Randy Gage and his poisonous new book “Risky is The New Safe”

Randy Gage brought out a new book which is thought provoking poison

…it’ll infect you, one way or another.

It got me.

Randy Gage’s new book, “Risky is The New Safe” is totally infectious.


Randy Gage’s new book… Awesome!

Be warned…

…it might hurt.

Risky is The New Safe will stretch your ability to think in a whole new way.

And it may not feel good.

I warned you.


First, I had the privilege to meet and hear Randy Gage live in Calgary.  For a couple hours, we were brought deep into the world of contrarian thinking.

For entrepreneurs and marketers… a wet dream.

For contrarians… multiple orgasms.

We discussed the trained monkeys in Phuket, and their future impact on businesses of all kinds.

Or the virtual reality sex suit talk.


Little known Troy fact: many moons ago I went to my bank with a proposal to do mobile virtual reality trailers.  I had drawings and concepts around these trailers full of virtual reality machines. I would take them around from event to event and rent the use out to parties.  Bank liked it.  I never did it.  Always have believed that when true virtual reality does come out to its fullest potential (and it will, in our lifetime) its a game changer.

After Randy’s talk, I went home and read cover to cover his new book.

•    Wall Street Journal #1 Best Selling Business Book
•    New York Times Best Seller
•    USA Today #1 Money Best Seller

Eye opener, to say the least.

Great job Randy!

Best book I have read in a long, long time.

And I love to read.

If you care about your future, your finances, or just want to try and make some sense out of this sometimes crazy world… read this book.

Just read it.

Cover to cover.

THEN tell me if I’m right.

You may not agree with every point in the book…

…but it sure will expand your mind and give you a new way to think about the world around you.

Print –
Digital –,descCd-buy.html

Highly recommended is not saying enough.

The Think and Grow Rich for 2013.




Serial ‘millers’ and the wake of disaster they leave behind

According to the Macmillan dictionary, to mill around is to “move about in large numbers in a confused way with no particular purpose”.

Kinda sounds like the zombies in The Walking Dead…zombies-walking-dead

…and it kinda sounds like a whole lotta people I talk to out there.

Serial ‘millers’.

Wandering from ebook to ebook, launch formula home study product to pinterest how-to guides.

One week they are milling about the make a gazillion on Facebook forums

…the next week it’s all about learning the newest and greatest Youtube marketing tricks.

Learning is good.

Milling is NOT.

The difference?

One word…


Serial millers NEVER take action (except for clicking the buy buttons on the shiny-object-of-the-week).

They had hard drives crammed with digital ebooks and home study course (never review them of course).

They have book shelves packed solid with courses still in the wrappers.

They have all this pretend knowledge they could (and some do) write a book of their own on what they learned from those shiny ebooks they bought.

But they never put a serious effort into actually building a list of interested prospects.

They never actually WRITE emails or copy – they just read about it.

They never actually try and GET a suite ranked on Google – they just point to their Google Engage certificate they got by… you’re right… taking a training course.


If you have been milling about, you have left wakes of credit card debts, broken dreams, and frustrated spouses behind you.


Isn’t it time you get off your big-ole-bookshelf and DO SOMETHING?


Start actually building a database you can market to and share your wisdom with.

Start actually running sales funnels and advertising campaigns.

Start actually driving interested prospects to squeeze pages, to landing pages, to your video sales letters.

2012 is almost over people.

If you aren’t anywhere near where you thought you’d be by now…

…maybe NOW is the time to get off your milling machine and start DOING.

Serial killers and serial millers both leave destruction behind.

It’s your choice to make… keep on destroying your dreams… or start rebuilding the life you’ve always wanted.

I made 2012 my year for massive change…

…and I’m here to help you do the same for the balance of 2012 and the brand new shiny 2013 just ahead of us.

Stop milling and start making.

I’m here to help… and this is the fastest and most profitable way I can kick your butt into high gear so you CAN build lists, write more, and earn a whole bunch more than you are now!



Calgary home business idea for beach bums and ski bums alike

Being born and raised in Calgary, Alberta…. I don’t have a lot of beaches or water nearby.

But that doesn’t stop me from running a business and being a beach bum.

If you want to make more money as a side income, or want to start a full time business, the Empower Network is an exceptional choice you need to consider.

Here’s why…

In the past 10 years I have been self employed, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners with their marketing and cash flow.

I have discoverd some simple formulas for making money online and through email marketing…

…and the Empower Network blog and marketing system is the PERFECT way to start.

Empower Network is the ultimate training system for anyone who wants to start making money from home.

It also gives you the basics through advanced systems any website owner can use to increase web traffic, leads, and conversions.

The system just works.

It got me into the top 125 affiliates out of tens of thousands… in my first month.

…and it got me into the #7 spot out of tens of thousands for new sales in my second month.

Empower Network Leaderboard and Affiliate Contest Troy White

Empower Network Leaderboard and Affiliate Contest Troy White

If you ever wanted to start a business from home, and don’t know where to start, join me inside the Empower Network and I will make sure you get the training and support you need to work from home.

We have a private site for those who work with me inside of Empower Network, complete with blogging tips, cash flow tools, solo advertising spots and further training videos.

Where else can you start a business from home for just $25?

Plus get excellent training and resources to help you understand the simple ways to make money with the internet.

Watch the video above and then just get started with your $25 investment into Empower Network.

See you on the beaches of the world.

Troy White



Raging your way to rapid results

Sometimes you just HAVE to let your emotions take over.

I am normally a very calm person (too calm in most cases)…

…but some of my best marketing results have come from those moments of rage.

The times when I get FED UP with someone over a question they could have answered themselves with an ounce of initiative.

So I write an email or shoot a video answering their question – then within 5 minutes I turn that email or video into an evergreen piece of marketing I can use for 10 more years, untouched.

Or the time I run a solo ad with someone and get crappy results…

…so in a rage I go out and invest 3 X as much in ANOTHER solo… this time investing more because I know their testimonials are better and the quality of their list exceptional.

Turning that rage into rapid and highly profitable results.

Or the times when I get fed up seeing other people getting phenomenal results in their lead generation efforts with canned squeeze pages.

…so instead of trying to reinvent my own page… I copy and paste the ‘canned’ one.

Lo and behold… my results go up by 500%.

We ALL let our egos get in the way of our results.

Stubbornness (yup – I’m a master at being stubborn).
Downright stupidity.

Been there and wear the t-shirt.

And there is DEFINITELY a time and place for sticking to your guns.

Bu there is also a time when you need to let your emotions, oftentimes angry ones, take over.

Get MAD at yourself.

Get MAD at your results.

Get MAD at your lead generation efforts (or lack of results).

Get PISSED OFF at all the time you waste on Facebook every day.

Then do something about it!

Go on a rage.

Copy and paste those template pages you can buy for $20.
Buy a kick ass solo ad campaign.
Place some Google ads.
Get your ad running on Facebook.

And do it ALL in an afternoon.

Rage can kick you in the butt and get you moving.

It can propel you forward faster.

It can help you get a BOATLOAD of stuff done quickly.

Let it.

Don’t always be ‘that guy’ or gal that always keeps a cool ahead about you.


Well directed rage that is.

It works for me, and is working right this very week for me.

Try it and please let me know how your pissed-off-edness has profited you!

Have a great day.



This puts fire in your belly and bucks in your bank

This email might hurt a few people.

Definitely will bruise some egos.

And if you can’t handle a swear or two, then stop now… I know this will contain a few… I’m on a rant.

If you ever wanted success more than ever,
but have found yourself constantly falling short

…this is for you.

If you have dreamed of having lots of money, and the great things you would,
but are still stuck watching pennies and living payday by payday…

…this is for you.

If you find life is flying by far faster than all the bank deposits you are making…

…this is for you.

It’s time to fucking do something about it.

Don’t you think?

I have been in your shoes far more times and frequency than I ever want to remember.

The debts.

The lack of cash to do what you really want.

The constant reminder in your head that you aren’t living up to your potential.

Ya, been there.

But you know what?

Ever since I took a hard stance and did something about it…

…I started changing.

Way, way for the better.

I stopped making internal excuses on why things were not working out.

I stopped blaming others for my lack of success.

I stopped looking for the ‘secret key’.

I stopped asking all the questions.

I got BUSY and did things.

Figuring it out along the way…

…but no more sitting around waiting for something to happen before I MADE it happen.

This goes to you if you’ve tried business idea after business opportunity.

You’ve read the books.

Seen the documentaries.

Probably been to a seminar or ten.

Support groups.

Networking groups.

Hired a coach or three.


…I’ve been there.

If the Mayans are right, the rest of what I write doesn’t matter anyway.

But if they’re wrong… and they are in my eyes… then NOW is the time to get your shit together and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

My “doing something different” final push began in January this year.

Not in a pleasant way.

My marriage of 12 years broke up.

Twin 11 year old girls confused and broken.

2 adults angry and lost.

But change began… and it has NOT stopped.

From where I lived, to what I did in my days, to the people I worked with in business.

Everything changed.

Even my health. I cranked up my martial arts training (testing for 2nd Dan Black Belt in December), started eating better (down 4 belt notches), changed my bad habits, and began the rebuilding phase.

Some times hard things have to happen for change to begin.

Most people can’t handle making hard decisions and changes like that.

But if you want to break through this plateau… then you have no choice but to start RIGHT NOW.

Not in 2013.

Not “later”.

Right now.


As you may or may not have seen… I fired off all my copywriting clients and begin putting serious effort into marketing the Empower Network.

Whether or not you care for them is not the point, the point is I wanted to change things and their affiliate program and training was a very natural fit for me. I just looked the other night and just under $10,000 in sales were made (with 100% commissions… it means I KEPT) since I started taking it serious mid-August.

2 months ago.

That is quick change and very motivating.

Could that change a few things in YOUR life?

I bet it could.

This email is not about promoting Empower… it is to show you what CAN happen when you take something serious and put your focus and passion into.

You have to feel this: “Theres a fire starting in my heart” as Adele sings.

Until that day happens, you will forever find excuses on why it hasn’t or won’t happen for you.

I hope I can help you fire it up.

In whatever you do.

Or want to do.

But it truly begins with you.

You can continue making excuses and delaying the life you really want.

Or you can start the process NOW and begin the change you need.

The choice is yours.

I took the plunge in 2012. It hasn’t been easy… but it sure has been a productive year for change.

I am here to help if you want. And the easiest way to change for you is probably to work with me on Empower and let me show you how to leverage their training to create ANY website or internet based business you want. Their training is exceptional and is geared to help you and I make money online.

I will show you what is working for me and my team… and I will kick your ass UNTIL you succeed.

That’ll put a fire in your belly and some bucks in your bank!fire in the belly and bucks in the bank


PS: If you want to change the path you are on… and a few bucks in your pocket along the way would help… then join me and Team Beach Bum inside the Empower Network.

My team meets weekly – twice a week.

We discuss what’s working and what’s not. We plan the week and review what happened.

Those that are taking MASSIVE action are cranking it. That means they are building their own lists of email subscribers… and they are starting to understand the system behind making money online. You can too. Learn it once the right way and it sticks with you for life… no matter what you sell or where you sell it.

Its only $25 to get started with the team… from there I show you what is next and what you need to do.

If you want change – commit right now to $25 and I will give you the fire you need to make it happen!


I drink alone

“You know when I drink alone… I prefer to by myself”

~ George Thorogood

Had the pleasure of seeing George Thorogood once, or twice in Calgary (some foggy spots back then…)

I heard the song “I drink alone” tonight on the radio and it took me back.

The pure power of nastalgia.

troy white - teenage mutant ninja marketer in the works

Don't let the suit deceive was a wedding

Everyone loves to recall the “fine points” of their past.

For example…

In my teenage years, I was a total shit.

Oh ya.

Lucky to be alive…in so many ways!

My parents would gladly share a tale or two about “those days”… just ask.

Kept my wits about me… for the most part.

Definitely still an odd duck, in so many ways.

I have no intentions of changing.


Got carried away there.

Caught up in the moment.

Living nostalgia long past.

So does everyone else.
And they love it.

Find ways to bring some of it back in your marketing and promotions.

You’ll have more fun… so will your clients.

May the next drinking alone you do be a celebratory one in honor of your nostalgic marketing campaign being a hit!


PS: One of the more odd things I’ve been experiencing in this crazy year is my newfound passion for the Empower Network.

It opened my eyes to what could happen, when information publishing and training was built around a direct response affiliate program.

The numbers just work. 

It isn’t for everyone… I’ll be the first to say that.

It’s for people with an open mind.  For those who know the internet is vast and lots of people out there want to learn more about making money with websites… any website. For people that are willing to do something in getting it going.

It’s all about systems… and marketing.

Put the two together, and you have some very amazing things happen, rapidly.

Watch the video here –

then join me in this fun and profitable adventure!

troy white - masked marketer and copywriter

Me and my furry marketing assistant, Casino...fighting the forces of evil