VR storytelling, cocaine ads, and neuromarketing junk science?

playbook logoVR storytelling, cocaine ads, and neuromarketing junk science?

48 hours from now, Story Playbook #3 goes out, and some profitable techniques are yours for the swiping.

First => get signed up so you don’t miss out

Second => here’s a sneak-a-peak into what you get inside this month (not to mention all the bonuses you get):

* Ticking time-bombs in your business and the simple way to take
dangerous sales slumps and turn them into winning sales weeks…

* VR storytelling – the future is HERE and now (I show you why
I was 15 years ahead of the game with VR – and some fantastic
new initiatives by the biggest names in media using VR)…

* Neuromarketing nonsense…or goldmine? The true (yet scary) tale
of neuromarketing in action and what it means to you as an
entrepreneur and marketer…

* A done-for-you holiday template you can use for a surge in
extra cash flow before the end of the year (you need to fill in a
few blanks, but everything else is done for you!)…

* A very unusual place to find killer story ideas (I’m almost
positive you’ve heard of the site, maybe even been there, but
undoubtedly MISSED this one hidden section of the site)…

* COCAINE cash and how to turn controversial storylines into
legitimate B2B (or B2C) story lines for your marketing…

* Sneak-a-peak into some unusual holiday promotions that’ll have
your prospects lining up to order (thinking OUTside the box is
the key here, and I’ll give you some wacky ideas and examples to
use for growing your bank account)….

Plus some powerful examples of stories that sold a boatload of
products and services (along with some simple steps to modify
them as your own)…

That ALONE should be enough to give the Story Playbook an honest
Have a FANTASTIC day!



Titanium Profit Triplets: Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Lemonis, Jon Taffer


If you’re an entrepreneur, you have GOT to be watching these 3 masters at work.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

There are some common threads within the Kitchen Nightmares, Bar Rescue and The Profit shows that can help you build your business quickly.

First off – the speak their mind and have developed truly thick skin to criticism. Not one of them cares what others think of them (customers they care about – but they don’t care about the entrepreneurs they work with).

They are there for ONE thing only – help turn those businesses around…

…in record time.

Gordon Ramsay – 5-7 days
Jon Taffer – 5-7 days
Marcus Meonis – 7-30 days

In less than a month these 3 maestros conduct an orchestrated turnaround that’s spell binding.

They focus on:

* Finding the ONE THING the business is either excellent at – or CAN BECOME excellent at. They don’t narrow it down to 5 things (most of the businesses they turn around initially think they are pros at everything they do – they aren’t).

The find the one thing – they refine it – perfect it – package it – and focus their entire sales message around that ONE THING.


Jon Taffer

(probably the most important lesson I think for all entrepreneurs).
* They clean up their act and work on the professionalism. They ‘packaging’ of what they sell, and how they sell it is everything. This means they simplify the menus (going back to point 1 above, success is about selling your best thing – not trying to have 45 things on the menu you do in a mediocre manner).
* Back to basics. Everything is broken down to the basics. Serving skills. Pouring skills. Customer service skills. Menu simplification. Basic sells – complex or convoluted choices confuse your customers.
* Drop the damn ego. It amazes me how many of these businesses, ones in SERIOUS financial trouble, ask for help but let their ego get in the way of help being delivered. As soon as one of the 3 turnaround experts tells the owner what they are going to do with the turnaround, the business owner’s ego swells up and they instantly seem to know more about the business than anyone else.

It costs them their dreams if ego wins out over marketing and sales strategies that work.

I see it ALL the time with sales copy and marketing help. They hire an expert – and become an instant expert (that of course knows more than the hired expert) the second suggestions are made.
* Shake stuff up FAST. When a business is in trouble, these 3 experts come in and redefine what they are, what they sell, and what they are the best-of-the-best at.

Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis

It all happens quickly.

It shakes people up.

But the customers LOVE IT!

These 3 guys all have similar systems they use to do rapid business turnarounds.

Those that listen, see 30%+ revenue growth in a short period of time.

Those that don’t listen, go back to living the same dreary existence they used to.
What about you?

Are you in need of a rapid turnaround?

To have a complete makeover to focus on your one greatest and most profitable asset?

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing some work in the B2B Makeover space.

I’ve found some incredible new methods for uncovering and repackaging what, how, and to who you sell.

And I want to help you out using this system.

My Story Selling program is the foundation for what determines the success of any aspiring business makeover.

The home study program details are here

You can grab the home study there if you like for a small investment of less than a hundred bucks.

One breakthrough could easily make you 10 times that in the next week.

BUT, if you want more help – here’s an option for you…

…9 entrepreneurs can get the same system that I’ve used to help my clients make millions.

You get the Story Selling Home Study program – AND we will do 3 calls as a small group to help you get the makeover and results you want.

Your core story – nailed.

Your one thing – nailed.

Your best sales growth strategy – nailed.

Think about the results that the businesses above get in just a short period of time using these strategies…


Grab a spot here and let’s turn the next few months of 2014 your most profitable yet.

9 spots – grab one now…

(just change the quantity if you only want one option or the other).

To your turnaround success.



Phineas and Ferb’s Amazing Marketing Adventures

If you have younger kids (or a mind like one, ah hem), then you’ve probably seen a Phineas and Ferb show on tv.

I personally LOVE the show.


I don’t watch when the kids aren’t around, but when they are… I’m all eyes and ears!


Because Phineas and Ferb are marketing and business building geniuses.

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb

That’s why…

…they just don’t know how darned smart they are.


The storyline: <Wiki> The series follows Phineas Flynn and his English stepbrother Ferb Fletcher. Every day, the boys embark on some grand new project, which annoys their controlling sister, Candace, who frequently tries to reveal their shenanigans to the boys’ mother, Linda Flynn-Fletcher, and less frequently to their father, Lawrence Fletcher.


Now, to the stubborn or not so astute, this has NOTHING to do with business and marketing…

…which is wrong, WRONG, wrong!
You see, I love creativity – and systems – in business.

I look to unusual places, and usually find gold.
For example, if I’m putting together marketing systems and lead conversion campaigns for a high end jeweller (which I am right now), I don’t just look to other master craftsmen…

…I look at cartoons… restaurants… hotels… and bakeries.

THOSE are where some real golden brown nuggets are found.

I HIGHLY recommend you start thinking outside of your niche for wacky ideas (it’s the reason I built the Cash Flow Calendar  7 years ago and continue to improve on it yearly – it’s PACKED with unusual marketing ideas that apply to any and EVERY business – that means yours too).

Anyhow… back to Phineas and Ferb.

Some of the things they personally do that I see immediately application in your marketing:

* Most obvious? Every. Single. Day.

Yup – these two sheet disturbers are saving the world or creating some kind of time-travelling machine EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. They aren’t out doing what alllll the other kids are doing – they are doing what they love and they do it CONSISTENTLY.

Marketing is no different. You must start being more consistent with your marketing. I was talking to a potential client this week that sends a newsletter out monthly. It used to be near-daily. Revenues have plummeted since they decreased frequency. Go figure!

Every. Single. Day.

SOMETHING needs to happen.

Emails going out. Ads generating leads. Marketing pieces going out to leads and to attract leads.

If you don’t have systems running in the background that automate your marketing – DO IT NOW.

Autoresponders are awesome for the follow-up and consistency.

Phineas and Ferb have the HABIT of daily save-the-world actions.

You need them too!

* They acknowledge their nemesis and continue to try and beat him at his own game. Dr. Doofenshmirtz, or Doof as he refers to himself, feels the need to assert his evilness by destroying all of Phineas and Ferb’s grande inventions.

They don’t pretend they have ‘no competition’ like many delusional entrepreneurs believe. They admit it – they fight it – and the battles are epic!

Real business people and marketers ADMIT they have competition – and they actually DO THINGS to try and better their competition.

They create kick-ass marketing campaigns.

They constantly improve or evolve their products and services.

* They end up hiding all their inventions. More realistically, The Evil Dr Doof ends up destroying all their inventions by the end of the episode. Their inventions are AWESOME: flying cars, teleportation, mind-switching, and time traveling… to name a few. Not only that – they are able to do it on tight, allowance-worth budgets!

The key for business – when you find a marketing system that works well – keep it to yourself! Don’t go sharing it with the world. We see this all the time in the goorooze crowd online. They find a marketing system that works – they sell it to anyone with a credit card – gets diluted – gets banned – no longer works.

The BASICS always work… use them to find your own twists on proven marketing systems – then milk them for EVERYTHING you can.

* They have a cool mascot/pet/secret-agent-friend. Perry the Platypus is a central character to their stories. He goes head-to-head with the evil one – and some funny things do happen. Perry the Platypus works as a spy (“Agent P”) for the OWCA (Organization Without a Cool Acronym). For marketing purposes, having a mascot or central character is KEY! I use my dog Casino for many campaigns. I’ve used one client’s office dog, Roxy, in cold mailing pieces with resounding success (best cold mailing response they’ve ever had). Pets, kids, fictional characters (the garden nome for Travelocity is a PRIME example) are EXCELLENT ways to stand out from the crowd!

* They have an episode named after me! Ok, maybe not me specifically, but still… “Troy Story”: – which, I’m pretty sure was a direct rip-off of my daughters version of Troy Story (theirs is much funnier

* They write GREAT HEADLINES! Actually, story titles, but all the same:

– Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror
– The Fast and the Phineas
– Lights, Candace, Action!
– I, Brobot
– Are You My Mummy?
– Toy to the World
– Bowl-R-Ama Drama
– Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?

Sometimes you seriously need to think out of the box.

This silly kids show has reams of marketing ideas in it for those who can put their ego aside and let the marketing ideas flow.

They do for me – and hopefully you too!

Have a great day.


PS: Here’s a great free audio interview that I did with Jim Palmer. Jim is a master marketer and drilled me for some ideas on leveraging your best stories into marketing assets – no cost – no optin


I’m why my dog needs therapy (maybe my kids too)


He thinks he has super powers too…

He does.

I’m sure of it.

All 100% to blame here.

I’ve worked from home for 12 years, and my dog Casino is 5.  So all he’s known is this odd guy that’s almost always around – never goes out to a job like most do – and talks to himself more than what’s normal.

He smells me coming home from a workout at 10 in the morning, when most are on their coffee break.  The small ain’t hard to notice 😉

He sees me the odd afternoon stretched out on the couch napping.  More often than not with a keyboard in front of me, writing something.

The last couple years, if you’ve been following my story, have involved a bit of moving around with me and the hound.

His only saving grace is that I love to go out for fast 30 minute walks daily.  Most days, twice a day.

That keeps him, somewhat, sane.

Questionable sanity… as you’ll see reasons on why, next.

You can see in this rather unusual video my budding movie-makers (aka – my daughters) put together the other night…

SPOILER ALERT: They make fun of me in soooo many ways in this video!

I’m very proud of my daughters with the tenacity they’ve shown in their video creation!

They are getting into the editing of video more and more – and they are creating some AWESOME videos!

This one is a little make-fun-of-Troy style… more than I am used to, but I can take it! My daughters (and their friend) had a blast making fun of my ‘quirks’ and I love sharing it with you!

About 6 or 7 years ago, I let my daughters give me a makeover one Saturday afternoon and gladly shared the picture-proof with my newsletter readers… makeup, and barrettes in their glittery glory.

Being the marketing geek I am, I turned it into a Marketing ‘Makeover’ promotion, of course (never waste a good opportunity to be more personal with your clients and prospects!).

But this ADD-meets-marketer-meets-addictive-personality thing causes issues.

With my dogs.

With my kids.

With me.

Luckily, my kids are GREAT kids and excelling in school… so it can’t be that bad.

Me and the dog, I can deal with.

Still think the dog needs therapy – the kids are good for now.

Me… the jury is out.

All I know is that I am proud of my girls and the 175 or so videos they’ve done.

It’s taught them: trial and error, some humility, some persistence, the power of self-education, and the pursuit of a big-picture dream (they want to develop a highly successful Youtube channel – and they are DEFINITELY doing the right things, as we speak!).

…pretty good lessons I think EVERY entrepreneur should learn!

Entrepreneurs are an odd bunch.

I’m proud to be one.

I’m proud to be raising some.

And I get why we seem so off-the-wall.

It’s not the lifestyle for everyone… but it is the lifestyle for a unique type of person….

…Maybe you?

Warning: it may cause you to need therapy too.

Wine therapy.

Beer therapy.

Peer therapy.

Speaking of which…

…are you in need of some marketing therapy?

FREEEEE marketing therapy (if you qualify).

I am offering 5 no-cost-no-obligation marketing consultations this week.

45 minutes – you and I on the phone talking about your business – and how to make the last 27 days of 2013 – and the 365 days of 2014 your most INCREDIBLE ones yet!

If you have an existing business that generates revenue now…

…are actively doing things to build that business (I don’t believe in the wishing and praying theory of business building)

…and KNOW you should be doing better than you are in your business…

…HIT ME UP IN THE COMMENTS BELOW (they are private until I approve them – so no one sees what you write).

Tell me about you – and your business.

The more details the better.

I will get back to you and let you know if you and I working together on a free 45 minute coaching call is a good idea, or not.

And we’ll take it from there.


Talk soon.



Forget Cyber Monday Sales — here’s some FREEbies for you

Hope those of you in the US had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

And Cyber Monday is in full force, as you have seen my the sheer
volume of special deals in your inbox.

The gift I got in Calgary?

Mother Nature’s Fury!

Minus 32 tomorrow – yippee!

But, I do have a couple things for you that don’t cost a dime
(both could MAKE you a bundle though).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =million dollar marketing
Freebie #1: ‘Million Dollar Marketing Advice-Volume 1’
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

In this guide, my friend marketing expert Graham McGregor invited 21 different business owners around the world to each share a proven marketing campaign (myself included).

Download here (no optin needed)

Here are just a few of the marketing campaigns that these business owners shared with Graham…

-A tax firm in the United States has a simple LinkedIn strategy that 
they used to create an extra $10,000 of  brand new business.

-A school uniform company uses a clever direct mail strategy to 
get appointments with key decision makers and generated over 
$25,000 in new sales.

-The owner of  a fitness centre in NZ tested a simple mobile bill 
board that made him thousands of dollars in new sales within 
a few days.

-A travel agent in Central America used Facebook to collect 
great testimonials from their clients. Then used these testimonials to double the amount of referrals and repeat business that they normally received.

-A marketing consultant in Australia explains a simple webinar 
strategy that has produced tens of thousands of new sales for 
a wide range of his business clients.

-The owner of an online music business wrote one email that 
took 20 minutes. This email became so famous his business 
was  mentioned positively over 10,000 times on the Internet.

-A business coach in Christchurch helped a builder client 
develop a simple referral system that means that the builder never has to advertise. 

-A marketing consultant in Australia ran a fun competition that created thousands of dollars in new sales within a few days.

-The owner of a struggling café in San Diego did something 
super simple to promote his business. This bought in hundreds
of new customers within a short time and worked well for many 
years to positively differentiate his café from all his competitors.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Freebie #2: The Secret to Social Media Success Recording
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Last week I held the second webinar with Kevin Pasco, the
21 year old Social Media Whiz Kid.

Some of what he revealed:

– Why you don’t just need to be on social media, you need to
dominate on it…

…And HOW to do it

– The actual formula he uses to generate thousands of new customers
for his clients

(Seriously, he’ll put the actual formula up on the screen and then
walk you though it, piece by piece)

– The scary truth of how your competitors are already using social
media to take more than their fair share of new customers in your
industry and how it could be hurting you more than you know…

– How social media will become your biggest lead generator over the
next 6 months, brining in new leads automatically, which will allow
you to focus on what you do best in your business

Grab the recording here (have pen and paper at the ready)…


Here’s to an awesome week ahead…

…and a stellar last month to your year!



Skunk, porcupine, and deer: my favorite breakfast foods


Nothing like a little bit of pungent skunk, with a poke 
from a porcupine, and a spook from a deer to start a guys 

As much as I would like to claim I’m a manly man and eat 
that for breakfast…


But… I do see them all early mornings.

As you may know (or may not, if you’re not paying 
attention or new to my newsletter)… I like to get 
out and be active.

Been in the martial arts for 13 years.

Do my interval and weight training at 5:30 am (great 
way to start the day!).

And I walk the furball religiously every morning before 
getting busy.

My morning walk is often down in the wooded-wonderland 
in Calgary called Fish Creek.

Fish Creek is one of the largest urban parks in Canada, 
and has every kind of wildlife you can imagine.

The other day, Casino (my furry marketing assistant) 
was all wagging his tail and stuff in the dark 
(always a sign of trouble to come).

Lo and behold… a MONSTER porcupine was trapped by my 
not-so-intelligent friend.

LUCKY for him… I got him out of there before 300 quills 
poked his eyes, lips, tongue, and some other parts he may 
not of enjoyed too.skunk

Last week – a skunk.

Pretty well daily, we see a deer that scares the bejesus 
out of us as it jumped in front of us on a dark pathway.

Needless to say it gets the heart fired up and the 
adrenaline flowing!

Which is my point…

YOU need a ritual.

A daily ritual.

One that first you up and empowers your profits.

I love exercise to start my day.

I also love writing – every word of which is an asset 
to my business and marketing.

The new Renegade Club newsletter is HOT OFF THE PRESS 
and the October edition is about to hit doorsteps around 
North America.

This is a combination of marketing and sales strategies 
that grow your business and pad your pockets.

It’s actually been distributed in print for 5 years under 
a different name, I took it over and am in the midst of 
rebranding it and pumping it up!

You won’t find any details there – but I can assure you 
it’s an incredible investment if profits are top of mind.

Try it out, immerse yourself in the world of 
Renegade Business Builders… and start a new daily routine 
that gives you the lifestyle you want.

Have a great weekend!


PS: Test out the Renegade Club newsletter and I will be 
sending you additional gifts every single month – products 
I sell for more than the newsletter alone!