Using simple videos for lead generation and conversion (for techtards like me)

I saw an article this week showing their research results on email
open rates.

Using “new video” in the subject line boosts open rates
by 7-13%.

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for long (it’s been
around almost 11 years!)… you know I haven’t done much with
video in the past.

But I have used it and am using it much more.

Personally, I prefer text.

But shorter videos can be excellent for personal branding, for
building trust, and for building your content archive (which of
course means more traffic back to your sites and blogs).

A couple years ago we got a massive snowstorm in Calgary… in

Rather than moaning and groaning about it... I grabbed my camera,
my XShot stick (holds the video camera for you while you walk)…
and my dog for a walk.

And created this…

Major success for me.

Got lots of comments (meaning building trust)… and orders.

Just this morning I nearly froze my lily white … fingers … off
and created this video

((no idea why I like to wait until its freezing or blizzarding out
to do my videos… a therapist could probably help me with that))

My point is…

* People LOVE video
* Google LOVES video
* Bank accounts LOVE video

* YOU should LOVE video too.

I now use my iPhone (with a Glif to mount the phone to a tripod or
Xshot stick).

I used other cameras, but the new phones work awesome for this.

I don’t even bother with a microphone – I prefer ‘keeping
it real’ (and simple) – and I am not very smart with do hickeys
so no microphone is much simpler for lil ole me.

I do one take videos.

Shorter – 2-5 minutes.

Upload to my iMac (*I use IMovie to cut out beginning and end of me
turning on and off camera – and to cut out parts of me picking up
said frozen fingers).

Then I use iMovie to automatically upload to Youtube.

You can also just upload directly to youtube from your phone or
camera (I thought the visual of my finger falling off might be too
graphic so I cut it out 🙂

Videos can be simple and will generate you both leads and clients.

Give them a try and please feel free to share them!

Have a great weekend.


PS: True story – the second and third videos I tried to do this
morning while walking at the dog park didn’t work so well – the
camera froze up and stopped working! Got one video done anyhow –
total time invested – 5 mins to shoot – 3 mins to edit – uploading
to youtube happens behind the scene so no real time of mine to do


More proof that Empower Network has a system that works (now #7)

I just posted about hitting #8 out of 50,000 affiliates…

…I am now up to #7.


Empower Network Leaderboard and Affiliate Contest Troy White


NOW would be the time to join me on this fun and profitable adventure!

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I’m usually modest… but I get to gloat just a bit


         Typical Troy…

I get to #8 spot out of 50,000 or so others… and I questioned if I should blatantly email this out.

Damn rights I am!

Kinda cool, if you ask me.

Just noticed I am in #8 spot in the entire Empower Network of tens of thousands of affiliates.

That is for total member signups for the past 7 days.

Me… the newbie on the block… with all the top earners that were up on stage in San Diego a couple weeks ago.

Can’t wait to collect cheques like them!

Soon enough me thinks.

In the meantime, I am excited about what this is and why I have been able to do this.

To me, the entire Empower advantage is that it is the ultimate information library on starting and building an internet based sales machine.

The tools are there, the leaders are there, the system just works.

But you have to work it.

Not sit on it… but actually get busy and do something productive with it.

Do that and it will come quick enough.

This is a business model and training system that just works.

In the results I am getting, and the speed in which I am getting them.

I only really starting taking decent amounts of action and gaining momentum since getting back from San Diego on September 24. Now, I have a list to start with of course, but you learn how to build your own through this too.

Goes to show what can happen when the right motivation meets a working system!

Also goes to show I can help you if you want to start making some extra money online.

We have a blueprint for creating income quickly here…

…and I have a way to help.

If you want more money.

And you have the desire.

Then you really should join all of us on this fun and profitable adventure –

Its $25 to start…

…it’s where I started to get #8 out of 50,000 or more…

Let’s live some beach bum dreams here.


PS: You should know by now I would never be talking about Empower like I am unless I was confident in the leaders in the company. Their system works. All it needs is your commitment of time and some money… and some focus.

You don’t need to work with me on this… you just need to be paying attention to what they are doing and watching the lessons to be learned in their marketing.

There are good marketing lessons to be learned in what I am doing with Empower, and what Empower is doing in the affiliate or direct sales business. Their training is exceptional and their compensation plan designed to win.

It isn’t for everyone, but the sales model is something to watch and learn from.

My thoughts anyhow.



One quick and easy way to tell if your marketing works

Besides the obvious, which is leads and sales, the quickest and easiest way to tell if your marketing is doing its job is…

…story cloning.

As you well know, I love and teach ( story telling and the art or science of weaving a story into a marketing campaign.story cloning and the art of using stories in your marketing and sales

Stories are truly powerful and can revive a stale campaign…or fire up a new one.

Stories compel people to read more than usual… to watch more on video than usual… and to listen to longer audios than previous.

For example…

I wrote a story-based campaign for a local retail company a few years ago.  They sold a fairly common product, but we weaved the story into the fabric of the sales message and made sure every marketing piece the prospects and customers saw had this story all over it.

Sales took an immediate jump.  By hundreds of percentage growth, month over month.

What was once fairly flat sales… became the leading product in their revenue mix.

All with the addition of a 2-3 page story.

But we know it REALLY worked when people would come into the store and they would start sharing THEIR stories with us too.

The story we wrote resonated with them in such a way that they came in desperately wanting to share their own personal experiences and stories.

They took our story, and cloned it as their own!

They felt such a bond with us, they would do whatever it took to get a more closer relationship initiated.

So, hopefully you have started using more and more stories throughout your marketing?

If not – start NOW – here is the best place to start

And then, whether you are starting now, or a seasoned pro, look for those times when customers write you, call you, or email you with their own personal stories.

THAT is when you know a bond has been created that will last a long time.

THAT is when you know your work has made an impact.

And THAT is a skill (of art and science combined me thinks) that will put moola in your wallet and loyal friends or customers at your side.

It’s simple.

But it is not something you see much of.

…hopefully you start seeing more of it now!

I’ll be the first to admit that I have to work at this.  I was never a natural story teller… it was something I work at.  But it is something that has transformed my business, my clients businesses, and will yours too.

I know my stories work because people repeat them back to me in their own variations of.  They ask for thoughts, ideas, and even permission to share my stories as well.

And this is something that you can add more of into your business too.

It just takes a formula to follow, practice… and persistence.

I will give you all of that and more in the upcoming 8 week coaching series

Have a great day.



PROOF that Sasquatch exists… in a great marketing campaign at least

The ‘Sasquatch” case study of marketing excellence

You KNOW how much I love a creative and impactful marketing campaign…. right?

I am always on the look to find and create them.

So, when I saw this one… I immediately took note.

First, they capitalized on an urban myth – brilliant!  Everyone loves the mystery and intrigue behind myths, fables, maybe even neighbours like the sasquatch.  This applies equally to superheroes, ghosts, ghouls, goblins and superstitions.

Find them and run with them in your marketing.

Like they did in this video

It links after to their website ( that looks like this…

sasquatch marketing technique

I just LOVE this campaign idea.

It’s simple, easy, and inexpensive to do.

A trip to the costume rental place, a video camera (I use the Kodak Zi8 and love it – $150), and a little bit of creativity.

There is no reason any one of us couldn’t use an idea like this to promote any product or service out there.

They found a creative and eye-catching way to use the Sasquatch to promote their homes in a funny, unique way.

What can YOU do with this idea?


PS: I am truly loving the creative marketing system I share on my Marketing Beach Bum video series… you should have a look at it and seriously think about the impact a better designed online sales system would have for your business. Even if you already have a sales system in place, imagine getting a few tips here and there that improve your conversions and retention. The Marketing Beach Bum series is my own introduction to this – you can also have a direct look at the sales system I am referring to here.


Online marketing militia and the power of a wicked theme

Globefest is a worldwide competition and showcase of fireworks experts.

Creative marketing ideas

Creative marketing ideas come in bursts...

Every year, it is held in southeast Calgary and, until Monday night, I had never been.

Luckily for me… Dafne and Bernie with Spartan6 ( invited me.

They combined a business networking event, with a chance to showcase both Spartan6, and showcase Dafne and her Spartan6 girls who are all highly experienced belly dancers.

The fireworks display by China was AMAZING!  I saw some very cool fireworks that I had never seen before, and they quickly burned through I would guess $100,000 or more on the display.

But this article isn’t about fireworks, its about ways to build and market your business.

Take Spartan6 as an example.

Their service prices are not for the timid…

…they are for the serious entrepreneur.

One who has a business running now… or an idea for one to start.

One who is willing to invest time and money to make their business a success.

One who understands that business is not a “open your doors and be a millionaire” type of deal.

Don’t get me wrong, millions ARE made.


I have helped clients with all kinds of different product launches, and have been part of many millions of dollars in sales.

One of the MOST important things I have seen that differentiates successful entrepreneurs and those not so successful is the willingness to try new things.

Like Dafne and Bernie did with Spartan6.Spartan6 and the online marketing militia girls

They took a web development company, or concept, and built it into a highly memorable brand and business success story.

They help serious entrepreneurs do web presence and marketing right.

They didn’t fall into the usual trap of believing an amazing website with lots of flash and spinning videos would sell their services.

They GOT that proper copy, well structured SEO skills… and a WICKED marketing theme (Spartans and the Spartan6 girls) was what they needed to do to cut through all the clutter out there in the marketplace.

As you should know by now, I LOVE THEME MARKETING!

Any time you can tie a theme, a unique positioning statement or guarantee, and an eye for direct response type metrics into your campaigns…

…you WILL win the game.

Dafne and Bernie have done that.

Have a look around at their page and let me know what you think.

They are experts in their field of SEO and I am doing a training series with them soon for YOU!

I personally don’t get SEO, haven’t focused on it much… but they sure do!

Till that series starts – let me know your thoughts on their site and theme.

PS: If you have ever wanted a real online business that can make
you money while you ‘beach bum’ it… this is what I use
and love

It made me moola while I sat on the beach – with no employees, no
hassle, no phone calls, and no headache.  Tequila gave me a
headache one day – but that was the only headache I had there 🙂

If you have been on my newsletter for some time, you know I rarely
recommend other products or services like this.  But this IS real,
it WORKS for me, and I will personally show YOU how to make it work
for you and your business too.

Let me know your thoughts on