90:1 … the real truth to business success in 2015

We are 1/8 th of the way through 2015… ALREADY!

Hopefully some resolutions were stuck to.

Most will have been broken.

Truth hurts.

People have a real tough time sticking to things.  I’ve see it in business and I’ve seen it in my martial arts training.

What most seem to forget though – each month is a fresh one.  Each week is.  Each day.

Starting over can begin right now.

Not tomorrow – putting it off will get you no where.

You know that.

I’ll tell you what though.

You commit right now to something.

Your health.

Your wealth.

And stick to a plan

90 day plans are PERFECT. 



And life altering …if you let them. 

The next 10.5 months will fly by with or without your goals being achieved.

The choice and power is completely in your hands.

Make those goals happen…

Or not.

If you want to take control though – finally putting a plan in place that’s guaranteed to work – an make it happen…then hit reply and comment below (or email me at [email protected]).

I am putting together a group of people who want to CRANK IT UP in the next 90 days.

People who DO things… rather than talk about them.

People who LOVE seeing results… rather than criticizing the results other people get.

People who ACT… rather than pretend they are actually doing anything.

For the next 90 days, we will plan out your marketing.

You will leverage the power of a great story – and use it to rapidly grow your cash flow.

For 90 days, you will be accountable… and will see the results.

NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BUSINESS… this is guaranteed to get you results.

In 13 years of helping people start and grow businesses, I’ve seen near-miracles happen in just 90 days.

Not by pushing the stupid magic buttons you see being pitched online.

But, by systematically IMPLEMENTING a plan of attack… and sticking with it for just 90 days.


Are you ready to crank things up for 90 days… and completely change your business, your income, and your future.

90 days from right now we are heading into Mid-May, almost June.

You can enjoy the summer with a system in place to help you actually HAVE a summer.

Or not.

The choice is yours.

If you DO want to change your life and business in 90 days, just hit reply and let’s talk (if you don’t have a business or product – we can also discuss ideas).

No cost or obligation for a talk.

And the 90 day plan is designed to be inexpensive, flexible, and results-oriented.

A simple comment below (or email me at [email protected]).


And step #1

Don’t let 2015 fly by without the results you want.

1/8th of the year already ripped by… let’s grab the remainder and make the most of it…


Hit reply below and let’s chat.



Duct Tape Marketing

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I specialize in copywriting and sales scripting services for small to mid sized businesses.

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Troy White
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Forbes write up and mention of Troy White's articles on marketing, copywriting, lead generation and entrepreneurship

Forbes.com and a favorable mention


The SSBBO marketing plan to improve your cash flow (and have more fun) this summer

Thanks again for all the comments and concern about the floods in Alberta (article can be seen here with pictures https://smallbusinesscopywriter.com/rekindling-the-kundalini-in-your-business-and-life/ )

The cleanup has begun and an amazing thing is happening here in Calgary – complete strangers are wandering the streets helping homeowners in need strip dow their soaked drywall, and throw out all of their water-logged garbage. Not an easy time watching a lifetime of momentos getting tossed into the garbage – but in a disaster like this people are counting their blessings and realizing things could be much, much worse.

My daughters and I will be helping out this long weekend as well, along with donating more food, clothes and bedding for those in need.

Guess what today is?

The LAST day of school for kids everywhere here.

My daughters are graduating Grade 7 (!!) and an exciting summer is about to begin.

I have been writing articles about marketing, business, and my daughters for 11 years now. Some have been on my newsletter list for that amount of time, others for just a month… but it has been an absolute blast!

At a time like this with summer vacations ahead, NOW is the time to start thinking about a simple strategy for summer cash flow.

For example, you need to think about the stories you are creating and using in your marketing this summer.

LOOK for ways to tie in personal events, local events, or national special occasions into your marketing.

Monday, July 1st is a National Holiday in Canada called Canada Day – but it is ALSO: Freedom from Fear of Speaking Day / International Joke Day / Financial Freedom Day / Build A Scarecrow Day / Children’s Art Day / National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

Point being that you don’t have to stick with the standard ideas in your promotions – PICK THE WEIRD ONES!

Those are the ones that stand out amidst all the clutter.

July is a time for family vacations, but it is ALSO:

* International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month
* National Bikini Month
* National Culinary Arts Month
* National Tennis Month
* National Ice Cream Month
* National Grilling On the Old BBQ Month
* National Make A Difference to Children Month
* National Wheelchair Beautification Month
* National Recreation and Parks Month
* Anti-Boredom Month
* Picnic Month
* Women’s Motorcycle Month
* Cell Phone Courtesy Month
* Family Reunion Month
* Baked Beans Month
* Hot Dog Month
* National Blueberry Month

If you can’t find at least THREE ideas for articles, blog posts, Facebook updates or promotions from all those events – you need to give your head a shake.

Marketing is ALL about looking for the opportunity to share value – to stand out from the clutter – and to have a little bit of fun mixing in stories with marketing.

And NOTHING helps you get more ideas, with more copy and paste ready-done campaigns than the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar.


We are officially half-way through the year and I have a Summer Splash Bubble Blow Out for you.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Here’s how to make the most money and have the most fun
this summer in your business…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

1) Create stories you can use in your marketing. Whether its your family fun you experience (getting one of my clients a 19% response rate from a COLD LIST – one who had never heard of him before). Take the summer to practice your story selling techniques, and use stories

Click graphic to see info on the Story Selling course

Click graphic to see info on the Story Selling course

intertwined with marketing messages for compelling promotions that improve your cash flow and build your list of prospects and buyers.

My Story Selling course helps you do that, and it USUALLY sells for $97.

I am offering you a way to dramatically improve your marketing results leveraging simple stories you create.

This course walks you through my process of finding stories – leveraging stories – and using stories to help your business.

From there, you can use your cash flow to help others in need (like I am doing with this to help out the flood victims in Alberta here).


2) Use your newfound story selling skills in combination with the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar and become a marketing machine!

You’ll be cranking out blog posts, articles, promotions, sales pages and emails like a seasoned pro.

Any day you need an idea or two for marketing – pull up the calendar, flip to the day or week you need help with and *voila* you have all the ideas you need, along with some pre-written marketing pieces you can use word-for-word.

Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan for 2013

Click graphic to see info on the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar is sold online for $87 right now (with the odd short-term discount here and there).


Now, COMBINE the Story Selling Course and the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar and you have a wicked good system for growing your business this summer.

What would usually be a slower time of year, instantly becomes a busier and more profitable time of year.

More profits means more fun!


So instead of the $184 investment for the 2 training programs, I am offering a Summer Splash Bubble Blow Out for the 2 of them for just $92…


Or just the story Selling course for $49…


PLUS, 50% of all proceeds will go to the Red Cross Flood Fund for all those families who lost their homes in the past week here in Alberta.


Again, if you want BOTH the Story Selling Program and the Cash Flow Calendar for $92 – a 50% discount – and a large percentage of proceeds go to the Red Cross to help Flood Victims: the use this link (I will personally send you an email with information and some surprise bonuses too)


Or, if you want just the Story Selling Program at half off for $49, then use this link (…again, I will personally send you an email with information and some surprise bonuses too)


Have some fun this summer, and if you are near Calgary and can help out those in need, please do. This email is one of the ways I am helping and I will update you on what is happening with the cleanup here for families in turmoil.

Thanks again,



PS: One other quick, simple, and free request.

As I said earlier, my daughters are finished grade 7 as of today.

They have created a special love of making fun and goofy youtube videos of them being dorks with their friends.

Could you like this video? https://youtu.be/ZJoTe02Nhp0

They don’t know I am doing this but I would like to help them get more likes.

It’s AMAZING what kids can do now with a simple Smart phone and a video app – have a look and please like their video (THEY LOVE SEEING PEOPLE LIKE THEIR VIDS!!!) https://youtu.be/ZJoTe02Nhp0

Much appreciated!!



Simple marketing campaign rollout for a Calgary business

I have a client in the HVAC business that hired me to write them some marketing pieces for generating leads.

They first came to me with the intention on getting a fancy-dancy glossy brochure done up.

They were going to be working with a large design firm in town… but that company didn’t do the copy – just the design.

So lo and behold, they found me on Google.

First thing I did was convince them to go with a lower priced brochure. 

Slick, expensive brochures are NOT the way to drum up business.

I don’t know HOW MANY small businesses I’ve spoken to that blew their entire marketing budget on a fancy brochure – just to have it clutter up their garage – and do NOTHING to boost their sales.

We did a combination of black and white flier for simple neighborhood marketing, small display ads for community newspapers, a simple letter for the commercial market they target, and some verbiage for a much less complex or pricy trifold brochure (which they still wanted and can help – but is NOT a marketing strategy on its own).

Some interesting comments came out of this after I sent them the copy.

First – they asked some people with zero marketing experience (let alone direct response marketing experience) for their thoughts.

The one thing they recommended – a logo.


Why do people think a logo is so important in the sales process?

I don’t know a single person who bought a product or service because of a logo!

Do you?

Anyhow – a few comments I made to them about this I wanted to share because I think they are helpful to anyone and everyone marketing their small business on a budget.

So the logos I put in are smaller, and near the bottom – never at the top and big, which is what most people do (and why most advertising and marketing fails).

An ad, letter, or flier is designed with one purpose in mind –  to get them to read it (ultimately to take action).  A logo does not give them a reason to read it – it just blatantly says “here’s a logo so this is an ad”.

I just have seen logos decrease response and sales vs increase so don’t believe in the use of large, blatant logos.

Her comment to me:

Somebody made a comment and suggested to ad the logo somewhere in the add but they are not the expert on this type of things

To which my reply was:

No problem.  I hear it all the time.

The majority of people have never studied marketing or advertising – but for some strange reason think they are experts in it.

Anyone who invests some time and studies direct response style marketing (marketing that has measurable results), would know that logos do nothing to help ad response (decrease it more than increase as a logo immediately stands out as being an advertisement.

Once a company is larger and has a bigger client base, logos can help with the branding… but for a small company just getting started, a logo does nothing to improve response.

Remember as well – the marketing I do is based on results. 

So don’t let people tell you how to do your marketing or how glossy your flier or brochure should be, unless they have invested lots of time and their own money in marketing.


Everyone thinks they are an expert in marketing.

But they shouldn’t be listened to for marketing advice unless they have studied and applied marketing for small businesses on a budget.

My thoughts anyhow.


The rollout plan for this marketing campaign:

The black and white flier should be sent out to communities you want to target with higher than average lilkelihood of needing service work done.

Canada post has the unaddressed admail services to do this (Their site walks you through the process).

I would recommend targeting 2.000 – 3,000 homes as an initial test – approximate cost for Canada Post and printing of the flier would be ~$500.

That will give you a good guage of how it works. With the commercial letter – compile a list of as many businesses as possible – ideally for best response to have the names of people you would typically deal with for this type of sale/service.  Then mail those letters with the persons name mail-merged into the letter – a plain white envelope (just your return address on the envelope – not the business name or logo). Hand stamped too – not metered stamps. 

With the display ad – community newspapers are a great place to run those – start here www.awna.com

Let me know if you need anything else on this for help.



Guilty as charged…


How does nearly a month fly by so fast?

Craziness and busybess combined and a month goes by without a blog post…

…not something I would recommend to my clients in their own marketing.

NOT something I should have done either.

I have posted to my Empower Network blog, but that’s no excuse.

So what in the heck has Troy White been up to for the past 30 freaking days?





Martial arts.

Kettlebell and Interval training with Belinda Morrison at Be More Fitness (by the way – I have dropped at LEAST 3 belt notches since January by adding in Belinda’s workout! If you are in Calgary and want to get in prime shape for summer, get your behind signed up to her workouts – AWESOME!).



…and all that jazz.

Wanna see the new digs?

That said, I have some exciting things happening right now.

First, some incredible new lead generation strategies I am testing, tweaking and enjoying.

More to come on that.

Second, I’m reading a fantastic book right now – The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene. If more entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople would read this book – the economy would seriously improve faster.50th Law, 50 Cent, Robert Greene

What I am taking away from this book is: (a) a must read and re-read on my bookshelf (b) think WAY bigger (c) think far more like a hustler like 50 Cent – by hustler I mean always on the lookout for ways to improve my business and (d) NOW is the time to get serious about marketing and business. NOT a month from now like I let this one slide.

I am back on track after the move and my slacking off.

A new pad – a new lake community – and a new passion for everything about marketing and growing a business.

Have a great day and I will be in touch much sooner this time!


PS: Because of my slacking off, I wanted to extend to you a free gift.

This course is one I wrote, sold, and long forgot about.  It has one fantastic way to turn one marketing campaign into 7 quickly and easily.  If you sell a product or service that could be deemed a ‘commodity’ this will help you eliminate competition once and for all.


Join me next week at the Cowtown Marketing Meetup! https://www.meetup.com/cowtownmarketingclub


Small business content strategies for marketing in turbulent times

Fellow business builder,

You’ve probably heard the McGraw-Hill Research results by now.

If not, here is a recap:

600 companies in 16 different industries were studied.  It lasted
over a 5 year span, and included one recession during the study.

The conclusion?  Companies that maintained or increased their
marketing budgets during the 5 year span grew by 256% than those
who didn’t.  Those who cut back on their marketing and
advertising during the same period of time only grew by 19%.

I know which growth number you and I would prefer… but how and
what can we do to get those numbers?

First, a few things that must be understood:

* As mentioned above, companies who cut back on marketing during
the coming months and years will suffer.

* Companies who are not aggressively going after new leads and new
customers will barely survive the mess we are in right now

* Companies who follow the direct marketing strategies shared on
this blog will trump those who follow traditional, non
direct marketing models

* If you increase your marketing right now, you will capture a much
larger share of the marketplace you play in

* If you look at your direct marketing costs as an investment, you
will experience much greater returns on your money

* The initiatives that will pay off will take either your time or
your money.  If you have the money, you can decrease the amount of
time it takes to get results.  If you have more time than money,
you will still get results, it just takes up more sweat equity to
get the same results.

Content is king in a pitchfest world

Who else is sick and tired of pitch after pitch?

Twitter feeds.
And on, and on, and on.

The actual product launches are great examples of marketing, but
the sheer volume of them in the internet marketing space is

Same with Twitter, which I am still working on (up to 1,700
followers now, still trying to figure out where it fits and
doesn’t).  Now that everyone is starting to use the same
formulas to grow their Twitter followers, it is a very busy world
on Twitter, everyone pitching their wares, with little real content.

So, what can you do?

Start thinking like your actual customers would be a great start!

Do you like being pitched at 24×7?

Of course not.

Something useful would be a nice change, wouldn’t it?

Or something entertaining added into the mix?

Think through what you could be giving them that would help them,
hook them, get them more involved with you and your business, or
keep them coming back for more.

You could try:

* A simple 4 page print newsletter instead of always using email

* Create an ebook of your best blog posts or articles, and give it
away to your existing leads, and/or use it to generate new leads.

* Turn your ebook into a physical book.  Self publishing tools like
lulu.com make it extremely easy to do small run printing of your

* Interview your own people.  Get insider information from your
customer service people, your engineers or technical people.  Talk
to the sales people. The marketers. Etc.  Find out 3 interesting
things from each of them about their perspective on your business
and products and share it with your contacts.

* Test putting together an autoresponder series that educates your
clients on how to use yoru products and services.  You could have
one series for new users. One for intermediates. And one for
advanced.  As soon as they finish one level, offer them the next.

* Implement some form of membership program into your business.   I
worked with a massage therapist in the past and we changed his
entire business model from one-off purchases to a membership-only
model. From a $45 massage, to a $900 membership.  Or what about the
Lobster guys who I have written extensively about through this
blog. They went from selling $5 lobsters on the docks (with every
other fisherman), to selling $3,000 memberships (and making a
fortune along the way).

* Become a problem publisher.  Share the fact that you are not
invincible (like so many of the gurus out there pretend to be).
Show them your challenges you faced, and what exactly you did to
overcome them.  Show the problems your customers faced, and how
your products helped them overcome them.  Be real. Be human. And
admit you have flaws.  Everyone loves a real person… and detests
the fake snake oil salesmen.

* Do a teleseminar series with experts in your field.  Get 4 or 5
experts together and host an educational series your prospects and
clients would want to be a part of.  Side benefit: you have a
product after you can sell or use in lead generation.

* Be unusual and outrageous in your marketing.  Take California
Tortilla for example.  They have a fabulous newsletter (CalTort
Taco Talk – https://www.californiatortilla.com/taco-talk.html) that
is exceptional. They are personal.  They come up with funny
contests and sayings (like their Pop Tarts a Go Go Day, or their
Wall of Flame that talks about their “Ass in the Tub”,
“Ass in Space” and the ever-popular “Ass in
Antarctica”, hot sauces).  I WISH there were more restaurants
doing this… actually, anyone could be having more fun with this
type of approach… including me (a writer-downer for myself).

* Create a Top 10 list or a buyers guide to help them in their
decision making process.  Show them the proper way to decide on
their purchase.  With real content, little sales talk, and lots of

* Be the first in your field to bring out a Tales-From-The-Toilet
(or something like that) publication.  This could be a monthly or
weekly publication that comes out that shares wacky stories from
around the world, and then relate those stories back to your field.

Give them a laugh.  Break up their day.  And keep them coming back
for more.

* Bring out a regular book, movie, or website review.  Anyone in
the marketing field needs to be an avid reader and researcher… so
share some of your findings!  Tell them what you are reading, and
what you thought.  Or tell them about the movie you just saw with
your kids.  Or the aweful experience you had last week at the mall
when trying to buy clothes.  The opportunities are endless to do
this, all it takes is some initiative.


Break the damn rules.

Just because someone, somewhere said this is “best
practice” doesn’t mean it applies 100% of the time, across
100% of the industries.  For every one person seeing success with
“the rules” there are just as many, or more, seeing
bigger and better numbers by breaking the rules.

Take the internet marketing crowd.

All the rules that are hyped up as unbreakable… are being broken
day in and day out.

And companies are making a huge profit by doing so.

Lots of highly successful businesses don’t use 36 page
magalogs, but still make a fortune.

Pay per click advertising is used in some business models with
great success, other businesses use 100% offline marketing with
just as much, or greater success to show.

Long copy vs. Short – both can and do work.

Email subject lines do NOT have to be short (contrary to what many
people say).

Kimberly-Clark test long vs short email subject lines and saw 64%
greater numbers with long, long subject lines (done across multiple
tests… with similar results in all).

The ONLY way to know what will work in your business and what will
get you the results is to try new things.

Keep doing the same old things IF they are working.

But, if your old marketing tools are no longer working in the
recession… put them back on the shelf for now!

Bring out some new ones and break more than a few rules to see what

Or in the offline world.

Are you still using Yellow Page ads?  Is it still working?  I met
with a person last week who was spending $2,000 per month on yellow
page ads and is barely seeing a return on them.  Why keep doing
them? Becuase that’s the way it’s always been done!


Just because it worked in the past decade, doesn’t mean it will
work in this next decade (or year).

There is a Boston dentist who dropped her yellow page ads and put
all of her focus on delivering website content, blog posts, and
information products that target the right clients.

Her practice grew 10 fold in 2 years.

What about newspapers, trade mags, or community papers?

They are hurting bad right now, and are eager for your business.
THEY are no longer in the driver’s seat, you are.

So get aggressive with the negotiations and see what they are
willing to do for you.

Get better rates.

Get editorial content mixed in.

Get placement closer to the front, exactly where you want it.
Without advertisers, they are toast.

So always remember who is in the driver’s seat… and use it to
your advantage.

What about YOU?

Do you have anything you are doing differently right now that IS
working?  Would you be willing to share?

We are all in the same boat here… how we deal with it is what
makes the difference.  Some people are cutting back… and they
will barely survive the coming year.  Others are aggressively
trying new things and see what works… those are the ones who will
thrive in troubling times.

The choice is yours.

If you do have some strategies working for you, why not share them
here and help out your fellow marketers?

Thanks again.

To your success,

Troy White

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Here’s 3 resources to help you create incredible marketing

1) NEW: the Cash Flow Blueprint for coaches, service professionals
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2) The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar :: Thousands of blog post ideas,
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includes a large number of prewritten campaigns you can copy and


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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”
~~ Napoleon Hill