new item has not been worn or washed, we’ll cheerfully exchange it for one of the right size or color. If the new item isn’t quite what you expected, we’ll refund the purchase price.”

Is it any doubt that Alex Tilley ‘gets’ the power of a great story.

He has built an admirable business with the effective use of stories… you can too.

How can you use long copy to sell pizza?

Next time I am going to share with you a story of a fantastic business that COVERS their pizza boxes with long copy. Copy everywhere. Top, bottom, inside and out. They get it – you will too.

Watch for it and I will show you exactly how they do it (along with pictures) and show you the impact it has on their business (including the unusual things their customers do to keep these pizza boxes.

Last, seriously consider joining the Story Selling program that starts soon.

This is a 6 week, interactive webinar series.

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I am only offering this for the next 10 days (go figure where the 10 came from). After that it goes up to the price of $347.

Not only that, I am only able to accommodate a small group of 40 for this program.

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The best part?

You actually walk out of the program, not only with a skill that will help you profit for years to come, but you also write 2 promotions while you are in the program!

Hope to see you there soon.


PS: We are going to have some fun in this program! Complete with contests for best stories, best promotions, etc. A great way to meet people and craft your perfect signature story that will make you moola for many years to come.

Join us and see all the details here https://www.storysellingtips.com


Your 6 month marketing plan at 63.27% off

You know what next Wed is?

If you’re in Canada, it’s Canada Day.

July 1st is also:
Freedom from Fear of Speaking Day
International Joke Day
Financial Freedom Day
1st US Zoo Opened (1874)
International Build A Scarecrow  Day
Children’s Art Day

For any astute marketer, this is a gold mine (ALL business owners should
consider themselves a marketer).

Think about it…

…I just gave you 7 different ideas to run a theme based promotion.

They are unusual.

They are fun.

They stand out from the crowd.

They can be a cash cow if you know how to leverage a wacky event like this
and turn it into something that can build revenues in your business.

The best part?

They also build stronger bonds with your prospects and clients.

It certainly shows them that you are different than the rest, and try to at
least have a little fun in your business.

And they work.

Theme based marketing is one of the greatest ways to improve your cash flow.

Even Dan Kennedy says

“Theme marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do.”

One last thing about July 1st?

We are now officially half-way through the year.


And I have something for you that will help you make the most of the next 6 months…

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I am giving you 63.27% off the calendar.
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My 2010 Cash Flow Calendar is packed with hundreds of ideas you can use
for marketing in the last 6 months of the year.

Imagine every day of the rest of the year having a list of themes like those above.

Plus templates you can use to write the promotions.

As long as you send out newsletters, promotions, blog posts, articles…

…the Cash Flow Calendar will give you unique ways to build your business
and position yourself as a fresh voice in the crowd of competitors you have
in your field.

Why 63.27%?

Because I am offering you the one and only chance to get the calendar in
digital format, so you don’t need to pay shipping.

And only half the calendar is valid for the rest of the year.

Combined, those make for a VERY healthy savings.

…and will make you extra cash flow if you use the ideas in there.

“Received over $1000.00 worth of sales from it in one day”
We executed the 09/09/09 promotion and received over
$1000.00 worth of sales from it in one day!  Fabulous I say.”
– Fran Agar – Ballymoon Beauty

Get your copy now through this special link:

You can read all the details at www.cashflowcalendars.com
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“I will personally make at LEAST $6,000 using this tool.
What are YOU waiting for?” I highly encourage you to
pick this up – it’s incredible.  It’s THAT GOOD.”

– Mandi Crawford – Roaring Women

Enjoy… and profit.

Troy White

PS: You may be asking what the catch is… even asking why
you should get a copy now?

Because every single day you wait…
…means another chance to improve you cash flow disappears.

Delaying only hurts you.

You get an immediate download and can have your first promotion
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So why wait?


“This calendar activates your creativity”

I have found this calendar to be very useful
in so many ways. It is designed to maintain
and organize your business along with activating
your creativity. That is what it did for me.

It is a big help for finding new ideas for marketing
that are highly unusual (and profitable).

Thank you Troy and Kari for this valuable tool.

– Audie Perove –



Tips to make your sales letters, web pages and promotions more successful

How to structure your sales material is just as important as the content in it.  If it doesn’t look appealing to read – they won’t read it.

And the things that make it appealing can be disturbing to many who are unfamiliar with direct response marketing.

For example…

1) Use a headline on everything you use for marketing your business. And not the form of headline you see all over the web… “Welcome To Our Home Page”. One like that will get your prospect more turned off than turned on.  It says nothing about why they should keep reading.  And online – you have 5 seconds to state your case and get them reading before they click away to the next site.

Strong compelling headlines on why they should keep reading…

Discover 5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Website Visitors into Buyers

Learn How to Turn Your Words into Wealth

Warning: If You Are About To Hire a Website Designer – Read This First

Are You Using Illegal Means To Capture New Clients? The Answer Will Surprise You! Read This First Before You Hear From A Lawyer.

And so on.

Headlines will make or break your success online or off… make sure you use them

2) After the headline start with a short, snappy lead that feeds off the headline. The headline is designed to get them to read the lead line – the lead line designed to get them to read the next line – and so on – and so on.


It’s true.  Your website visitors are being wasted and there is a simple way to make them stay and get them buying.


Believe it or not… a single 3 word change on your web page can increase your sales by up to 470%.


You web designer and copywriters have put your company in a very dangerous legal situation.

Make it intriguing and promising a solution and they will keep reading.

A few other tips keep them reading…

Indent the first line of each paragraph

Double space between paragraphs

Use short paragraphs (even one sentence paragraphs)

Use spaces or gaps in the paragraph.  When we talk – we pause.  And it should be the same while reading. So use pauses in your writing as well to flow like we speak.  You can use the – or … to indicate a pause.  Use them as you would while speaking.

Read it out loud – if you stumble over certain words or structure – redo it until it flows.

Try changing your sales and marketing pieces using these techniques and test to see the results for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To your success,

Troy White


What’s your secret project? Red-headed hippy reveals his…

[Read more…]


I wish I had this 8 years ago…

8 years ago I blindly quit the corporate sales world and went back to my entrepreneurial roots.  I had 1-year old twin daughters at home, and my very understanding wife let us become a zero income family so I could follow my dreams.

Fortunately for us, I had some decent commissions owed to me from the last job I ever had.

Unfortunately for us, I had no clue what to do – or where to start.

Not a great way to start a business.

But we persisted, and have loved every minute of the ride.

Yet, there is one thing that has nagged me for the past 8 years…

…the fact that I never found an all-inclusive business building program.

I bought lots of ebooks, took seminars, invested in software, had coaches.

All said and done, I have invested a VERY healthy six figures in my education.  More than my University education!  And 10 times as effective for small business growth.


When a good friend of mine, Lars Gustafsson, of The Body Mind Institute, approached me with this idea, I was all over it.

Lars has been in business for many years as well. He has invested a substantial amount in his education and business growth.

But he was just as frustrated as I was with the tools out there.

So he became a master at producing quality online training programs and videos for the fitness business.

Now he wanted me to produce THE business building program we had both been looking for.

…one that covered all areas of business growth… not just the fad of the week

…that that entrepreneurs could use to grow rapidly

…while building a solid foundation for sustainable success (rather than getting caught by Google Slaps and ridiculous claims that were far more hype than reality)

…and one that we could both be proud of when people from around
the world heard about it.

In partnership with The Body Mind Institute (an accredited college), I am very excited to bring to you

The Business Mastery Course

Incredible amounts of hours have gone into the production of this video/audio online education program.

And I have given you the tools and techniques that have made my clients millions in the past few years alone.

Like Chris, who is now averaging over $2,500 per DAY profit.

What would that do to your lifestyle?

Did I mention Chris is not even 30 years old yet?

Chris took a small part of what is in The Business Mastery Course and built a highly profitable empire with some hard work and persistence.

What do you think?

If I could deliver you THE course that pulls it all together for you…

…one that covers the basics of business growth right alongside the advanced techniques

…one that is guaranteed to deliver results

…one that shows you step-by-step what you need to do

…one that includes access and information from the worlds leading experts on areas I personally know little about

Would that be worth a few minutes of your time to review my video here https://www.theBusinessMasteryCourse.com and let me know your honest thoughts?

This is the one I always have wanted to produce.

Please let me know your thoughts on the video.

To your success in 2010 and beyond!

Troy White

PS:  Watch the video, have a look through everything, and take close note of the bonuses… just one of the bonuses is what took Chris from $0 to $2,500 a DAY in profits.

Worth a look: https://www.theBusinessMasteryCourse.com