Are you making excuses… or money?

Excuses, excuses.

It’s amazing to me how people can justify themselves out of ever attaining success or achieving a lifelong dream.

Internally, they say they want to do more with their life, and earn more money while they are living their life.

But externally they make up excuse after excuse.

For example, with The Prosperity Team and Empower Network, I talk to a lot of people through email and through the phone.

People who SAY they want to learn more and make more.

But they have countless excuses why Empower isn’t for them.

They don’t believe the company can pay 100% commissions and still survive.

They don’t believe the training is as good as everyone says.

They don’t believe they can make money – and always say the same nonsense about a “ponzi” scheme.  Do the research on what Ponzi MEANS and then look at the awesome success rate Empower Affiliates have had selling the training programs… that excuse gets squashed right away.

But the excuse sounds good to them.

Those people will go through life believing their own BS… and will never make any money.

Whereas if they just LOOKED at hos any company is structured… they would see every company is basically structured the same – and everyone has equal opportunity to make money.

But they then make the excuse that it’s ‘saturated’.  Which is funny… considering there are millions of people just in the US and Canada combined that are either unemployed, or need to make additional money to live a decent life.

How can it be saturated when all those people need help with their finances?

This is a proven system with thousands of examples of people who are making a GREAT living with Empower Network.

Me included.

Or then there are the people who just want an excuse to waste your time, yet again.

One person comes to mind.

He has phoned me 5 times now about this.

I do what I shouldn’t… I actually talk to him.

Answer his questions.

Address his concerns.

Then I hear how he is doing the same thing with other people inside of Empower… wasting their time too.

The last time I emailed him to get a final decision – he had 2 more excuses.  He wanted a fast action plan… and had ‘just a few more questions’.

I told him the fast action plan is inside the team site… and I wanted to see his questions in advance to yet another phone call (in other words – get him to prove to me he has thought through his questions… rather than have him waste more of my time on this).

(crickets chirping)

Yup – it was yet another excuse.

He can’t even put his questions in an email.

In other words he is WASTING MORE TIME and making up more excuses.

Meanwhile… if he had taken ACTION… he would have made money.

But he prefers making up excuses vs making money.

What about you?

Do you want to make excuses or money?

If money is your answer, how can you possibly believe that a $25 investment to start is going to make or break you?

You will blow that on take out food in the next week or two.

Or a movie.

Or a few beers at the bar.

But $25 can also be the start of an incredible adventure that will pad your bank account.

Join us for $25 and I will give you an inside view of an incredible training platform and income opportunity… along with hundreds of dollars in bonus products that are sold outside of this.

You get those bonuses free – when you sign up for $25.

So… lets start making some money instead of more excuses… ok?

work at home business



11 of the most compelling…and bizarre…benefits of working from home

If you already work for yourself, you know how AWESOME it is.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, hang on and think about this…

There are a TON of benefits of working from home.

Some of the ones I enjoy most:

* playing dumb every time a family member or friend asks you what it is you do for a living. After 11 years, neither family nor friends seem to understand what I do – nor do I bother explaining.  Best kept that way me thinks.

* staying up till 1 or 2 in the morning –  and sleeping in – on a Tuesday (or Wed, or Thur, or pretty well any day you damn well please).

* turning on the morning news so you can laugh at the traffic jams, accidents, and total mayhem caused by road-ragers.

* not shaving… hell, you can shave half your face if you want… people on the end of the phone won’t know (watch the video Skype calls – they might know)

* working out in the middle of the day – twice a day like me – and saving your nights for play time (and not having to deal with the meat heads at a gym)

* walking the dog on a hot sunny day – at 2:00 in the afternoon (hint: IDEAL time for beautiful girls to be walking their dogs – and IDEAL time for single guys like me to enjoy the abundance of beauty in the world! Best part? Most single guys have jobs and don’t work from home – so they can’t enjoy the scenery like me!)

* throwing out your ties – I did it by accident but haven’t needed one in a long, long time.

* nap time – if needed, when needed, wherever needed (couch, bed, office chair – kitchen chair – doesn’t matter when or where)

* winter woolies – avoiding the cold weather by staying home and warm – vs the job-keepers who much bundle up, warm car, de-bundle, wait, re-bundle, brave cold, fight rush hour, curse, fight cold after parking car, unbundle – rinse and repeat at 4:30… every single work day. Hah!

* being permanently unemployable!  once you have lived the above benefits for some time… you can never again go back to the land of job-keepers.

* taking the afternoon… or even the day off… whenever I WANT.  No asking, begging or pleading to book a vacation day.  Take it when I need it.

After 11 years of being self employed (along with numerous other stints throughout my life of self-employment – including my painting business which paid for my university education) – I can say….

… I am officially UNEMPLOYABLE!

And I love it that way.

If you’ve never experienced the raw passion that goes hand-in-hand with being your own business… it’s time to take action.

To find a system and a mentor (better yet – a TEAM of mentors) that want you to succeed.

To find a training platform that shows you EXACTLY what to do, when and how to do it.

And to find a cash flow system that puts SERIOUS money in your pocket if you use the formula given.

I have it.

And I would love you to have it to.

You can get started down the path for just $25.  Complete with training, mentors, a cash flow system and the support team you need to get going QUICKLY.


Can’t even fill your tank with gas for that… but you can start a home business that INSTANTLY gives you tax write-offs and new income streams.

AND it gets you a team of self-employed mentors like myself that will see you through the transition from being a slave to others… to being in COMPLETE CONTROL over your own life and future.

Join me – it’ll be the BEST THING you do this year (well – sometimes those naps at 2:00 on a Tuesday can come close!)

$25 to change your life and give you the tools that will forever alter how you make a living.

Pretty smart investment if you ask me…

Start here

work at home business

Or you can see some of the questions and answers here

Or some video testimonials here

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After all that, just commit.

I will help you go from there.

Have a great long weekend!



Turning phlegm into profits

Gross subject, I know.

You know what’s worse though?

Realizing you have to take 2 unexpected weeks off work… and you aren’t getting paid for it.

The average small business owner or entrepreneur just can’t afford to be down for 2 weeks… especially when it wasn’t planned and there may not be anything you can do about it.

Planning for unexpected events is one thing… unplanned crises are another.

I just had 2 awful weeks with a flu bug.  It tore me down and spit me out.

BUT, I had a backup in place.

It saved my tail.

And it also drove me to enhance my backup plan even more.

If you do any form of online marketing, you know that a couple weeks is like a couple years in the offline world.

Things happen at warp speed, and disappearing from the scene can be devastating;.

Here are some things I had working for me while I was “turning phlegm into profits”:

* I leveraged some of the automated online marketing tools like and to promote my sites, my blog posts, and to keep leads coming in the door

* I used auto responders for automated followups, and to deliver the reports, audios, and membership access that people had requested

cough* I tapped into some automated promotion tools like bing ads, Facebook ads and even some on and offline business or product listings (offline marketing can be a real goldmine right now – very uncluttered – meaning it is MUCH EASIER to get people to pay attention! Compare offline media to online media – which is more cluttered for your attention right now?  ‘Nuff said)

* While I was resting up from the bug, I would leverage my “good moments” and blast out article and blog post ideas – saving them in my oh-so-valuable Evernote database (*best tool I have found to keep organized between computers, phones and tablets)

* Exercise! When I actually could breathe, I made my way to my martial arts training and my HIIT classes.  It kept me motivated and kept the blood flowing… both critical for those of us who work from computers like we do

Last – I kept planning.

I knew the bug was temporary (*first time this sick in a long, long time!).  So I planned out what was needed to be done once I was back on track.

I created a schedule.

I planned out marketing campaigns.

I wrote ads and copy.

And I made the best of what I was experiencing.

NOW is the time for you to put your backups systems in place.

Things happen.

Things WILL happen to YOU.

So be ready.

Hope a few of those tips help you with some automated promotions when then do.

Have a great and phlegm-free day!


PS: One of the best things I had going for me during all this was my Marketing Beach Bum business – it builds me a database and makes me money using some very simple online marketing tools and training.  If you need to improve your cash flow and build your database – you need to be working with me on this!


Updates on my Blackbelt Test and 4 profitable email ideas you can run…

After all that training… I was reduced to an apologetic infantile.

It happens.

Saturday, December 15th, was my Second Degree Black Belt test.

Troy White - Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

I was there with 12 others, who were testing for First Degree, and two testing for Third Degree.  5 hours we were there.

I passed.

But my-oh-my.

Totally screwed up one of my patterns at first.

This, is after doing that pattern a thousand fricking times before! Asked for a restart and nailed it then.

But… what the hell?

Broke the two bricks with my right hand easily (not nearly as bad as I was expecting). Successfully broke the board with my back spinning hook kick (my least favourite kick). Ended up on my ass as a result, but broke it.

One girl testing got herself totally worked up over the break.  She was under 16, so instead of bricks she broke 2 boards.  Tried to.  Couldn’t do the two – tried a couple times.  They took it down to one board, by this time she was starting to really hurt, and was getting quite scared.

She did it though.

Grandmaster Yu owns and runs the Dojang I train at.  He is a 9th Degree Black Belt, and a very well respected Grand Master in the Tae Kwon Do community (he was a referee in the 2000 Olympics for Tae Kwon Do).  His son, Master James Yu (5th degree), is my main trainer.

Why do I tell you this?

Because most people I know and talk to want more from life.

They want success in their relationships, in their health, and in their finances.

But few achieve what they want.

People wonder why success is so fleeting to them?

Because they quit and run away at the first little hiccup in the road.

I have seen sooooo many quitters come and go through my Tae Kwon Do school in the last 6.5 years. And most of the time I am training on my own in the day, or with a small group, so I don’t see a tiny fraction of the quitters that ‘attempt’ to be committed in the night classes.

Far too many quitters.

I am a persistent prick in so many ways.

Sometimes I walk away.

Depends what I am walking away from, and if that thing is helping or hurting me in my quest for success.

But I have learned to stick to your guns and do what YOU love to do.

Not what others tell you to ‘learn to love’.

Martial arts is one of those things I will love as long as my body allows me to keep doing them 🙂

Right now, I’m a weee bit over-trained with lots of sore and pulled muscles… a break is much needed over the Christmas Holidays.

It won’t stop me from going to class today, Monday the 17th, 2 days after my Second Degree test.

Time to start training for third!

They are closed from the 23rd till the 4th, I can rest then.

One other thing I noticed about the testing process and how it relates to success.

The follow through is IT.

Those who couldn’t break the boards (under 16 years of age) or the bricks (over 16)…

…didn’t follow through.

They saw hitting the top of the board as their goal.


The real goal is seeing your hand follow through the top of the board or brick, clean through to the other side.

For my first degree Black Belt, ONE brick seemed hard, but I did it.

For my second degree Black Belt, after 2 more years of training, breaking TWO bricks seemed MUCH EASIER than that one brick did.

I learned how to focus on the follow through.

And in marketing – ALL your big successes come from following through on leads.

Not one time.

Not three times.

A thousand times, if thats what it takes!

I have people who have been reading my newsletters for over 6 years who have never bought before… who just bought the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar.

6 years of consistent follow through and emails from me.

Finally… they see the value in what I am offering and they buy.

If you want the ULTIMATE FOLLOW THROUGH package –  the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar has everything you need to make 2013 a VERY profitable year for you.

Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan for 2013

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar and Annual Marketing Plan

The special ends December 24th – grab it now!

Then follow through with promotions right away.

Ex. Today is National Underdog Day & National Maple Syrup Day
Tomorrow is Mohamed Ali’s B-day & National Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day

There’s 4 great ideas to turn some fun blog posts, Facebook updates or email newsletters into profit.

All the details for the calendar are at

You can also get it for free – details in this video –

Have a great Maple Syrup Day!



Tired of the same old results year after year?

Here’s a solution to make 2013 YOUR YEAR for permanent change!

Now get committed would ya!


PS: If you want to put a permanent end to the craziness in your life, have a peak at what Empower Network can offer.

After 11 years in the internet marketing business, I can honestly say Empower Network has been the best source of training and income generation I have found.

Exceptional training for traffic generation, lead generation and conversions… and an income stream that you won’t find elsewhere!

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Online Marketing Success and Black Belt Sales Mastery

My upcoming Second Degree Black Belt test and marketing in business have some very similar lessons to share.

Pay attention to this and you may discover some simple rules to help make 2013 your best year yet!

Why would I invest 324 hours, well over $3700, many pulled muscles into one more itty bitty gold stripe like this?


For over 6 years now I have been training hard in Tae Kwon Do… and prior to that spend another 7 years in other martial arts.

On December 15th, 2012 I will be testing for my second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Assuming all goes good – that one stripe will become two stripes.

And the lessons in this belt apply directly to business and marketing.

One of my biggest lessons?

Drop outs everywhere! It is amazing to me to see how quickly and easily people give up.

The second big lesson? It’s all about the basics. If you can’t do the basics proficiently… the rest are useless.  That means thousands of round house kicks. Back Kicks.  Punches and patterns.  In business that means your ability to generate traffic to a website, or a lead from website traffic, or a conversion system in place to convert that lead to a paying client.

Once you have spent time on the basics and can do them consistently… then you need self motivation to continue doing the basics while you learn some more advanced techniques.

LOTS of bloody noses, scrapes, pulled muscles and broken bones.  I studied Muay Thai for 5 years and loved it.  But it beat the crap out of me!

Its all about the RUSH. Anyone who enjoys adrenaline sports knows the rush I am talking about.  It is awesome and once you understand its power to focus you – you ‘chase the dragon’ time and time again.

What in the heck does that mean to you right now in your life or business?

First – I need your prayers!  I have to break 2 bricks at once with this hand on the 15th – and do my least favorite back spinning kick to break a board held high.  Pray I don’t break my hand and pull some much need muscles! Please?


It means I have a plan for you. 

One I have been working on for almost 11 years.  One that has made me a great amount of money inside of the Empower Network.  And one that can make you a great income in 2013 too.

Like exercise, most people wait until there is a serious problem before they do something about their health. January one they join the gyms – and quit 2 weeks later.

Right back to where they were before.

The same goes for money.  Do you have all you want or need? Me neither.  But I took a proven product and plan, and have built an incredible team of fellow beach bums who LOVE making money and want to make more of it.

Don’t wait till January 1 to start.  Lets get you going NOW.  Start with $25. Then you have 3 weeks in December to get warmed up and ready to start rolling.


As always, please let your thoughts and comments below!


Troy White - Black Belt Tae Kwon Do