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Let’s Be Honest Here…

Most entrepreneurs I talk to are so busy caught up in the day-to-day operations of their business, that they don’t take the time to market themselves properly (and if you are serious about growing your business through consistent marketing, you DO own the 2014/15 Cash Flow Calendar – RIGHT?).

But what if I told you there was a simple, actionable, and easy to understand system that guarantees more clients and better seo rankings.

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Some great domains I am selling

Earlier today, I had sent out an email about some personal
changes I went through in the past 19 months.

The 3 C formula is revealed here…

Part of my cleaning process involved in my 3C formula was
in going through the 400+ .coms I own.

Figuring out which ones fit my clarity and new

Here are some of the .com domains I own that I am willing to sell.

Have a look through – if you are interested in one or more – let me
know which ones and we will work out a fair deal for all.

Quick & easy.

Reply back if you want one or more of them.

abundancenews .com

affluentrealestateleads .com

backendbucks .com

bcfractionals .com

beachhomesinternational .com

boomerbillions .com

boomerstoseniors .com

businessmasterycourse .com

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marketingyourhobby .com

marketingyourniche .com

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membermillions .com

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Tired of the same old results year after year?

Here’s a solution to make 2013 YOUR YEAR for permanent change!

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Online Marketing Success and Black Belt Sales Mastery

My upcoming Second Degree Black Belt test and marketing in business have some very similar lessons to share.

Pay attention to this and you may discover some simple rules to help make 2013 your best year yet!

Why would I invest 324 hours, well over $3700, many pulled muscles into one more itty bitty gold stripe like this?


For over 6 years now I have been training hard in Tae Kwon Do… and prior to that spend another 7 years in other martial arts.

On December 15th, 2012 I will be testing for my second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Assuming all goes good – that one stripe will become two stripes.

And the lessons in this belt apply directly to business and marketing.

One of my biggest lessons?

Drop outs everywhere! It is amazing to me to see how quickly and easily people give up.

The second big lesson? It’s all about the basics. If you can’t do the basics proficiently… the rest are useless.  That means thousands of round house kicks. Back Kicks.  Punches and patterns.  In business that means your ability to generate traffic to a website, or a lead from website traffic, or a conversion system in place to convert that lead to a paying client.

Once you have spent time on the basics and can do them consistently… then you need self motivation to continue doing the basics while you learn some more advanced techniques.

LOTS of bloody noses, scrapes, pulled muscles and broken bones.  I studied Muay Thai for 5 years and loved it.  But it beat the crap out of me!

Its all about the RUSH. Anyone who enjoys adrenaline sports knows the rush I am talking about.  It is awesome and once you understand its power to focus you – you ‘chase the dragon’ time and time again.

What in the heck does that mean to you right now in your life or business?

First – I need your prayers!  I have to break 2 bricks at once with this hand on the 15th – and do my least favorite back spinning kick to break a board held high.  Pray I don’t break my hand and pull some much need muscles! Please?


It means I have a plan for you. 

One I have been working on for almost 11 years.  One that has made me a great amount of money inside of the Empower Network.  And one that can make you a great income in 2013 too.

Like exercise, most people wait until there is a serious problem before they do something about their health. January one they join the gyms – and quit 2 weeks later.

Right back to where they were before.

The same goes for money.  Do you have all you want or need? Me neither.  But I took a proven product and plan, and have built an incredible team of fellow beach bums who LOVE making money and want to make more of it.

Don’t wait till January 1 to start.  Lets get you going NOW.  Start with $25. Then you have 3 weeks in December to get warmed up and ready to start rolling.


As always, please let your thoughts and comments below!


Troy White - Black Belt Tae Kwon Do


My camera froze and a finger fell off filming this new video (hope you’re happy)

It’s bloody cold out this morning… but I shot you a new video anyhow.

The stupid camera phone kept freezing up on me and I’m pretty sure
my right thumb was left somewhere at the dog park where I filmed it,
but I am happy with the video anyhow.

Either click here to see direct…
(or click the picture below – typing with 9 fingers now so doesn’t matter to me)

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I will personally walk you through the 90 day plan to put $15k in your pocket.

Considering that we are now into December…

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My disastrous first attempt at information marketing

15 or so years ago I saw an ad in a newspaper.  Some guy in the city I was in was an expert in importing goods and was selling information on how to get into the business.

For a large fee, I signed up for his personal coaching and got resale rights on his manuals (if I recall – I had to buy them from him and could then sell direct).

The manual was mediocre – with some photocopied pages, some instructions on where to go to find exporters in the library – and how to make money selling the same manual.

His recommendation?


So I started placing ads in newspapers around the city I was in.

I quickly found that the smaller towns were MUCH great response than the larger.

More calls.

More orders.

I was on cloud nine.

I would take the call – take down their address – explain how COD (Charge on Delivery) went – and would mail them the book.

They would need to be home to pay for it once it arrived.

I got a whole bunch of ‘orders’!

Dozens of them to start – and the manual was ~ $79 or so.

Looking good, I thought.

Until I got back a TON of COD packages that were denied at the door by the so-called ‘customers’.

shameful attempt at information marketing


I quickly realized this COD thing was a bunch of bunk and I was pissing my money away having to pay for these packages to be mailed – but returned.

Fast forward 15 years.

I have been selling information products online for over a decade now.  No COD.  No 65% return rates.  No nonsense.

I have sold information products for weddings, pets, marketing, sales, lead generation, health, and a few other industries.

…and I love it.

Information marketing is an exceptional way to enhance your present business, or start a new one.

The market keeps getting bigger year after year with the internet.

People are reading more. Watching more videos.

Buyers are out there in droves when you know how to find them.

The point is two-fold:

* when you attempt something in marketing and fail – DON’T GIVE UP.  It doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t work… it means THAT WAY of marketing didn’t work for YOU. It may have worked for others seamlessly… but not so for you. So pick yourself up and try a DIFFERENT way – or a different product.

* information marketing is an exceptional way to add cash flow into your life.  I do it through my business and love it! To a full time income and more in 90 days.  I have tested all kinds of on and offline marketing over the years. Some things worked for selling information – some were ‘learning experiences’.  The demand for information will ALWAYS be there and will constantly grow.

Find ways to build your knowledge of marketing online AND offline… and try different types of information products that enhance your present business or help you start a new business.

If you need a new income stream for 2013 –  get in touch with me at 403-259-4566 or sign up for the updates on


…NEVER give up.

There is always a way.

Only persistence and focus will help you uncover the path.

Have a great day.