Cracking the Google Code

I had the pleasure of talking with Dafne Canales Lees about Google, SEO, and how to legitimately start rising up to the top of Google.

Here is the recording and the incredible top 10 list that you need to know…

If website traffic and lead generation is important to you (it should be!) then make sure you invest the time to watch this recording.

My site gets beat up on during this call, and the information she shared with me was truly awesome!

Wish I knew about this a decade ago when I first went online.

Let me know your thoughts.



You win… some lead generation tools and pictures

Yesterday I posted about lead generation and the window wrap I did.

I didn’t share the photo of the wrap, but had a lot of people ask to see it.

Here ya go…

lead generation idea

“…1175 orders in about 48hrs!”

I must say that the Results that we have seen from Troy’s copywriting skills have been amazing. I did a test run to one of our lists and the numbers were quite impressive, although it was done during a holiday weekend. See for yourself!

We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs. The most exciting part is that the orders kept coming and coming with no further effort from me.

Troy has assisted us in building our list and making consistent sales.

The investment in his services has been well worth it and we can see how the profits will continue to come in. I would Highly recommend Troy’s services. You want to take advantage of his talent and expertise now because I am sure his prices will go up soon.

Dr. Charlie Drake, President of BraveHeart Productions

If you need help with lead generation though, here are some resources you should take a serious look at…

1) Story Selling Home study ($99)

2) Wild West Wealth Audio Library ($29)

3) Facebook Jumpstart Recordings ($39) (you get the recordings of the live training calls)

Each and every one of them is designed to help you attract new clients and become a more proficient and prolific marketer.

If you want all 3 of them at once, I will offer you a special deal for $129 (regular price if bought all separately would be $167)

Let me know your thoughts and questions.

Thanks, Troy



Watch as I embarrass myself today

I have a funny and embarrassing picture for you.

I let my daughters give me a makeover a while back (yes – complete with hair clips and makeup, unfortunately).

The makeover was awful… but the girls had a blast.

…Despite all the pulled hair and thick makeup applied – I managed to survive without any long lasting damage.

Troy White in a Marketing Makeover
And I had a great idea while cleaning off the mess.

Why not help my clients makeover their marketing?

…The perfect place to test a few things… my new Story Selling program.

You know as well as I do that a good story is absolutely critical for your business to stand out from the crowd.

A good story:

…helps you connect one-on-one with your prospects and clients

…helps others see things from your point of view

…helps you write more compelling articles, blog posts and marketing materials

Great story tellers:

…build highly successful businesses (like J Peterman, who I have written about before. He had a massively successful business built on stories, but destroyed his success with too much expansion , too quickly).

The problem?

Most people are not natural story tellers. I’m not. Not many people i know are. But a great story teller always has a listening audience nearby.

I can tell a decent story now in my client’s marketing campaigns, but I still am not the type that is the life of the party while I tell story after story.

But i have learned how to weave in persuasive stories into my copy.

…For articles… Blog posts… Autoresponders… Direct mail…web page copy… Email campaigns… Social media campaigns… Postcards… And so on

My Story Selling Program is about to begin…and I want to work with you.

First… The ultimate story in my life.
…My daughters.

As you may know, they are identical twins and were born at a whopping 3 pounds each. Tiny tiny little girls that have grown far too fast for my liking.

Guess what’s coming up?

Their 10th birthday. And it falls on 10/10/10…

…I don’t think there is a cooler birthday out there!

Turning 10 on 10/10/10 is worthy of a party… An Alice In Wonderland party.

In honor of their magical birthday I want to extend to you a very special pre-launch special on the Story Selling clinic.

This is a 6 week, interactive webinar series.

It will be a smaller group so I can give personalized attention to your stories, your campaigns and your progress.

…You will take part in the webinars.

…You get the recordings and transcripts.

…You get all the bonuses, checklists, tools and special reports.

…And you get a minimum of 2 campaigns written during the program (you write them while we go through the program).

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level of persuasiveness, join us.


If you understand the amount of money you can make in a single campaign, let alone two of them like you get in this program, you know that the special $247 price I am offering this to you for is a no-brainer (one client of mine, who took a workshop from me before, was instantly able to have $1,000 days when she used tools like what you get here. Previously she never made that I a month.)

I am only offering this for the next 10 days (go figure where the 10 came from). After that it goes up to the price of $347.

Not only that, I am only able to accommodate a small group of 40 for this program.

All the details are here >>> Story Selling Club

The best part?

You actually walk out of the program, not only with a skill that will help you profit for years to come, but you also write 2 promotions while you are in the program!

Hope to see you there soon.


PS: We are going to have some fun in this program! Complete with contests for best stories, best promotions, etc. A great way to meet people and craft your perfect signature story that will make you moola for many years to come.

Join us and see all the details here https://www.storysellingtips.com


Facebook advertising

We all know the numbers…

500 MILLION users.

Nothing else you need to know.

If you want to tap into a VERY powerful database, Facebook is something you should be researching.

Are your ideal clients on Facebook?

With half a BILLION users, don’t jump to conclusions until you actually do your research.

2 years ago (wayyyy before all the ‘gurus’ started hyping their wares on Facebook advertising), I saw great success with Facebook ads.

From a $15 ad investment, I was able to sell $2,500 in seminar seats.

Not a bad return!

Things are much more competitive now, but the size of Facebook is growing by the second. If the founder doesn’t mess it all up, it will be one of the MOST powerful marketing databases in the world.

I recently interview Brian Bagnall on the power of Facebook advertising and how anyone can start using it today.

Here is the mp3 recording of that call.

Enjoy – and see you on Facebook!



Is it getting more difficult to get sales?

One thing about today’s economy… you had better be tough to make it out better off than you went in.

The media makes sure you hear all the disturbing trends.

That’s how they make their money.

But their fear mongering won’t help you build your business or live a better quality of life.

You have to take responsibility for that.

So what do you do?

People aren’t spending like they used to.

They are spending less than they used to (only the top 5% income earners are growing their personal expenditures by any significant amount).

They are making buying decisions based on a new criteria that they have set.

They aren’t reading the yellow pages in print.

They aren’t responding like they used to when they saw newspaper and magazine ads.

Now it’s summer and people are paying less attention to all the online commotion.

Again, what do you do?

If you are looking for new ways to grow your business in turbulent times like this, you must start looking at unusual ideas.

Completely different marketing ideas.

New media to place lead generation ads in.

One of the best places to start?

Go FAR outside of your industry…

…to a land far far away.

If you sell computers, look to the restaurant business.

If you run a restaurant, look to the clothing industry.

You sell life insurance? Well, stop looking inside your field, and look to the publishing industry.

The point is that you need to, right now, STOP thinking about you being a computer tech, or a restaurant owner, or a life insurance specialist.

And you need to start thinking like a marketer.

Marketers look for opportunity in the weirdest of places.

When they see something working elsewhere, they don’t say (in a whiny voice): “that won’t work in myyyyyyyyy industry… my buyers are different”.

Yes, your buyers are unique people… but they are people and people buy based on similar patterns and habits.

And if they are buying over there in a wacky promotion going on, you had BETTER get testing ways to take that wacky promotion and make it work for you.

So get busy looking at what promotions catch your eye – online, offline, it doesn’t matter.

Things that stand out to you in the newspaper or magazines you read.

Success stories you read about.

People you talk to who are doing well in business.

Figure out what they are doing, how they are promoting it, and then FIND WAYS to make it fit your offerings.

Tools needed?


That’s it.

Now get busy.

I took a simple little 2 pager that was written for a completely different industry.

I modified it to fit my client.

We got over 15% response.

I modified it again for another client and we saw a 20:1 return on their marketing investment to mail the letter out.

(how many times would you be investing $1 if you knew you would roughly get $20 back? as many as freaking possible, I would hope!)

The letter came from an industry I do not like.

One few people like.

But it worked.

And I modified it to make it work in multiple industries.

It didn’t work every time the first time, but through testing was made to.

If you are interested in a copyright free version of this letter that you can use for your own business… let me know how to get ahold of you and we can talk.

I have to charge you for it – everyone else paid for it.

BUT, I promise it will be a minuscule investment compared to the results it can give you back.

The best ideas come from places you would never think of.

This might be one.

I am offering 10 copies of this letter, one per industry.

Email me at [email protected] if you want to find out more.

And keep your eyes open for those wacky marketing promotions that catch YOUR attention. If they work on you… the odds are good they are working on others!

To your success. Troy


Referral marketing and word of mouth mastery

Listen in as I interview the referral marketing master, David Frey.

This is a very informative (and profitable) 60 minute interview you need to hear.

Why? Because referral marketing and word of mouth are 2 of the most powerful ways any entrepreneur can grow their small business.

Do you have a referral marketing system in place?

Here’s one done for you.


* 6 powerful elements of effective referral generation

* The least leveraged tool you can automate with a simple online site

* 3 fun sites that will spice up the relationships with your clients

* One of the most overlooked reasons for contacting your clients (and why they will LOVE you when you do!)

* Your new 3:1 referral system that will boost the number of referrals you get by 500% (and then the follow up thing you can do to boost the referral numbers by 300% more)

* How to get in front of major players and the big names in your targeted prospect list

* Major circles of influence… how to win them over and get them sending you their best customers

Get your interview here – no sign up needed.

(right click and save to your computer)

Have a fantastic day.