The wimpy truth of where I’ve been for the last few days

I pride myself on staying healthy, and being ‘sick-free’. I’ve done good for the last 3 yrs or so without getting sick.

But I got a flu bug on the weekend. It sucked. Not as bad as it could be.

Besides the alternating chills and sweats, toss in a decent sized headache or three, so much fun.  But I was able to get some decent work done. Tried sweating it out through some exercise a few times. (Belinda at Be More Fitness https://www.bemorefitness.com said a quote I love today… “sweat is your fat crying”…awesome!)

Feeling better now but wow that one threw me.

Proud of going that long without getting sick, especially having a couple daughters bringing home bugs from school friends.

I no longer feel invincible.

Oh well.

Keep on plugging.

Hopefully you have avoided some of the viruses floating around.

Hate the flu vaccine, and you could never convince me it would have helped me.

Done more than enough research on it for clients in the medical field, like Dr Natasha Iyer https://better4life.ca – Does far more harm than good if you look at true facts, weeding through the media bs they feed you.

Anyhow, another time.

What IS important… is that you stay healthy this winter.

Me being ill for a few days is livable.

A couple weeks – not.

Or more.

Entrepreneurs MUST be vigilant about their health.

…No sick pay (online marketing residuals help with that though).

…Usually no one to cover your ass while you get better.

We work long hours, oftentimes sitting at computers.

Exercise and good food are very important to you staying at the top of your game.

Which is critically important when being your own boss.

I will keep doing what I was already doing with the immune system supplument I take (3 yrs sickness free, until now), eating good (developed a love of salads over the past year), and exercising as much as the body lets me (mixed in with martial arts, walking the dog at the park, and interval training with Belinda’s company).

I am determined to kick this flu’s ass… almost beaten it to the ground now.  24 more hours and all good.

You look after your health, would you?

…your income and productivity depend on it!

I feel a shiver coming on.



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Get r done

Fellow business builder,

Is there truly a single secret to small business success?

Or is the idea that there is one single secret a joke?

Having worked with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, I think I found it.

Not recently, but I have never truly discussed it before in the Small Business Mastery newsletter.

There are many secrets to growing a business and remaining profitable and sane throughout the process.

Why are they secrets?

Because if they were well known, more entrepreneurs would be more successful… earning more and working less.

Here is the most valuable skill you can master…

Massive implementation mode

The ability to make many things happen simultaneously sounds good in theory… but is it feasible? And if it is, what can the average business owner do?


Many people fall for the systematic planning idea that is taught in many circles.  While it is very important to use templates and formulas to make this happen as they should, it can also severely limit the results you get.


You can find ways to make things happen in a sequence, but systematically making multiple projects and initiatives happen all at once.

A rapidly growing business requires a owner who can hold it all together, while riding the momentum they have already built.

This is where many people fall down – they get a winning marketing campaign put together – and they ride the wave, loving every single deposit in their bank account.  But they typically forget to continue to grow it – while it is already growing like gangbusters in other areas.

When the momentum slows or dies (which it always will, unless you have other things going simultaneously)… they are lost and completely confused as to where their money and success went.

Here are some of the most important tools I have found for building massive implementation into my business:

  • · Constant motivation.  This best comes from a combination of external and internal sources.  First, you MUST have a big vision on what you will do – and how it will feel when it’s done.  If you don’t know where you are going – you will never get there! External motivation comes from mastermind groups, coaches and mentors.  I personally belong to 3 mastermind groups – each one provides me different areas of support, ideas, and expertise.  You can swap ideas, problems  and discussions.  If you do this right, this will push and stretch you to highly uncomfortable levels in very short periods of time.
  • · You are better to do 10 ideas than 1 [I do not mean 10 different business ideas here – I mean 10 different marketing efforts]. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. It will be much harder for the average small business owner to get 1 idea that makes you $100,000 than to get 10 ideas that make you $10,000 each… right?
  • · You MUST do the things you read here in the Total Package newsletters! It is not about amassing this great storehouse of knowledge – it IS about implementing what you learn on a massive scale.
  • · Get other people working for you – for free.  Who in the heck wants to work for free?  As I showed people at the Wild West Wealth Summit, LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL WORK FOR FREE… if you position it properly so there is an upside.  Think about it: Joint ventures (free until they sell something), commissioned sales reps, affiliates, volunteers, interns, barter, etc.  The list is long, and gives ample proof that there are those who will work for free up front. Having multiple parties helping you grow your business, without upfront capital, can provide you will immense leverage and momentum.
  • · Get one key assistant to help you manage everything you have on the go.  This may take time to find – but they are out there. The best thing you can do is figure out your hourly income you SHOULD be making.  Then factor in what you can hire an assistant for… the difference is the profit margin you make from having them do the little things for you, while you focus on your most effective and profitable tasks.
  • · Keep track of what works so that you can do them again, and again, and again. Use the numbers to push you. Constantly be looking for new and more creative marketing ideas. Track and measure everything  – how it worked, how many people, how much they spent, what they said, who they referred.
  • · List out 10 things you would love to get done in the next month.  These are 10 MAJOR projects.  How can you ‘re-purpose’ the time, effort, and content you put into each project?  If you lay it all out on paper, there will be areas that duplicate efforts – THOSE are key areas for massive implementation. Do the projects that have common tie-in all at once.  Stick to a timer and set aside at least one hour of un-interrupted time (see the point below for more information on this). Work on just one project per hour.
  • · Shut yourself off from distractions!  Yesterday I wrote about my one and a half day hideout in a remote location.  Are you interested in what I got done?

Rather than checking email 27 times and answering the phone 14 times… I did:

  • · 2 newsletters from start to finish
  • · 3 blog posts – written and posted when I got back to “the internet zone”
  • · 3 speeches written, polished and rehearsed
  • · New product written for Wild West Wealth Summit
  • · New coaching and mentoring program designed, written and released
  • · Quiet time to relax and visualize my success at the summit.
  • · A lot of little things – more micro managing rather than macro.
  • · Steal other ideas from those who ARE doing what you want to do.
  • · You know what’s really interesting?
  • · While I did all of this – I had a team of people making sure the day to day stuff was still happening.  AND I AM HOOKED!  I am not needed doing the things I was doing – I can be much more productive (and profitable) when I do what I am good at, and what I enjoy doing)

This is not going to happen overnight – you will not master this tomorrow.  It can take months to find the right system that works for you… but when you find it, you will get more done in an average day than you used to in a month.

Learn how to become a massive implementation expert.

Get those projects done and out there – without worrying about them being perfect every time (you think shoddy products, full of bugs, are a concern of Microsoft? You know as well as I do – they are the model of massive implementation without concern for trying to be perfect each time.)

THAT is one of the greatest secrets of those who reach the top of their game and industry.

This is a rare skill – but one that anyone can master with practice.

Aim for a new sales party once a month – all leads from existing clients who wants to learn more about continuity program are invited to a party, teleseminar, etc  to learn more about the program.

Let me know if there is anything at all I can help with.



Boomerang therapy for marketers and entrepreneurs

Are you too busy being busy?

I have been lately.

Craziness at its finest…

But it pains me to admit something.

The most therapeutic thing I have done over the past 5 months, I have been slacking on.



Nothing has proven itself to be more beneficial to my business, my client’s businesses, and my head-space.

VERY, very therapeutic.

Yet I let busy-ness get in the way.

Battling my way back now.

What about you?

When you find a ritual that brings you success, do you ever struggle keeping that ritual going?

Much like my writing, your ritual may be writing, or blogging, or videos, or phone calls.

Are you slacking on them?

Here is a quick and easy solution.

It works best if you use Gmail.  But there are ways you can set it up in any of your mail systems.  If you use Gmail – get this plugin https://www.boomeranggmail.com – (not an affiliate link) – it is pure brilliance!  What it does is allows you to set reminder emails to yourself at whatever frequency you want. Or you can “Boomerang” an email that comes to you for a later date (not urgent today, but may be in a week – Boomerang it to email you again in a week).  There are so many ways to use this wonderful little tool, I can’t even begin.

Once you have Boomerang setup – schedule an automated reminder to come to you every 14 days.  In it describe whatever your goal is.  Want to write daily? Set it up in Boomerang to remind you daily. Want to make more phone calls? Reminder yourself daily.

It actually helps you hold yourself accountable.

If you are constantly being reminded to do something, chances are you will.

It is a beautiful thing and I hope you give it a go.

I have and love it.

Have a great day.




True Blood and Entrepreneurial Vampires

I admit it…

…I recently got hooked on True Blood.

I have watched the first season, and it is fantastic!

Between the darkness, the characters, the blood and the fantastic story lines they use… I am a fan.

Much like Sons of Anarchy that I wrote about before.

For far too many years, the shows that were playing on late-night television were awful. No creativity. Copy-and-paste plot lines. Crap characters.

Every once in a while one would pop up that was ok… but most stunk up the bloody screen.

Something shifted and the writers and creatives are cranking out some genuinely good shows.

Considering I am not much of a tv guy, it pains me to admit I am taken in by some of these new series.

Like True Blood.

The story of Vampires and Humans co-existing on earth.

The story of how the vampires feed, and convert humans to vampires.

The stories of some very unusual personal powers that some of the humans have… bordering on as scary of a power as fangs are.

And Anna Paquin is just hot in this show!  

She makes True Blood shine.

I also LOVE the names they have created for the show. “Fangbangers” is one I love!  This is the name of the humans who love to get bit and banged by the vampires.  It’s a whole subculture of humans that take great pleasure in this.

Creating unique names like this is a skill and art in itself.

One you should be practicing!

It makes book titles more interesting.

Subject lines.


Product names.

Even dog names.  My daughters and I have a game we play at the dog park.  We go around and create new names for each dog we see, based on how they look and their personality.

We have a blast doing this… and it is teaching my girls how fun it can be to create names like this and to use their creativity in all kinds of innovative ways.

Try it.

True Blood also makes me think of a few other things that relate to you and I.

…and our ability to shine in our own businesses.

The first thing us humans need to be weary of… Time Vampires.  They are everywhere!  Those innocent looking phone calls or emails that drain you of a precious hour out of your day.  It may not seem like much to the person calling, but each hour sitting on the phone is a significant chunk of real, money-making, work not getting done.

Be very, very careful of the time vampires.

Avoid them like the plague if possible, and cut off their blood supply (your time) at the pass.  “I have another call in 10 minutes” usually repels them like garlic.

Also be very careful of the entrepreneurial spirit vampires.

They are the ones who try and suck the passion out of your entrepreneurial drive.

They try and make you believe that going back to a job is the most honorable thing a mere mortal can do.

They do everything in their evil power to suck you dry and make you feel completely drained…

…energy-less and ready to sink deep into the deep dark hallows of depression.

Been there, done that… got the bumper sticker.

Avoid it.

Do whatever it takes.

My mission this year is change.


Positive change.

Forward change.

…And I have made many changes already.

But they weren’t easy to do.

Nor will they ever be.

BIG CHANGE takes guts.  It takes ‘testicular fortitude’ as one friend says.

Few can do well on change…

…but the new era of entrepreneurs THRIVE on change.

Care to join me in a whole new world?

One where YOU are in control… and one where YOU know what types of garlic, sunlight, or wooden stakes it takes to slaughter the vampires in your life.

You in?


Start with the biggest areas of your life that need change right now.

List them out.

Pick one.


No more excuses.

Just do it.

Fight the fear and do it.

Deal with the tears that may come…

…and move forward faster.

I am there at your side right along the way.


Let me know how it goes and what I can do to help.


PS: One of the greatest things I personally did to help myself make the necessary changes at a faster pace was to start writing more.

There is a therapeutic quality to writing that can propel your business forward at breakneck speed.

But again, it takes guts to do and motivation to start.

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