How Grandpa’s $1,000 bar tab increased prospects by 300%

Who are YOU bribing to get as a customer?

Ethical bribes, but still a bribe.

The hypsters out there will tell you that you don’t need to incent people to buy… they will just be attracted by your positive energy or incredible products and will whip out their credit cards for the pleasure to do business with you.

Realists will show you proof that plan is a sure-fire way to failure.

There was a great article I just read in the Huffington Post about a home owner who got FED UP with their realtor lack of results. Most realtors have that hope, wish and meditate on a sale until it happens BS. That’s why 97% of realtors out there make less than the waitress at your local diner.

…which is exactly the type of realtor this home owner was stuck with.

Since JUNE(!) they have had 3 showings of their home.

Less than one a month. Yikes – that is not how you sell a house.

So instead of listening to the renegade-realtor-who-does-things-oh-so-different, they took things into their own hands.

Right across the street was “Grandpas Bar & Grill” – a favorite watering hole for the neighborhood minglers.

And Grandpas place would be a friendly place to eat and drink for anyone who bought this house for sale.

The frustrated home owner had a brilliant insight and offered out of her own pocket a $1,000 bar tab at Grandpas!

Flipping brilliant.

Did it work?

A 300% increase in showings since her new promotion hit the street!

So it worked – not their wonderfully brilliant realtor just has to do half what they are paid to do…close the deal.

“We live in a place where restaurants and bars come within walking distance so we thought this was a way to cross-promote the neighborhood and our homes.”

How does this relate to you?

I hope you can see where I am going with this… if not, you need more help than I can provide :o)

Here are the lessons to be learned:

* Wishing and praying won’t build your business – YOU have to build your business.

* Look for complimentary businesses, products and services you can bundle in with your own products or services.

* Think outside of the basement here – how often have you seen something like this in your city? I doubt if you have ever seen a $1000 bar tab with home purchase offer before. Why not? It makes sense! Or a $1,000 restaurant gift. Or a $1,0000 maid service. Or a $1,000 credit towards movers. When you are selling a home worth a few hundred thousand dollars, a grand out of your own pocket isn’t going to kill you, or the deal. If you are selling a product or service worth $200 – a $50 gift certificate is worth it (especially when you factor in repeat business from the client once you get them into your marketing funnel – right?)

* The economy is still sluggish and people are not spending like they used to – so you had better think up some very innovative ways to get them to notice you, over the hundreds/thousands of others trying to get inside their wallets also.

* Many realtors are clueless when it comes to marketing your home – so pick and choose wisely. See if you can find one who has at least studied SOME direct marketing. It won’t be easy to find (I’ve looked)…but snag one if you find one.

This was a great example of an average everyday homeowner who got fed up with dismal results and took it into their own hands.

Not only have they tripled their prospects…

…the got MASSIVE media attention from this (Huffington Post, NBC Chicago, Sun Times, to name a few). That alone is worth a fortune for both the home owner and for Grandpa’s bar!

Last – she got over the hoping and praying phase that her realtor would perform for her – and she took ACTION to do it herself.

This is a very recent story, so we will have to wait and see how effective it is… but with 300% more prospects to talk to, odds are VERY good someone will buy soon (and they will have a hell of a good story to tell their friends and family about this home they bought which was in all these newspapers!)

Now get busy.


PS: We are just getting ready to launch the new and improved Cash Flow Calendar for 2012 – 15 months of done-for-you, pre-written marketing campaigns, and a TON of money making tools that you haven’t seen here before.

Watch for it.

In the meantime, there are a number of solutions here to help you grow your sales if they are slow


16 steps to a lead generation magnet (and one short cut)

Yet again, a simple four-hour project has returned major rewards in just a few weeks.

This simple strategy works in every possible industry and country imaginable.

It will boost your credibility.

You will experience an influx of high-quality prospects, which are typically ready to buy at higher prices.

It adds an immediate cash flow stream.

It builds your database.

And it will most definitely make you one of the most credible in your niche.

What is it?

The simple printed book.

Before you go running off complaining about how you have no time to write a book, hear me out. The type of book I am talking about will take a small amount of your time, and is easy to put together.

…My first experience in this world began six years ago. I met a gentleman named Steven E. at an event and first heard his idea of
co-authoring a book with him. All I had to do was contribute a single chapter in the book telling my story.

This was the second time he had done this, and this one was going to be their first best-seller.

It was an honor to have my name listed next to Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hanson, John Assaraf … even Lou Ferrigno of “Incredible Hulk” fame.

The book was compiled and printed in what seemed like record time. We did the Amazon campaign that got the Wake Up… Live The Life You Love book #1 in a number of categories and my new life as an author began.

My next experience began on a call
with the legendary Ted Nicholas.

I was fortunate to get the chance to work with him on a few projects and learned an incredible amount from a man that has sold billions using direct response marketing.

On one of our conference calls, someone asked Ted a question that caused him to hesitate. What he said next inspired me to create
my own book. Ted mentioned one thing that he credited with his success, yet said that he didn’t like to talk about it much.

To me … this was GOLD.

Something so powerful it was responsible for his success, yet he didn’t want to talk about it? I knew there was something big

So I hatched a plan for my own book …
and Entrepreneurial Spirits was born.

Based on the conversation with Ted, I knew this was something other successful people had in common, and I was determined to
bring it out into print.

So I developed a series of 5 questions and started asking people I already knew.

Ted Nicholas agreed to be in the book.

Joe Sugarman agreed.

John Assaraf agreed.

Joe Vitale agreed.

It took on a life of its own and, next thing I knew, 52 successful people from all over the world had agreed to contribute to the book.

Entrepreneurial Spirits was compiled quickly and put in print in the matter of a couple months … and I continue to reap the rewards from that simple idea.

a couple years ago … it happened again.

I was asked to be in a book called Money Making Marketing For Canadian$. There was no hesitation at all … I knew how simple it was and how powerful it worked.

So I invested four, maybe five hours on my chapter and sent it in.

The book came out not long after.

Surprise surprise … I quickly landed a very nice five-figure consulting contract with someone who had never heard of me before reading my chapter in the book.

As he said … “You were in a book, so I just knew you must be the real deal”.

Once again, this tool has paid itself back to me many times over.

And here’s how it can do the same for you …

1. Pick the niche you want to be known in.

2. Decide if you want to have a book with complimentary
authors, or competitors (both methods work … the one I was just
in was all competitors in the book). Let’s say you are a
plumber. You could create a book with all plumbers … or a book
with a single plumber, a carpenter, a roofer, a painter, etc.
This method is easier to do (and to convince the other authors to

3. Pick a sexy title for your book. Use the formulas given
here on The Total Package for headline creation … and find one
that could easily be used as a book title. Alternatively, go to
Amazon and look at the best-sellers in similar categories. Use
the same formula the best-sellers use in your own title.

4. Put together a pitch letter you can send to the
contributing authors you want.

5. Give them guidance on what questions to answer in their
chapter, or what format you want to stick with (stories about how
they got started, or about the best tips for their area of
expertise, or the dumbest things people do when they hire a
______). Each author gets a set number of words they can
contribute, along with a bio listing their contact information.

if you want to fast track it…
join me in the next Entrepreneurial Spirits book, details at

6. Make it really easy for them to write the chapter (show
yours as an example). Give them guidance and ideas. And give
them a solid deadline to have their chapter in by.

7. And get busy going after your dream authors. Once you have
gotten the ok from the number of authors you want (10-20 is
perfect, 53 in mine was too much … almost Chicken Soup like).

8. Make sure you keep in touch with them during the writing
phase and make sure they are committed to the deadline.

9. Send it to a professional editor and cover designer.

10. Make sure YOUR name is the most prominent one on the cover
and spine.

11. I would suggest printing your first book in the standard 6″
x 9″ format … it is easier for the printer and the cost per book
is less.

12. Don’t worry about making it perfect! You are going to use
print-on-demand, so you can always get more printed if you find
something that needs fixing. The best part with a print-on-demand
company is that they can do small runs of 50, or 500 … and you
don’t end up with a garage full of unsold books (which happens
95% of the time with authors).

13. Print extra copies for your contributing authors. If they
are paying you to be a part of the book, give them 20+ copies.

14. Create an affiliate program so that your contributing
authors can sell the book through your program, or they can sell
them direct, as long as they buy them from you at $X per copy.

15. Write your winning sales letter using the tips on my

16. Get busy promoting the book! Use it as a business card.
Mail it out to your clients and prospects. Use it as a bonus
with your product shipments. Do everything possible to get your
book to distributors, catalog houses, on Amazon, and in the hands
of other entrepreneurs who want to bonus your book with their
product shipments. (Book promotions are a whole other subject,
one that I can’t cover here … even needing an entire course
around the subject!)

This is a simplified version of the entire process … but it can be done quickly and efficiently using this formula.

Don’t overcomplicate it …
this formula WORKS.

If you want to fast track it…
join me in the next Entrepreneurial Spirits book,
details at

The books you now have are the PERFECT promotional tool.

They will enhance your image and will attract your perfect clients. A single chapter made me five figures in a month since its release … imagine what it will do over the next few years.

And don’t cheap out and go for strictly the e-book version.

I love e-books … especially selling them. But there is something different about a physical book that you cannot match with a PDF. If you start now, you can have this done for early in the New Year Entrepreneurial Spirits

I would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks again.

To your success,

Troy White

PS: If you want to fast track it…
join me in the next Entrepreneurial Spirits book,
details at

PPS: This is the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS PRESENT for the entrepreneurs in your life! If you are giving it as a gift, let me know and I will package up something special for under the tree.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Entrepreneurs

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Entrepreneurs


A new entrepreneur who gets marketing

I had an email today from a realtor.

Normally I would ignore it… realtors are among the most pig headed to deal with. I’ve tried… but they know it all and aren’t willing to try something different.

But this gal sounded different.

What is educational to you is in my response.

IF you pay attention to my response, you will see a SIMPLE way any entrepreneur (that’s YOU) can stand out from the crowd and position themselves as different.

She emailed me asking for help with her new real estate business. But she sounded like she was willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. So I emailed her this:

Hi Kathy. Nice to meet you!

Wow – a realtor that actually thinks differently about generating business – a VERY nice change.

To be honest, I gave up on realtors.

After talking to tons of them about marketing and lead generation, I found not one of them was willing to try anything even remotely different. To most of them (I am sure you know this) the headshot business card and copy paste postcards are the answer to every dream. Or not.

I have told the story of a realtor in Calgary for 9 years now. I noticed her that long ago because she was the ONLY realtor in a city of 5,000 that called herself the “petlovers realtor”. She advertised with a picture of her and her dog. Her ads were in the pet mags, in the childrens papers, everywhere she could find that was different than all the others.

I loved it! Yet I mention this to realtors and I could put money on what, exactly, their response would be…

…”but I want to sell to more than just pet lovers”.

So they would ignore the hidden gem inside there and go back to their woefully ineffective ways.

And go broke in the process.

Anyhow… had a bit of a rant I needed to get out there :o)

Sure you know why.

Interested in talking to you about this.

I don’t throw out prices as there are soooo many ways we could do what you want.

When is a good time Wed or Thur to talk?

Thanks, Troy

…did you see it?

The astute did.

Hope that’s you.

We will see where this goes – but at least she is willing to listen – FAR more than 99% of the realtors I talk to. They know it all… that’s why they are all sooooo successful. Or not.



Watch as I embarrass myself today

I have a funny and embarrassing picture for you.

I let my daughters give me a makeover a while back (yes – complete with hair clips and makeup, unfortunately).

The makeover was awful… but the girls had a blast.

…Despite all the pulled hair and thick makeup applied – I managed to survive without any long lasting damage.

Troy White in a Marketing Makeover
And I had a great idea while cleaning off the mess.

Why not help my clients makeover their marketing?

…The perfect place to test a few things… my new Story Selling program.

You know as well as I do that a good story is absolutely critical for your business to stand out from the crowd.

A good story:

…helps you connect one-on-one with your prospects and clients

…helps others see things from your point of view

…helps you write more compelling articles, blog posts and marketing materials

Great story tellers:

…build highly successful businesses (like J Peterman, who I have written about before. He had a massively successful business built on stories, but destroyed his success with too much expansion , too quickly).

The problem?

Most people are not natural story tellers. I’m not. Not many people i know are. But a great story teller always has a listening audience nearby.

I can tell a decent story now in my client’s marketing campaigns, but I still am not the type that is the life of the party while I tell story after story.

But i have learned how to weave in persuasive stories into my copy.

…For articles… Blog posts… Autoresponders… Direct mail…web page copy… Email campaigns… Social media campaigns… Postcards… And so on

My Story Selling Program is about to begin…and I want to work with you.

First… The ultimate story in my life.
…My daughters.

As you may know, they are identical twins and were born at a whopping 3 pounds each. Tiny tiny little girls that have grown far too fast for my liking.

Guess what’s coming up?

Their 10th birthday. And it falls on 10/10/10…

…I don’t think there is a cooler birthday out there!

Turning 10 on 10/10/10 is worthy of a party… An Alice In Wonderland party.

In honor of their magical birthday I want to extend to you a very special pre-launch special on the Story Selling clinic.

This is a 6 week, interactive webinar series.

It will be a smaller group so I can give personalized attention to your stories, your campaigns and your progress.

…You will take part in the webinars.

…You get the recordings and transcripts.

…You get all the bonuses, checklists, tools and special reports.

…And you get a minimum of 2 campaigns written during the program (you write them while we go through the program).

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level of persuasiveness, join us.

If you understand the amount of money you can make in a single campaign, let alone two of them like you get in this program, you know that the special $247 price I am offering this to you for is a no-brainer (one client of mine, who took a workshop from me before, was instantly able to have $1,000 days when she used tools like what you get here. Previously she never made that I a month.)

I am only offering this for the next 10 days (go figure where the 10 came from). After that it goes up to the price of $347.

Not only that, I am only able to accommodate a small group of 40 for this program.

All the details are here >>> Story Selling Club

The best part?

You actually walk out of the program, not only with a skill that will help you profit for years to come, but you also write 2 promotions while you are in the program!

Hope to see you there soon.


PS: We are going to have some fun in this program! Complete with contests for best stories, best promotions, etc. A great way to meet people and craft your perfect signature story that will make you moola for many years to come.

Join us and see all the details here


Honesty in advertising

This, by far, is one of the best movies ever… especially if you own a business… or want better results from your advertising.

If you haven’t seen Crazy People with Dudley Moore and Darrel Hannah yet – get it!

I am on my… ahhhh…. 10th time through it by now.

Every time I watch it – I pick up on something new (ok – maybe just have a great laugh every time).

Dudley Moore stars as Emory Lesson, an advertising genius who ends up in an insane asylum.

What made him “crazy”?

Emory had enough of creating phony advertising and hypy garbage (none of that on the web now is there?) and decides to create his own campaigns that tell… the truth.

Advertising with truth – what a concept!

Since sex sells, Emory crafts an explicit ad campaign consisting of unadorned sexuality…

“Jaguar-For men who want hand-jobs from beautiful women they hardly know”

His colleagues take such great offense to the honesty in the ad – they decide he is now unfit and commit him to an asylum.

Undoubtedly, he fights it – but soon settles in to find a beautiful new friend Kathy (Daryl Hannah), and bunch of wacky misfits that are eerily comforting to his new home life.

Where it starts getting really good is when his ad agency accidentally runs a bunch of his “honest ads” and finds that consumers absolutely LOVE them – and buy the products being sold in droves.

Emory also finds that the crazy people are natural-born advertising geniuses… and a new business is born. Honest Ads being creating out of an insane asylum. And they are major hits.

The ads hit home run after home run… and the laughs are great.

A few more ads in the movie…

“Metamucil- It helps you go to the toilet. If you don’t use it, you will get cancer and die.”

“Porsche-It’s a little too small to get laid in, but you get laid the minute you get out of it.”

“Come in Jamaica”

Needless to say – if you are in marketing and want to pick up an idea or two on creating more effective advertisements… watch this movie.

The truth behind it is real – people want honesty – and will buy when it is given to them.

My highest recommendation. Pick up a copy and watch it soon – your bank account will thank you.


PS: Here is another painfully truthful commercial spot – and I love it! (don’t you think that honesty like this would make a HUGE difference in sales results? Not only that, how much easier it is to create a down to earth video like this!)


Is it getting more difficult to get sales?

One thing about today’s economy… you had better be tough to make it out better off than you went in.

The media makes sure you hear all the disturbing trends.

That’s how they make their money.

But their fear mongering won’t help you build your business or live a better quality of life.

You have to take responsibility for that.

So what do you do?

People aren’t spending like they used to.

They are spending less than they used to (only the top 5% income earners are growing their personal expenditures by any significant amount).

They are making buying decisions based on a new criteria that they have set.

They aren’t reading the yellow pages in print.

They aren’t responding like they used to when they saw newspaper and magazine ads.

Now it’s summer and people are paying less attention to all the online commotion.

Again, what do you do?

If you are looking for new ways to grow your business in turbulent times like this, you must start looking at unusual ideas.

Completely different marketing ideas.

New media to place lead generation ads in.

One of the best places to start?

Go FAR outside of your industry…

…to a land far far away.

If you sell computers, look to the restaurant business.

If you run a restaurant, look to the clothing industry.

You sell life insurance? Well, stop looking inside your field, and look to the publishing industry.

The point is that you need to, right now, STOP thinking about you being a computer tech, or a restaurant owner, or a life insurance specialist.

And you need to start thinking like a marketer.

Marketers look for opportunity in the weirdest of places.

When they see something working elsewhere, they don’t say (in a whiny voice): “that won’t work in myyyyyyyyy industry… my buyers are different”.

Yes, your buyers are unique people… but they are people and people buy based on similar patterns and habits.

And if they are buying over there in a wacky promotion going on, you had BETTER get testing ways to take that wacky promotion and make it work for you.

So get busy looking at what promotions catch your eye – online, offline, it doesn’t matter.

Things that stand out to you in the newspaper or magazines you read.

Success stories you read about.

People you talk to who are doing well in business.

Figure out what they are doing, how they are promoting it, and then FIND WAYS to make it fit your offerings.

Tools needed?


That’s it.

Now get busy.

I took a simple little 2 pager that was written for a completely different industry.

I modified it to fit my client.

We got over 15% response.

I modified it again for another client and we saw a 20:1 return on their marketing investment to mail the letter out.

(how many times would you be investing $1 if you knew you would roughly get $20 back? as many as freaking possible, I would hope!)

The letter came from an industry I do not like.

One few people like.

But it worked.

And I modified it to make it work in multiple industries.

It didn’t work every time the first time, but through testing was made to.

If you are interested in a copyright free version of this letter that you can use for your own business… let me know how to get ahold of you and we can talk.

I have to charge you for it – everyone else paid for it.

BUT, I promise it will be a minuscule investment compared to the results it can give you back.

The best ideas come from places you would never think of.

This might be one.

I am offering 10 copies of this letter, one per industry.

Email me at [email protected] if you want to find out more.

And keep your eyes open for those wacky marketing promotions that catch YOUR attention. If they work on you… the odds are good they are working on others!

To your success. Troy