My favourite marketing tool for rapid response

In the past 14 years I’ve been in this business, I’ve written well over a thousand (or two – or three) articles, lord only knows how many words of sales copy for myself and my clients, and tried all kinds of marketing tools.

Fortunately for me, right away – way back in 2001 – I caught on to what is STILL my favourite marketing tool.

It’s the tool that I always recommend to my clients.

It’s the tool I’ve used consistently for myself, and my business partners for 14 years now.

It’s the best tool for converting new leads into clients…

…and it’s not that difficult to master.

I’m talking about the ability to craft emails.

The more of it you do, the faster you get…

The faster you get, the more revenues you make…

The more revenues you make, the better the lifestyle…

It’s truly a wonderful thing.

And it’s simple to get started.

Daniel Levis is quickly becoming a legend with his New “Email Alchemy” email marketing strategy

In fact, over the last few months alone Daniel has engineered “Alchemized” email promotions that pulled in over $3 per subscriber in just 10 days… $5 per subscriber in just 14 days… and get this, $16 per subscriber in just 16 days, with his latest $400,000 case study!

I kid you not… and best of all, Daniel is giving away a free report to help you with your own email marketing, FOR FREE.

It gives you his thinking on “subject lines” plus 437 proven winners that pulled like gangbusters.

[NOTE: Subject lines and headlines – same thing really – are my FAVOURITE to write! Great ones make you money – time and time again – so work on this skill FIRST!]

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Interestingly, with EMAIL ALCHEMY, Daniel set out to prove that by doing everything WRONG — exactly the opposite of what most people do with their list — you actually make WAY more money.

The proof is in the pudding, because these unique, easy to write Email Alchemy style campaigns brought in between $3 and $16 PER NAME respectively, from lists as small as 9,500 names.

Even better… there was no fancy social media marketing campaign.  No launch partners and prizes. Nothing but good-old email and a house list…

…my favorite tool

Best of all, once you’ve downloaded your copy, you’ll also get free access to a special companion video and free webinar training that will help you immediately start profiting from them!

You’ll zip right up the learning curve to true email marketing mastery …and ditch the painful trial and error that most people never get past.

To your email success,


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Updates on my Blackbelt Test and 4 profitable email ideas you can run…

After all that training… I was reduced to an apologetic infantile.

It happens.

Saturday, December 15th, was my Second Degree Black Belt test.

Troy White - Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

I was there with 12 others, who were testing for First Degree, and two testing for Third Degree.  5 hours we were there.

I passed.

But my-oh-my.

Totally screwed up one of my patterns at first.

This, is after doing that pattern a thousand fricking times before! Asked for a restart and nailed it then.

But… what the hell?

Broke the two bricks with my right hand easily (not nearly as bad as I was expecting). Successfully broke the board with my back spinning hook kick (my least favourite kick). Ended up on my ass as a result, but broke it.

One girl testing got herself totally worked up over the break.  She was under 16, so instead of bricks she broke 2 boards.  Tried to.  Couldn’t do the two – tried a couple times.  They took it down to one board, by this time she was starting to really hurt, and was getting quite scared.

She did it though.

Grandmaster Yu owns and runs the Dojang I train at.  He is a 9th Degree Black Belt, and a very well respected Grand Master in the Tae Kwon Do community (he was a referee in the 2000 Olympics for Tae Kwon Do).  His son, Master James Yu (5th degree), is my main trainer.

Why do I tell you this?

Because most people I know and talk to want more from life.

They want success in their relationships, in their health, and in their finances.

But few achieve what they want.

People wonder why success is so fleeting to them?

Because they quit and run away at the first little hiccup in the road.

I have seen sooooo many quitters come and go through my Tae Kwon Do school in the last 6.5 years. And most of the time I am training on my own in the day, or with a small group, so I don’t see a tiny fraction of the quitters that ‘attempt’ to be committed in the night classes.

Far too many quitters.

I am a persistent prick in so many ways.

Sometimes I walk away.

Depends what I am walking away from, and if that thing is helping or hurting me in my quest for success.

But I have learned to stick to your guns and do what YOU love to do.

Not what others tell you to ‘learn to love’.

Martial arts is one of those things I will love as long as my body allows me to keep doing them 🙂

Right now, I’m a weee bit over-trained with lots of sore and pulled muscles… a break is much needed over the Christmas Holidays.

It won’t stop me from going to class today, Monday the 17th, 2 days after my Second Degree test.

Time to start training for third!

They are closed from the 23rd till the 4th, I can rest then.

One other thing I noticed about the testing process and how it relates to success.

The follow through is IT.

Those who couldn’t break the boards (under 16 years of age) or the bricks (over 16)…

…didn’t follow through.

They saw hitting the top of the board as their goal.


The real goal is seeing your hand follow through the top of the board or brick, clean through to the other side.

For my first degree Black Belt, ONE brick seemed hard, but I did it.

For my second degree Black Belt, after 2 more years of training, breaking TWO bricks seemed MUCH EASIER than that one brick did.

I learned how to focus on the follow through.

And in marketing – ALL your big successes come from following through on leads.

Not one time.

Not three times.

A thousand times, if thats what it takes!

I have people who have been reading my newsletters for over 6 years who have never bought before… who just bought the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar.

6 years of consistent follow through and emails from me.

Finally… they see the value in what I am offering and they buy.

If you want the ULTIMATE FOLLOW THROUGH package –  the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar has everything you need to make 2013 a VERY profitable year for you.

Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan for 2013

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar and Annual Marketing Plan

The special ends December 24th – grab it now!

Then follow through with promotions right away.

Ex. Today is National Underdog Day & National Maple Syrup Day
Tomorrow is Mohamed Ali’s B-day & National Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day

There’s 4 great ideas to turn some fun blog posts, Facebook updates or email newsletters into profit.

All the details for the calendar are at

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Have a great Maple Syrup Day!



The dark side of Troy…and the quirky secret of marketing successfully

I love some of the writing and character development being done in shows like: True Blood, Walking Dead, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy… and so on.

Learning how to develop characters in your marketing is KEY.

Someone reminded me for the fiftieth time to watch Dexter, as his character is deep, dark and so, so seedy.

I am new to the series (love his dark side so far)… will report back more on it and I dig deeper in.

But something about all of these types of shows strikes a chord for me…

…and it should for you too if you care about marketing, sales, or cash.


We all have them.

Those quirks that make you, you.

And me, me.

Like the addictive personality disorder I have.  Got me in lots of trouble over the years…starting in my early teens.  The addiction changes over the years.  Some are good, some are bad.

Or the love I have for animals. Always wanted to be a vet.  Used to devour an old fiction series as a kid about the life of a farm vet (can’t recall the name).  Healed many cats and dogs of my own from all kind of maladies. Raised many a scrapper cat over the years that always had wounds that needed healing. I always obliged.

Or the fact I was a headbanger as a teen. Loved Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest. Saw tons of concerts over the years.  Even got to see Stevie Rae Vaughan in Calgary before he sadly died in a helicopter crash in 1990 (not heavy metal but a legend). Wore a jean jacket with the old bleached back with Van Halen drawn on bit. Long hair. Had gawd-awful perms for a while with them long hair. Not a pretty site.

And you?

Must be a thing or three that define you.

Those quirks you had and still have that make you, you.

Know what?

Those quirks make for some pretty awesome stories in marketing.

People love others with quirks.

Everyone has them, they just keep them quiet.

But if you want to stand out from the crowd in a very cluttered competitive marketplace… make your personality shine and share those quirks.

The good.

The bad.

The ugly.

And the oh so embarrassing.

Feel free to leave some of yours on my blog

Have a great and quirky weekend.


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Calgary home business idea for beach bums and ski bums alike

Being born and raised in Calgary, Alberta…. I don’t have a lot of beaches or water nearby.

But that doesn’t stop me from running a business and being a beach bum.

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Empower Network Leaderboard and Affiliate Contest Troy White

Empower Network Leaderboard and Affiliate Contest Troy White

If you ever wanted to start a business from home, and don’t know where to start, join me inside the Empower Network and I will make sure you get the training and support you need to work from home.

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See you on the beaches of the world.

Troy White



How to find beach bums in the snow (new video about Christmas money)

Not everyone is blessed to be born near the beach.

Nor is everyone gifted with the instant ability to make money working from home.

BUT, there is a way to not only create a full or part time income from home… there is also a proven Beach Bum Blueprint for finding the beaches of the world, even if you live in snowville like me.

Brand new video just put up for you here (complete with snow and all)…



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The ‘Mother’ of all quickie marketing campaigns

Winter is upon us here in Calgary so I wanted to give you a couple quick marketing ideas you can steal from me.

Both of them have worked wonders for me in my marketing and promotions.

Both of them are very simple to implement.

One is really copy/paste simple.

The other may take an ounce of initiative on your part.

First, the one that takes effort.

A couple years ago we had a nasty snow storm in Calgary in April. Late April.

Rather than whine about it, I leveraged it and made some money.

First, I got my video camera out and my x-shot stick (extendable stick you can use to mount your video camera – makes it look like someone is following you with a camera – you will see on this video).

Next, I bundled up and took the dog for a walk.

Here’s where I figured out what to say on video (doing my best to keep it short, with a story and a lesson – last, a call to action).

Shot video.

Created bundle when I got home.

Emailed it to my list.


Here’s the video…

Very, very simple. Worked like gangbusters.

Next time you need something to use in your marketing, use Mother Nature!

Here’s one other way to do this.


Think of all the fun you can have with this.

Copy/paste/modify as you need..

Dear Mother Nature,

Somewhere where it’s hot blvd

From: Your name


We surrender – ENOUGH already.

Please be advised that we no longer appreciate your sense of humor with our weather.

Your funniest one yet – giving us 2 feet of snow on a recent Monday morning.

Real funny.

I loved driving to work that day, sitting in traffic for 3 hours, shoveling enough snow to make an igloo, and hurting my back in the process.

Due to your recent attitude towards us, we will be making your special prize available to another more deserving Mother (or Father).

We know there are a lot of VERY deserving mothers and father out there, ones that really do appreciate us and enjoy seeing us happy (not buried in snow).

Also, we have canceled you order you recently placed with us for a ______, and would like to advise you that until you change your current weather attitude towards us, we will be unable to accommodate you any further.

It is regrettable that such a letter was necessary, but again, we repeat – NOT FUNNY, AT ALL.

Best regards, (I hope you have a blizzard at your house today)




Next page of the Winter Festival Letter

Headline: Mother Nature’s Loss is Your Gain…

Mother nature has been unnecessarily cruel to us this winter – and I want you to benefit from her nasty attitude.

As you saw on the previous letter, we are not impressed with her… but we are impressed with you.

In fact, as one of our best customers, we want to offer you a special Meltdown to Spring Program. During the month of February (or March) we are offering you a free membership into our Gold Star Program, exclusively for our best customers. When you become a member of our Gold Star Program, you get the following benefits:

1) Regular special offers and discounts – minimum of 10% off future purchases

2) Our monthly Gold Star Newsletter mailed directly to your home or office

3) Private members only parties – 3 times a year we will host a special party just for you. Come and meet new friends, get free food and drinks, be entertained by our fabulous ________ (band, magician, hypnotist, etc). And, for Gold Members only, there is a private viewing room that showcases our brand new products – you get them at special prices that are not available to anyone else

4) Hanging out with celebrities! Each party will bring in celebrities for you to mingle with, have your photo taken with, or even get their signatures. (some of the celebrities we have booked for the next 3 meetings are ________)

5) Birthday clubs. On your birthday, not only will we buy you lunch at our favorite restaurant, _______, we will also offer you a special deal only available to you on your birthday.

All you need to do to become part of the Gold Star Program is to ___________. Try it out for the first year for free, and let us know your thoughts.

Mother nature does NOT get this program – nor will she be allowed to until she changes her current attitude towards us.

I hope this helps you warm up a little on a frosty day.

Here’s to spring!!!


How’s that for simple dimple?

So the question now remains – will you do anything with it?

It made me and my clients a bundle.

Could for you too.

But it won’t if you let it rot away in an email box or on a blog post.


Then thank me later with lavish gifts and exotic beach trips.


Have a great, hopefully sunny and hot day.


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