The Marketing Ring of Fire

Have you ever heard of the ‘ring of fire’ workout?

Sounds painful – doesn’t it?

Well, it is.

But it has a significant marketing lesson for you in this video…


Serial ‘millers’ and the wake of disaster they leave behind

According to the Macmillan dictionary, to mill around is to “move about in large numbers in a confused way with no particular purpose”.

Kinda sounds like the zombies in The Walking Dead…zombies-walking-dead

…and it kinda sounds like a whole lotta people I talk to out there.

Serial ‘millers’.

Wandering from ebook to ebook, launch formula home study product to pinterest how-to guides.

One week they are milling about the make a gazillion on Facebook forums

…the next week it’s all about learning the newest and greatest Youtube marketing tricks.

Learning is good.

Milling is NOT.

The difference?

One word…


Serial millers NEVER take action (except for clicking the buy buttons on the shiny-object-of-the-week).

They had hard drives crammed with digital ebooks and home study course (never review them of course).

They have book shelves packed solid with courses still in the wrappers.

They have all this pretend knowledge they could (and some do) write a book of their own on what they learned from those shiny ebooks they bought.

But they never put a serious effort into actually building a list of interested prospects.

They never actually WRITE emails or copy – they just read about it.

They never actually try and GET a suite ranked on Google – they just point to their Google Engage certificate they got by… you’re right… taking a training course.


If you have been milling about, you have left wakes of credit card debts, broken dreams, and frustrated spouses behind you.


Isn’t it time you get off your big-ole-bookshelf and DO SOMETHING?


Start actually building a database you can market to and share your wisdom with.

Start actually running sales funnels and advertising campaigns.

Start actually driving interested prospects to squeeze pages, to landing pages, to your video sales letters.

2012 is almost over people.

If you aren’t anywhere near where you thought you’d be by now…

…maybe NOW is the time to get off your milling machine and start DOING.

Serial killers and serial millers both leave destruction behind.

It’s your choice to make… keep on destroying your dreams… or start rebuilding the life you’ve always wanted.

I made 2012 my year for massive change…

…and I’m here to help you do the same for the balance of 2012 and the brand new shiny 2013 just ahead of us.

Stop milling and start making.

I’m here to help… and this is the fastest and most profitable way I can kick your butt into high gear so you CAN build lists, write more, and earn a whole bunch more than you are now! https://www.marketingbeachbum.com



Raging your way to rapid results

Sometimes you just HAVE to let your emotions take over.

I am normally a very calm person (too calm in most cases)…

…but some of my best marketing results have come from those moments of rage.

The times when I get FED UP with someone over a question they could have answered themselves with an ounce of initiative.

So I write an email or shoot a video answering their question – then within 5 minutes I turn that email or video into an evergreen piece of marketing I can use for 10 more years, untouched.

Or the time I run a solo ad with someone and get crappy results…

…so in a rage I go out and invest 3 X as much in ANOTHER solo… this time investing more because I know their testimonials are better and the quality of their list exceptional.

Turning that rage into rapid and highly profitable results.

Or the times when I get fed up seeing other people getting phenomenal results in their lead generation efforts with canned squeeze pages.

…so instead of trying to reinvent my own page… I copy and paste the ‘canned’ one.

Lo and behold… my results go up by 500%.

We ALL let our egos get in the way of our results.

Stubbornness (yup – I’m a master at being stubborn).
Downright stupidity.

Been there and wear the t-shirt.

And there is DEFINITELY a time and place for sticking to your guns.

Bu there is also a time when you need to let your emotions, oftentimes angry ones, take over.

Get MAD at yourself.

Get MAD at your results.

Get MAD at your lead generation efforts (or lack of results).

Get PISSED OFF at all the time you waste on Facebook every day.

Then do something about it!

Go on a rage.

Copy and paste those template pages you can buy for $20.
Buy a kick ass solo ad campaign.
Place some Google ads.
Get your ad running on Facebook.

And do it ALL in an afternoon.

Rage can kick you in the butt and get you moving.

It can propel you forward faster.

It can help you get a BOATLOAD of stuff done quickly.

Let it.

Don’t always be ‘that guy’ or gal that always keeps a cool ahead about you.


Well directed rage that is.

It works for me, and is working right this very week for me.

Try it and please let me know how your pissed-off-edness has profited you!

Have a great day.



I drink alone

“You know when I drink alone… I prefer to by myself”

~ George Thorogood

Had the pleasure of seeing George Thorogood once, or twice in Calgary (some foggy spots back then…)

I heard the song “I drink alone” tonight on the radio and it took me back.

The pure power of nastalgia.

troy white - teenage mutant ninja marketer in the works

Don't let the suit deceive you...it was a wedding

Everyone loves to recall the “fine points” of their past.

For example…

In my teenage years, I was a total shit.

Oh ya.

Lucky to be alive…in so many ways!

My parents would gladly share a tale or two about “those days”… just ask.

Kept my wits about me… for the most part.

Definitely still an odd duck, in so many ways.

I have no intentions of changing.


Got carried away there.

Caught up in the moment.

Living nostalgia long past.

So does everyone else.
And they love it.

Find ways to bring some of it back in your marketing and promotions.

You’ll have more fun… so will your clients.

May the next drinking alone you do be a celebratory one in honor of your nostalgic marketing campaign being a hit!


PS: One of the more odd things I’ve been experiencing in this crazy year is my newfound passion for the Empower Network.

It opened my eyes to what could happen, when information publishing and training was built around a direct response affiliate program.

The numbers just work. 

It isn’t for everyone… I’ll be the first to say that.

It’s for people with an open mind.  For those who know the internet is vast and lots of people out there want to learn more about making money with websites… any website. For people that are willing to do something in getting it going.

It’s all about systems… and marketing.

Put the two together, and you have some very amazing things happen, rapidly.

Watch the video here – https://www.empowernetwork.com/troywhite/blog/being-a-beach-bum-takes-money/?id=troywhite

then join me in this fun and profitable adventure!

troy white - masked marketer and copywriter

Me and my furry marketing assistant, Casino...fighting the forces of evil


WARNING: graphic photo illustrates the problem with success

I was out walking my furry marketing assistant Casino at the Dog Park yesterday and saw something that freaked me out.

The sun had just come up, so the crispness of this made it even more creepy.

A dead deer…

…in the dog park?

success and persistenceNot something I was used to seeing (never even seen a deer in the dog park, let alone a dead one).

The dog was freaked out – so was I.

This poor little deer somehow got itself into the park and couldn’t find a way out.

The entire park is fenced off so the dogs can’t go bug the birds, the geese or the ducks.

So this deer finds itself somehow on the wrong side of the fence, and kills itself bashing into the fence trying to get out.

With the amount of blood around the deer, I could only guess it must have been a sad scene while it unfolded.

It cost him his life.

And this same type of action costs most people out there their dreams.

What about you?

You are on my newsletter list to learn about marketing, about copywriting, and about entrepreneurial success.

Maybe you have achieved all your dreams and just like staying in touch…

…or maybe you still have dreams and goals you are pushing for.

Being successful in marketing and sales is about persistence… but also in correcting the course of action along the way too.

Rather than beating yourself up trying to get through that closed door (or fence), maybe a small little alteration to your path could make your journey more enjoyable.

About 300 feet to the left of this poor deer, was a wide open space that would take him to the river bank.

It’s where the dogs can go swim… and it could have saved this deers life if he just tried a different approach.

If you are fed up with constantly trying but never succeeding… maybe its time you try something different?

I’m as persistent as they get… so I have to remind myself too that there ARE easier ways to get things done.

With copywriting, I decided it was time to put my copy to use promoting things for ME – rather than others. I love writing copy – and have done it for 10 years, mainly for others. But 2012 has been a year of change for me so I chose a different path with Marketing Beach Bum and Empower (https://www.marketingbeachbum.com).

I love it – and things are happening FAST.


Because I turned and went 300 feet to the left instead of constantly beating myself up trying to go the same old way that didn’t work out as I wanted before.

If you ever feel like you are stuck doing the same old same old things with a lack of results – maybe its time YOU walk 300 feet to the left and try a new and different approach.

Persistence killed this deer because he was persisting on the wrong path.

Don’t let it happen to you and your dreams.

There are better ways.

Try them… you might like them.

Have a great day.



Can firing clients help you live longer?

The late, great Gary Halbert used to love wearing ball caps that said CLIENTS SUCK on them.


I’m sure many a thin-skinned folk would be offended.

The people who paid Gary a couple thousand dollars to watch him beat up on clients, while laying out the foundation for successful marketing…

…they didn’t care.

All they cared about was the wisdom shared… and their ability to IMPLEMENT that wisdom as soon as they could.

Anyone in the entrepreneurial or sales space can probably relate to this next statement…

…not all clients ARE good clients.

Many of them DO suck.

So you need to run like the wind when they show up.

Or just tell them to piss off.

Depends on your personality.

For many years I took on almost every copywriting project that came my way.

If they had money to invest in copy and marketing… I would help them.

I wrote for: authors, speakers, infopreneurs, dog trainers, horse trainers, massage therapists, time travellers (don’t ask : ), spiritualists, Amish craftsmen, weightlifters, martial artists, coaches, health consultants and suppliers, drug pedlars, computer companies, software, roller coaster test pilots (true!), painters, realtors, mortgage brokers, network marketers… you name it… I probably wrote for them.

I love the writing process and learning about new things!

But in 2008, something changed.

Maybe it’s just me… but it seemed like clients became 100 TIMES more difficult to deal with.

Granted, my patience was wearing thin… copywriting rates were more challenging to get… and I was sick and tired of pain in the ass copy jobs.

My biggest pet peeve?  

Someone hires me to write copy and give marketing direction.

They need help, right?

So I do what they pay me for…

…and they INSTANTLY become a world class wordsmith and marketing expert that now knows FAR more than me.

The copy is wrong.

The headline is wrong.

That won’t work with these kind of buyers.

Myyyyyyy business is different.

Without even testing it… they just know it won’t work.

Despite them paying someone who has well over 10,000 hours invested in learning a specialized craft.

So we banter back and forth.

Troy gets pissed off.

We part on bad terms.

Gladly this didn’t happen all the time… but often enough to take YEARS off my life!

Now… I don’t even bother taking on the projects.

As you could probably guess… I am using my copy to promote things that pay me directly for my effort.  And pay well they must and do.

What I am doing with Empower and Marketing Beach Bum is my big focus right now (https://www.marketingbeachbum.com)… but I am still sharing my ideas and success with marketing and copywriting here in my blog and newsletter.

Just last week I got an email from a person who wanted copy done.

A distinguished expert with all kinds of accreditation and praise for their expertise.

They had written a quarter page newspaper ad… and it bombed.

So they wanted to hire a specialist.

I was one of the people they contacted.

I sent over some sample ads close to what they wanted done.

Not good enough they said.

They wanted one almost EXACT to their business.

So I sent the closest I had.

Ok, thats good… now send me names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and the names of the first borns of my testimonials.

No, I said.

Here are my testimonials right here (pointing them to the testimonials section that is prominently displayed on https://www.troysblog.com)

Not good enough… I need to talk to those SAME people who wrote the testimonials.

Which is frankly where I told him to take a hike.

As I hope you would too.

Look… there are people out there that think as soon as they hand you $20… they OWN YOU.

They don’t.

Even if it’s $20,000.

This was a small project.  And this client was destined to be a royal pain in the ass to work with.

Imagine how difficult he would be if he was already driving me nuts!

Been there. Done that. Not taking on those clients for all the money out there.

Just not worth my sanity, my health… and my income.

Those ones drag you down, beat the crap out of your self-confidence… and kill your productivity.

So get some thick skin and just walk away.

Most ‘buyers’ are completely dumbfounded when they discover you won’t take their money.

Their egos start inflating and they can get downright ugly.

Even more reason to tell them to take a leap.

This is SO invigorating!

Next time someone is being a pain in the ass… fire them.

Donald Trump has it right…. “YOU’RE FIRED!” carries a lot of power and feels DAMN good to say.

It will free you from difficult clients and time-sucking tasks.

So you can move on to things you DO enjoy!

Now is not the time to crater to everyone willing to hand you money.

Now is the time to find your true passion… inject your personal stories into that passion… and make yourself a business model that YOU LOVE.

Have a great day.