The Spooky Truth about an audio I hid from you (till now that it’s free)

For 128 months now I have been cranking away in this crazy world of marketing, copywriting and advertising.troy white

To add to that… I am getting older and tend to forget about a thing or three.

I got the scare of my life when I was digging around looking for a file and found this most incredible audio interview I did with the amazing Joe Sugarman.

Have you seen the movie The Hangover?

The glasses the guys wear in that movie are BluBlockers… on of Joe’s success stories.

He has many… but BluBlocker Sunglasses have been a HUGE success story and tens of millions of pairs of BluBlockers were sold with Joe driving the marketing.

Joe has an incredible book called Advertising Secrets of the Written Word – get it.

But you also need to listen to this audio interview I did with Joe.  It remained buried away… now having risen from the dead and ready for your listening pleasure…


Download it – put it on your iPod or MP3 player – listen to it religiously.

It’s that good!

Joe tells the story of how he got his start in the marketing and copywriting world…

…and how you can leverage his amazing ability to weave stories into his ads.

Grab it while you can!

Happy Halloween.



Cracking the Google Code

I had the pleasure of talking with Dafne Canales Lees about Google, SEO, and how to legitimately start rising up to the top of Google.

Here is the recording and the incredible top 10 list that you need to know…

If website traffic and lead generation is important to you (it should be!) then make sure you invest the time to watch this recording.

My site gets beat up on during this call, and the information she shared with me was truly awesome!

Wish I knew about this a decade ago when I first went online.

Let me know your thoughts.



The quick and easy way to get good at sales copy (minor pain involved)

I had a question come in today about how to get good at writing sales copy.

Great question!

Every single home business owner and entrepreneur out there needs to learn this skill.

Not only does it make your marketing FAR more effective and profitable…

…it helps you create content that Google loves, and it builds strong relationships with your prospects and buyers.

If you ever want to get good at marketing or promoting your business, copy is one of the top skills you need to understand.

You don’t have to become a copywriter – nor do you have to spend a fortune on your education.writing promotions sales copy copywriter

You need to understand what makes for solid direct response marketing copy, and then apply it to everything you do from here on in.

Get a good solid education in writing copy and it will help you for the rest of your life in business, sales, lead generation and advertising!

Here was my response:

“Hi Luvuyo.  Great to hear from you.

Some of the best books on copywriting (Amazon)

How to Write a Great Advertisement – Victor Schwab
Tested Advertising – John Caples
Advertising Secrets of the Written Word – Joe Sugarman
outrageous Advertising – Bill Glazer
The Robert Collier Letter Book – Robert Collier
Magic Words – Ted Nicholas
Maximum Money – Craig Garber

I have some of my own too –

Sales letter Success – https://www.saleslettersuccess.com
Story Selling Tips – https://www.storysellingtips.com

The key is to get grounded in the basics and then write a TON of copy!

Reading won’t make you a better writer – writing will.

The best thing I ever did for my writing was to take the top sales letters and advertisements out there, and hand wrote them out on paper.

It was painful – my hands cramped up – it takes a lot of time to do it – and I did it for 2 hrs a day for 6 months!

But, it did more to wire my brain for writing more fluidly than anything else, in a much shorter period of time.

So, get grounded in the basics first.

Then write a TON of copy – handwriting other letters and ads out being a must do if you want to get good fast (typing them out doesn’t work the same – the Wall Street Journal shared a report showing the proof behind the hand writing vs typing debate for comprehension and brain “re-wiring”.

Hope that helps.



Hope this helps YOU in your marketing as well.

For one of the best and most comprehensive training platforms out there on lead generation, lead conversion, SEO, PPC, copywriting, ezine advertising, link building, video marketing, etc – the Empower Network has a great training platform.  You don’t have to sell the product as an affiliate – you can buy it and learn from it. BUT, there is an income stream built in if you want additional cash flow and want to learn even more about well converting webpages and the process of attracting a lead, capturing a lead, converting a lead and building a long term relationship with this.

Listen, I have been in this business for over 10 years now. I have bought all the books, the home studies, the ebooks, the memberships.  I have spent a small fortune on seminars and training and coaching and masterminding. I have shared my tips and advice for 10 years through blogging and email newsletters. I have made my clients millions of dollars in that time – not to mention all the readers who took my advice and just ran with it – making a fortune on their own (like Chris V who is still under 30 and making a couple million a year with his websites).

Empower has exceptional training in a step-by-step platform.  You can learn how to make sales sites, how to capture leads, and how to make money online.  You can, if you so desire, make a nice side income too (or primary business income if you want). The choice is yours – but the blueprint is there waiting for you.

You can get a good overview of the Empower Network here

And you can join me for $25 here (getting a ton of great bonuses and products from me when you join me in this fun adventure).

The busiest shopping season of the year is rapidly approaching and online sales systems will greatly improve your income.

Learn from these ideas, implement them (MOST IMPORTANT), then take what works best, and roll it out on a grand scale!

Have a great day.



A simple, sticky way to boost your marketing response by 200%

Fellow business builder,

Can you believe August is almost gone?

Yeesh!  That kinda flew by.

In between dealing with the insurance companies, estimators and police with our recent breakin, I found myself knee-deep in a brand new project for an exciting new client.

She has a program being released in a highly competitive field, and hired me to help her find ways to grow her sales as fast as humanly possible.

Now a few details on the project:

  • She is in Canada – and wants to focus on Canadian buyers (but the content applies to those who live pretty well anywhere)
  • She has an amazing story (she went from $0 to $3 million in her first 6 months), and then another $3 million in the next 12
  • She is selling training in a field that is oversaturated with “gurus” – but she has no goal to be one.  All she wants is to share the formula she used to create speed wealth like she did… rather than feeding people a little here – then upsell them to a little more – another upsell – a little more content, etc.  She wants to give it all at once – for a sizable premium
  • She is the real deal and has proven to me time and time again she overdelivers
  • She is only offering the program 3 more times and then is out of it

So, the foundation is set and I need to find out how to market her services, and who to market to.

We had discussed using online and offline media for maximum results in the timeline we set… and I think she really needs print materials mixed in to stand out from all the others.

One thing I really like the use of in print is the repositional lift notes

 (the little post-its that go on direct mail).

In Canada, we can use these on regular first class style mail, or on unaddressed bulk mail – – for no extra mailing cost.

They are nice touch, they stand out, and I was curious to what kind of responses people are getting to these. Canada Post just started allowing them a year ago, so the numbers would be in.

Fortunately, 3M Direct Response shared some numbers in a recent Direct Marketing newspaper…

“In Canada, we’ve been seeing 200 percent response rates compared with rates of 40 percent in the US, through USPS”200 percent growthin marketing response

Now we are talking!

Rogers Wireless also shared some numbers (one of our Canadian rip off artists for cell phones. Did you know Canada has one of the highest cell phone rates in the WORLD? I certainly do).

Anyhow, they did a recent direct mail campaign with addressed mail (first class) vs. unaddressed mail (bulk mail in Canada that can be sent to any house or business within a certain geographic area for $0.11 per piece).  They tested with and without the postit notes to see what response differences they would see.

The same copy and media pulled 200% more using the post it notes!

Considering the notes cost pennies to have printed by 3M, this is a must for anyone doing print mailings to their own lists, or to new generation campaigns.

3M has a whole section dedicated to direct mail tools they have – https://www.3m.com/market/office/directresponse/

Using a high quality hand written font, in a mailing where it makes sense someone would want to keep the postit as a reminder or for something to post on their fridge or desk, and success has been consistent.

I will let you know how this works for her… but with the major shopping season right around the corner, this would be a wise idea to look into for yourself as well!

The other area that is of critical importance for us in the campaigns we do is to build an online database using offline media.

She has no large list to work with – and just a few jv partners to call upon.

So we are starting from scratch in many ways.

How we are going to use print advertising and media

 to drive her online sales…

First thing of significant interest here is the recent Jupiter Research that shows 67% of online searchers actually are driven to search by OFFLINE channels. And half of that % is driven from print advertising.

To top that, note that print advertising generated more actual online sales than any other offline media.  30% of those who opened their wallet and made an online purchase came from offline print media.

Again, for this project – these are critically important numbers.

Some of the areas we will be testing for her campaigns leveraging offline media to drive online purchases…

  • Putting our key search terms right inside the advertisements.  In the Jupiter research, they found that a large number of online searchers do not go direct from an offline ad to a url.  In many cases they remember a tag line, a key word, or a slogan, and search on that first.  So we have already created a unique brand that is quite unforgettable in the Canadian market.

  • We are using the print ads as a “sneak-a-peek” view of the online experience they take part in.  Showing screen shots and snaps of the online experience in the offline print will tease them enough to get them to the site.  Once there we have much more flexibility with video, audio, animated demos, etc.

  • Using offline as a teaser and online as the educator.  The way we are testing this is to use short copy teasers in offline media to drive them to an online site with volumes of more detailed information on the company, the testimonials, the details of the offer, etc.

  • Online elaboration.  Some shorter testimonials are being used offline, but the real magic happens with the video testimonials that we can use on the website.  Video is so much more emotional than print, and seeing someone talk about their experiences has a much great chance of touching some emotional “hot buttons”.

(NOTE: Late last year I rolled out a product that was selling quite well.  I put up a 2 minute testimonial video and IMMEDIATELY saw conversions increase by over 210%.)

The last thing we did was go through her tiny database

and tried to cut out as much of the junk as we could.

A 1,000 person database of highly targeted people is MUCH better than a list of 100,000 untargeted.

A side benefit of a smaller list is that you can invest more in each package – and see a much higher response. 

Plus, with all the VDP offerings out there now, and a smaller list, we can do some very creative mailings for cheap (def. VDP = variable data personalization – having the persons key information merged into the printing).

Based on this 2007 report from Vertis, the more unusual your marketing looks, the better your results will be:

Which of the following makes

a difference in the mail you open?                         2001                           2005


Timing of the mail, and need for it at the time          58%                    69%

Package looks interesting                                         48%                    63%

Personalized with name on front                              58%                    59%

Special offer or discount                                           34%                    51%

Looks important                                                        37%                    49%

Dated material enclosed                                           24%                    33%


As you can see – the numbers have risen sharply.  People want to see more creative packaging and offers from you, and will return with more orders for you.

These numbers are very important both to online and offline buyers – people are people are people.

It’s up to all of us to put everything we can into making our mailings as applicable to the potential buyers as possible – then give them some REAL GOOD reasons to open up that email or mailing piece.  It will only work if they read it – and as we all know, it is getting tougher and tougher to get emails and print opened.

I will report in with you what happens here.

As you have seen, the process we are going through on this project is the same process every single one of you should be considering for your future campaigns as well!

To your success!


PS: If you seriously want a step-by-step blueprint to get YOU making a serious online income from home… join me in the Empower Network.

This is a very unique program that combines a very powerful sales system, some of the best training I have seen online, and a great revenue model where you keep 100% of the sales you make.

I know you have a lot to choose from right now.

But, if I can give you the biggest and best piece of advice I learned from the past 10 years online… it’s that you need to START with a proven affiliate system that converts AND trains you at the same time.

Plus, if you decide to work with me on this – I will give you $500 of my own products to help you get started right away.

Let me know your thoughts and questions.



Think email marketing is free? Lets look at the facts…

The thing everyone loves about email marketing and social media marketing is the cost.

After all, sending a thousand emails doesn’t cost you additional money. Nor does posting new updates on Facebook or Twitter.


But it DOES cost you a TON of sales… therefore, it costs you a TON of money!

Case in point…

The Direct Marketing Association just revealed the newest numbers that compare email marketing, direct mail marketing, space ad advertising, etc.

What would you rather have?

3.95% of your list that buys

…or 0.12%?

Kinda of a no-brainer.

Oversized direct mail got a 3.95% response rate vs email at 0.12%!

So those ‘free’ emails… ya, those ones… are costing you a 3,191% sales growth.

You’d rather accept far, far less sales?

Or is NOW the time to step up and try some new things?

With the buying market going through major fluctuation and the new mindset of the buyers out there more difficult to grab, I would think now would be the time to test some alternative approaches to email marketing.

Phone calls TRUMP direct mail too.

So, if you want maximum response…

…you send a direct mail piece, follow up with a phone call, one more direct mail piece then email as a last resort.

Kinda what I am doing in the Dog Park Dollars Pet business I am running.

And am just getting started.

Hope you do too.

Here is the full graphic of their test results.

Great lessons to learn here.

Free is not free – it can cost you a bundle.


Direct Mail marketing vs email marketing


Is social proof important?

I saw a very interesting split test I wanted to share.

First – have a peek at www.whichtestwon.com and sign up for their updates.

Each week they share with you the test results of companies doing split tests.

They show the 2 versions that were split tested, you get to vote which one you think won, then they show you the real-life results.

What is truly interesting with these tests is that most of the time, the majority of ‘voters’ get it wrong (me too!).  So, no matter how marketing-smart you think you are… the real important thing is what worked (or didn’t) in the real world.

Real world results TRUMP any goorooze theory.

Case in point…

Today’s split test looked at 2 identical pages – the ONLY thing that changed was the one small area that showed buyers votes on the products.  From 1 to 5 they could vote on how satisfied they were.

You would THINK that more social proof like this would INCREASE response… but it didn’t.  Showing more social proof actually decreased response by a significant factor (a “guessing” mistake that would have cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I guessed it would increase response – I was wrong.

Here is the final analysis of the split test.

split testing your marketing

click for full size image



The lesson?

Don’t guess or pretend you know what will work best – you DON’T know until you test.  Only the real world prospects and buyers out there can tell you that.

To see both versions in detail – have a look at https://whichtestwon.com/archives/16498

Have a great day.


PS: The Lead Generation Superbundle offer is still open…

…you can see it here https://smallbusinesscopywriter.com/you-win-some-lead-generation-tools-and-pictures/