This quote from Sons of Anarchy explains your marketing frustration

I love the series Sons of Anarchy! It’s got some amazing characters and acting (who knew Peg Bundy would be the ULTIMATE Matriarch?).Sons-of-Anarchy

It’s really, solid on using cliff-hangers in the story lines…

…and it has some KILLER one-liners!

Like this one:

“Those are the things that turn players into kings” – Damen Pope


And telling.

It explains why most people stay knew-deep stuck in the player phase.

So, so, so close to a major breakthrough… yet never quite the mega-year they want.

Cemented in place – unsure of how to break free.


About 9 years ago I stopped fighting it, and did ONE SINGLE THING that broke me free. I denied it – fought it – ignored it – and put it down as a dumb idea.

But once I committed to it… everything changed once and for all.

What about you?

Was this year the breakthrough you wanted?

Or are you still stuck in the muck?

Having been in this business for almost 12 years now, I’ve been there, and I’ve seen lots of others STAY there (or worse, fall into the quagmire of quicksand that completely devours them and destroys their dreams).


…there are things and actions you can take that heave you out of the muck, and give you the opportunity to move from a player to a king or queen in your business.

Once and for all.

Putting the seemingly never-ending cycle of repeating your years, to a PERMANENT END.

Last year at this time, did you think you’d be further along by now?

Are you?

If not – why?

And if not – aren’t you tired of it?

Yank those legs out of the quagmire and let’s get you to the next level – ok? 

I am offering 5 no-cost-no-obligation marketing consultations this week. 45 minutes – you and I on the phone talking about your business – and how to make the last 27 days of 2013 – and the 365 days of 2014 your most INCREDIBLE ones yet!

If you have an existing business that generates revenue now… …are actively doing things to build that business (I don’t believe in the wishing and praying theory of business building) … and KNOW you should be doing better than you are in your business…

…EMAIL ME! [email protected]

Tell me about you – and your business.

The more details the better. I will get back to you and let you know if you and I working together on a free 45 minute coaching call is a good idea, or not.

And we’ll take it from there.


Talk soon.


PS: Sometimes, us entrepreneurs wonder if we really ARE the swiftest one in the crowd. We question ourselves, and doubt whether or not we have what it takes to make it big in our own business.

Others make it seem easy – for you… maybe not so simple?

If you are in a serious business now, and are fully committed to becoming a King or Queen in the next few months, get serious NOW and reply back with some details on your business.

Then we’ll chat.

And give you a plan to break out of the muck forever!

A specific action plan that fixes this nonsense once and for all!



Signs you are a sissy-preneur (and possibly raising a child to be one too)

My father grew up in an itty bitty farm house, in the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan.

According to him, they were “so poor, they had to walk to school (barefoot of course), “uphill both ways”.

An amazing story – full of wee embellishments, me thinks.

But the point is – they were tough kids back then. The baby boomer generation grew up tough.

It shows in how they built and ran businesses.

My dad included: my mom and he built a very successful Campground I’ve written about before, with 400 permanent sites, indoor swimming pool/hottub, and 100 overnight sites. He sold it off a while back so he could retire without financial worry.

LOTS of boomers run great businesses.

So do lots of Generation X-ers… which is the generation I am in.

Yesterday, I saw a couple VERY disturbing articles about the nansy-pansy BS that’s going on in our schools.

For example:

* In some schools, kids aren’t allowed to touch each other anymore in the playground. The parents of these wimpy kids were concerned the kids were too rough in the playground – so new law imposed – no touching allowed.

* In another school near me, a child was suspended for, get this, trying to break up a knife fight. The kids is brave enough to try and stop a DEATH – and the school suspends him for vigilante justice.

* A 5 year old girl was suspended for threatening to use her… bubble gun. Yup. Suspended for bubbles.

* Or the seventh grade girl who was suspended for 10 DAYS for saying no to drugs! Yup. Someone put a pill in her hand, she gave it back, said no, and was suspended for ‘possession’.

* Here’s a good one – mother in Texas GOES TO JAIL for letting her kids play outside! Why? “Reckless Endangerment” of course.

* Or the five year old kicked out of school for wearing a mohawk.

* Let’s squash some ambition, while we’re at it too: 3  10 year old girls were forced by police to shut down their lemonade stand because they didn’t have a food permit and a business license, not to mention all the health concerns that came with a glass of lemonade.

* Need I continue?

I think not.


It’s also a tell-tale sign of the society we live, work, and build businesses in.

Bunch of pansies.wimps and sissies


Thin-skinned moochers (to steal the term from Atlas Shrugged).

Can you imagine what will happen to these kids as they get older.

They will have no ambition – they get punished for trying to do good and stand out from the crowd.

They will be scared of people – for being around, and playing with others means bad things happen to you.

They will want to act, dress, and be like clones – any sign of individuality is a sin and punishable by law.

They will need their parents at their side until they are in their 20s, 30s and 40s. oh wait, that’s Generation Y, already at this phase. The next generation will just live at home PERMANENTLY! No need to work, do anything remotely dangerous, learn to cook, pay bills or fend for themselves.

WAYYYY easier being a sissy.


But reality.

I see it in some of the entrepreneurs out there too.

The fear of sending too many emails (once every 4 months is MORE than enough they claim).

GASP … look at the 5 unsubscribes!

Look at the complaint we got!

Meanwhile, mailing more frequently is proven to increase the bond with your prospects and clients, and will definitely increase your revenues substantially.

My mentor, the $7 billion dollar man, Mr Ted Nicholas, found his revenues doubled every time he doubled the frequency of his mailings!

The fear of standing out from the crowded competitive marketplace by, GASP, putting some damn personality in their marketing.

Much easier to hide behind that fancy-fancy logo they paid a pretty penny for!

The shaking in their boots fear of doing off-the-wall, somewhat-controversial marketing campaigns that push a hot button or three. Might offend someone! Ya, and you might actually build bonds with people who were once ho-hum about you, because you were NO DIFFERENT than the 45 other competitors out there that they are looking at.


All is not lost.

We can turn it around.

We MUST turn it around.

Make it your mission in life to get thicker skin.

Raise your kids this way (and yes, my daughters ARE raised this way).

Build your business this way too!

The 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar comes out Friday and the price doubles then too.

It is the ultimate de-sissifying-tool for entrepreneurs out there.
I personally show you how to mail more, with greater results.


How to come up with wacky marketing campaigns that get wicked good revenue results.

And how to take your marketing to a whole new level.

Don’t be a sissy in your marketing!

Grab the guide for $57 now – and get that sissy-juice out of your body, mind and soul NOW!2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan

And lets get serious about passing on some anti-sissy lessons to others out there.


Grab your copy now – price goes up to $97 Friday.

Have a great, sissy-free day.



Living and marketing with fear

Working my may through The 50th Law book by 50 Cent and Robert Greene.

The 50th Law Book by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

A must-read book for everyone who wants more from themselves and from life!

My second time through.

What an incredible book, jam packed with practical business advice and all-around life strategy tips!

The basis of the book is around fear.

Accepting that we all have fears.

Accepting that fear is a natural thing.

But denying fear’s ability to take over your thoughts and being.

Most people live in a state of fear.

They are fearful of: disease, disaster, financial ruin, loss, pain, adrenaline, harm, embarrassment, change, status quo, relationships, poor health, success, being the centre of attention, loneliness,  and the list could go on for pages!

Most people let those fears DOMINATE their thoughts and control their lives.

Which is why I love The 50th Law.

50 Cent has a story that you need to hear.

I am not a rap guy – but I am all about improving myself, my business, and my future.

This book covers it all.

50 Cent was riddled with 9 bullets from an upset ‘bad guy’… and had an epiphany that changed his life forever.

It will change yours too.

If you are in business, you need to be marketing.

And if you are marketing, you need to accept and embrace fear.

If you are doing things in your marketing and sales that make you uncomfortable… you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

And your marketing or sales efforts are undoubtedly sucking wind.

When your marketing and sales efforts keep you in a constant state of “butterflies in the stomach”, then you are doing the right things.

Controversial ideas for marketing campaigns.

Sales calls to those potential clients that you once deemed ‘uncrackable’.

PUSH yourself to feel the fear.

And make it a daily habit to do AT LEAST 2 things that stretch your comfort zone and expand you capacity to feel and work with fear.




Private parts of my business and personal life in the past 19 months…

I have kept certain parts of my personal life pretty quiet over the past 19 months.

Rare for me – but some major things happened that I wasn’t comfortable sharing.

Why share them now?

Because the past 19 months taught me a ton of powerful things about improving myself, and my business…

…and I would like to pass them on to you.

Early January 2012, I was fed up.

Fed up with me.

Fed up with my health.

Fed up with the direction my personal life was going.

And fed up with certain parts of my business.

Have you been there?

We all have.

I did something about it though.

DRASTIC action.

I ended up divorced after 12 years of marriage.   That was very difficult – not something I wish on anyone.  But change was needed.

Fast forward 19 months and everyone is doing fine, new lives have begun, and positive changes came as a result.

MORE drastic change… my health.

I have always been active in martial arts and walking, but it wasn’t enough.

I carried far too much extra weight for the exercise I was getting, I didn’t feel that great, and I had lost my self-confidence… ultimately leading to depression.

So I did something about it.

Fast forward 19 months and I dropped ~30 pounds in fat and put on ~20 pounds in muscle.

I feel great and my self-confidence renewed.

My business was another area I wanted CHANGE, massive change.

Fast forward 19 months and I have redesigned much of my business and some MASSIVE new developments are just about to be announced in the next month.

=  =  =  =   =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =
=  =  =  =   =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =

3 Cs.

The same 3 Cs I now abide by.

The same 3 Cs that changed the direction my life was headed in.

The same 3 Cs that can help YOU change what you need to change.


~ ~ Clarify, Clean, Commit ~ ~


#1 – Clarify.  

I had been stuck in a rut in many areas of my life and had NO CLUE where it was going.  Didn’t care – wasn’t watching.  I was going about my day to day life without regard for the rest of my life.

As soon as I clarified my MAJOR PURPOSE in my life and business… it all started coming together.

The day you get this clarity right – TEARS should come to your eyes.

Then you know you are on the right track!

So I had clarity on what I wanted and why I wanted it in my business, personal, and health.

#2 – Clean.

In order to make things now get on the RIGHT TRACK… I had to purge the old mental junk to make room for the new mission.

I purged.

Crappy thoughts.


Destructive parts of my life were moved aside so I could get to the productive parts I wanted in my life.

Voila… cleaning + clarity = potential for massive change.

BUT… one thing was missing.

#3 – Commitment.  

I have been in various types of martial arts for about 13 years now.  In that time I have seen countless number of people come in with great intentions to train… but 2 weeks later they disappear like a fart in the wind.

Same in business.

In copywriting.

In marketing la-la land.

Big dreams squashed by teeny tiny ambitions.

You have to be PIG-HEADED and willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen.

Serious commitment to see your clarity and clean slate through to the grande architecture of design you want.

I created daily routines.


It worked.

Fast forward 19 months and I have the health I wanted, the relationships I wanted, the business I wanted.

So if you are stuck or fed up with parts of your life…

~ ~ Clarify, Clean, Commit ~ ~

Try it.

Crappy marketing results?  ~ ~ Clarify, Clean, Commit ~ ~

Unhealthy lifestyle or relationships? ~ ~ Clarify,Clean,Commit ~ ~

You name the problem you face… ~ ~ Clarify, Clean, Commit ~ ~

It’s a simple formula that always works…

as long as you keep the commit part locked in to your daily schedule… the results look after themselves!

Try it – you’ll love the results!


PS: Part of my cleaning process involved going through the 400+ .coms I own.  Figuring out which ones fit my clarity and new direction.

Here are some of the .coms I own that I am willing to sell.

Have a look through – if you are interested in one or more – let me know which ones and we will work out a fair deal for all.

Quick & easy.

Reply back if you want one or more of them.


Self sabotage and self-defeating beliefs

Lots of people completely screw up their success potential with self-sabotage.

Righhhhht when things are getting good… you do something stupid to screw it up.

Like clockwork.

Again, and again, and again.

Pretty moronic… isn’t it?self sabotage

I do it.

I’m sure you do too.

Pretty well most people have some way of messing things up when the going gets good.

Why… remains an open question with many, many opinions on why it happens.

But it does.

And there ARE things you can do to minimize it.

First – develop some NEW obsessive compulsive based habits. Those habits you stick to NO MATTER WHAT. They aren’t simple to create – but oh-so-worthwhile.

You know how to create a habit – YOU JUST DO IT DAILY until it BECOMES a habit.

If you want to be a blogger and get more traffic to your site – you BLOG DAILY. About anything and everything.

You don’t let excuses get it the way.

You buck up and get the writing done.


Then you have a backup plan for those days that AREN’T so easy to get motivated.

Some form of a daily reminder that pops up on your phone, your computer, your tablet – all at the same time or staggered so as to become a PEST.

Then you DO IT.

Most ignore the reminders.

I have multiple OCD habits.

Some around writing for the various niches I work inside.

Others include twice a day dog walks.

Another is 4 X per week Tabata training (awesome, awesome, awesome!)

And my martial arts training has been OCD-worthy now for 7 years straight. 3 times a week – every week – every month – for 7 years.

THAT is OCD worthy!

Inside each of my habits, I have my backup plan and reminders.

I have coaches or accountability partners.

I KNOW why I am doing them and what my end goal is for each of them.

Now it’s your turn.

Find 2 or 3 things you want more than anything else in this world.

Get them down on paper.

Why you want them (be crystal clear on your why – is it big enough to make you want to cry? It needs to be!)

What your goal is.

What you will do, come hell or high water, to ENSURE they do happen in an OCD-worthy manner.

Then do it.

Your backup plan is what will help you overcome the self defeating habits and self sabotage.

I am here to help.

You want to be a prolific writer? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

Want to be a prolific marketer? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

Want to drop a bunch of fat and get into the best shape of your life? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

You need SOMEONE to push and prod you… let me be the one!



Using simple videos for lead generation and conversion (for techtards like me)

I saw an article this week showing their research results on email
open rates.

Using “new video” in the subject line boosts open rates
by 7-13%.

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for long (it’s been
around almost 11 years!)… you know I haven’t done much with
video in the past.

But I have used it and am using it much more.

Personally, I prefer text.

But shorter videos can be excellent for personal branding, for
building trust, and for building your content archive (which of
course means more traffic back to your sites and blogs).

A couple years ago we got a massive snowstorm in Calgary… in

Rather than moaning and groaning about it... I grabbed my camera,
my XShot stick (holds the video camera for you while you walk)…
and my dog for a walk.

And created this…

Major success for me.

Got lots of comments (meaning building trust)… and orders.

Just this morning I nearly froze my lily white … fingers … off
and created this video

((no idea why I like to wait until its freezing or blizzarding out
to do my videos… a therapist could probably help me with that))

My point is…

* People LOVE video
* Google LOVES video
* Bank accounts LOVE video

* YOU should LOVE video too.

I now use my iPhone (with a Glif to mount the phone to a tripod or
Xshot stick).

I used other cameras, but the new phones work awesome for this.

I don’t even bother with a microphone – I prefer ‘keeping
it real’ (and simple) – and I am not very smart with do hickeys
so no microphone is much simpler for lil ole me.

I do one take videos.

Shorter – 2-5 minutes.

Upload to my iMac (*I use IMovie to cut out beginning and end of me
turning on and off camera – and to cut out parts of me picking up
said frozen fingers).

Then I use iMovie to automatically upload to Youtube.

You can also just upload directly to youtube from your phone or
camera (I thought the visual of my finger falling off might be too
graphic so I cut it out 🙂

Videos can be simple and will generate you both leads and clients.

Give them a try and please feel free to share them!

Have a great weekend.


PS: True story – the second and third videos I tried to do this
morning while walking at the dog park didn’t work so well – the
camera froze up and stopped working! Got one video done anyhow –
total time invested – 5 mins to shoot – 3 mins to edit – uploading
to youtube happens behind the scene so no real time of mine to do