[video tips] 3 simple tips to UP the ZING in your writing

I received some great feedback to my video yesterday, so I uploaded a new video with 3 powerful tips to get you writing more compelling emails, sales pieces, promotions, and social media updates.

My early morning routine that did more for me in 6 months than ANYTHING I learned in 5 YEARS of UniversityWriting-Zing-Coaching-Troy-White

The 5 minute speed-writing tip to get your mind clear and focused on the profit-making task at hand

The EXACT type of word that you need to find, steal, and leverage every chance you get

Plus an update on my Writing ~ZING~ coaching program and simple signup details (over half the spots are gone from yesterday’s video).

If you want to crank up your marketing and make more money in your business… I guarantee the Writing Zing program will give you the tools you want.  Not only that, I’m sharing new information and templates I’ve NEVER shared before.

For the video tips and details – go here https://www.writingzing.com 

Have a great day!



Adding some ZING to your writing

Are you feeling a little lost in your marketing and writing?

You have to work hard at being UNforgettable in a very cluttered, very forgettable world.

Watch this video and discover a simple formula and path to making your writing stick and convert prospects to buyers…

(note: You can sign up through this link here – only 10 spots available – price goes up to $497 on March 7th)



Simpler ways to grow your business in the next 2 months (and why it hasn’t grown recently)

Summer is here and the heat is on!sunshine

People are dreaming of beaches, sun, and fun…

…while many entrepreneurs I know are dreaming of growing client
lists and passion-fueled business growth.

11 years ago. I started in this crazy world of copywriting.  I
worked with Ted Nicholas (the $7 billion man – the revenues he
generated with his copy) on the fundamentals of effective lead
generation and copy.  He pushed me and prodded me until my copy
started getting the conversions needed.

From then on, I took that training and ran with it.

Thousands of entrepreneurs like you have read my trainings through
my blog posts, email newsletters, some coaching programs and home
study courses.

Lots of money has been made by those who applied what they learned.
(like Chris V – who now makes millions a year with some very simple
strategies that anyone can master)


Many people DON’T implement what they learn.

Despite knowing they NEED to do more, and more faster… they

Something gets in the way.

I want to help you get that ‘something’ out of the way.

I want to help YOU become a master implementer and doer.

To grow your business through the summer.

And to give you the momentum from the summer efforts to make the
coming fall and winter a BREEZE.

I’ve never offered this before – and only 2 people are going to
be accepted.

I want to work with you one-on-one over the summer.

You don’t need to be here in Calgary to take part – cool if you
are though (we can do some of the training from the lake!)

It won’t break the bank… but it will make you accountable.

For now, just reply back to this email if you feel it’s YOUR
TIME to get serious and build your business at the speed you KNOW
is possible.

We will set up a quick call to go through what I have in mind.

From there – we will decide if you are a good fit and would be one
of the 2 I work with.

If you’ve been on my list for some time now, you know I
don’t do one-on-one coaching.  I should – I know lots of
coaches who get $2,000 + per month for a few hours of their time.
Not a bad gig!

But I am doing this differently.

You won’t need to invest that – but you will need to commit to
doing what we discuss.


Reply back and let me know your interest.

From there, we will completely transform your summer, your income,
and your passion in your business!

Talk to you soon.


PS: If you don’t want one-on-one coaching, but DO WANT a
home-study program that takes your marketing to a new level….

I am doing a  special offer for the next week…

…I have discounted my 2 best and most helpful programs by 50% –
and  50% of the sale price goes to the Canadian Red Cross to help
out flooded home owners in desperate need

(imagine losing your home, your belongings, your cars… and having
no insurance to help! That is what all these people are faced with
in Calgary and areas – flood insurance is unavailable here – so
they have nothing).

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Topped off with 2 BONUS LIVE training webinars.

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My story selling course walks you through the process of finding
and  leveraging your stories into your business.  Showing you
simple ways  to use stories to build a stronger business with a
more engaged  communication with your prospects and clients.

My 2013 Cash Flow Calendar gives you thousands of ways to leverage
stories and unusual events in the next 6 months.  Complete with
some copy and paste templates you can use to get quick campaigns
out the door and cash flow coming back to grow your business.

Combined, they make a POWERFUL 1-2-3 combination that you will love.

All at 50% off and 50% of your remaining investment goes to the Red
Cross to help out flood victims!

PLUS – I am going to do an extra 1-2 HOUR training webinar (maybe
two even) to help you make the most of your summer.

Exclusively for entrepreneurs like you who car about marketing,
about your clients, and about helping those in need (if you already
invested in these before, you will also be included in the upcoming

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Instead of the $184 investment for the 2 training programs, I am
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Or just the story Selling course for $49.

PLUS, 50% of all proceeds will go to the Red Cross Flood Fund for
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Again, if you want BOTH the Story Selling Program and the Cash Flow
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Or, if you want just the Story Selling Program at half off for $49,
then use this link  (…again, I will personally send you an email
with information and some surprise bonuses too)

Have some fun this summer, and if you are near Calgary and can help
out those in need, please do.  This email is one of the ways I am
helping and I will update you on what is happening with the cleanup
here for families in turmoil.

PPS: Full descriptions of both Story Selling and Cash Flow Calendars
are at the following links (but the discounted links are not on the
sites – only in this email above)


George Carlin nails the power of words in advertising

You know what amazes me about the video below?

George Carlin probably put more effort into this bit than 95% of entrepreneurs put into their own marketing message!

Sad, but true.

Words can move people and influence them to buy.

Words can also repel them and drive them away forever.

Choose your words carefully, those minor differences can be major differences in your sales numbers.


Serial ‘millers’ and the wake of disaster they leave behind

According to the Macmillan dictionary, to mill around is to “move about in large numbers in a confused way with no particular purpose”.

Kinda sounds like the zombies in The Walking Dead…zombies-walking-dead

…and it kinda sounds like a whole lotta people I talk to out there.

Serial ‘millers’.

Wandering from ebook to ebook, launch formula home study product to pinterest how-to guides.

One week they are milling about the make a gazillion on Facebook forums

…the next week it’s all about learning the newest and greatest Youtube marketing tricks.

Learning is good.

Milling is NOT.

The difference?

One word…


Serial millers NEVER take action (except for clicking the buy buttons on the shiny-object-of-the-week).

They had hard drives crammed with digital ebooks and home study course (never review them of course).

They have book shelves packed solid with courses still in the wrappers.

They have all this pretend knowledge they could (and some do) write a book of their own on what they learned from those shiny ebooks they bought.

But they never put a serious effort into actually building a list of interested prospects.

They never actually WRITE emails or copy – they just read about it.

They never actually try and GET a suite ranked on Google – they just point to their Google Engage certificate they got by… you’re right… taking a training course.


If you have been milling about, you have left wakes of credit card debts, broken dreams, and frustrated spouses behind you.


Isn’t it time you get off your big-ole-bookshelf and DO SOMETHING?


Start actually building a database you can market to and share your wisdom with.

Start actually running sales funnels and advertising campaigns.

Start actually driving interested prospects to squeeze pages, to landing pages, to your video sales letters.

2012 is almost over people.

If you aren’t anywhere near where you thought you’d be by now…

…maybe NOW is the time to get off your milling machine and start DOING.

Serial killers and serial millers both leave destruction behind.

It’s your choice to make… keep on destroying your dreams… or start rebuilding the life you’ve always wanted.

I made 2012 my year for massive change…

…and I’m here to help you do the same for the balance of 2012 and the brand new shiny 2013 just ahead of us.

Stop milling and start making.

I’m here to help… and this is the fastest and most profitable way I can kick your butt into high gear so you CAN build lists, write more, and earn a whole bunch more than you are now! https://www.marketingbeachbum.com



The dark side of Troy…and the quirky secret of marketing successfully

I love some of the writing and character development being done in shows like: True Blood, Walking Dead, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy… and so on.

Learning how to develop characters in your marketing is KEY.

Someone reminded me for the fiftieth time to watch Dexter, as his character is deep, dark and so, so seedy.

I am new to the series (love his dark side so far)… will report back more on it and I dig deeper in.

But something about all of these types of shows strikes a chord for me…

…and it should for you too if you care about marketing, sales, or cash.


We all have them.

Those quirks that make you, you.

And me, me.

Like the addictive personality disorder I have.  Got me in lots of trouble over the years…starting in my early teens.  The addiction changes over the years.  Some are good, some are bad.

Or the love I have for animals. Always wanted to be a vet.  Used to devour an old fiction series as a kid about the life of a farm vet (can’t recall the name).  Healed many cats and dogs of my own from all kind of maladies. Raised many a scrapper cat over the years that always had wounds that needed healing. I always obliged.

Or the fact I was a headbanger as a teen. Loved Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest. Saw tons of concerts over the years.  Even got to see Stevie Rae Vaughan in Calgary before he sadly died in a helicopter crash in 1990 (not heavy metal but a legend). Wore a jean jacket with the old bleached back with Van Halen drawn on bit. Long hair. Had gawd-awful perms for a while with them long hair. Not a pretty site.

And you?

Must be a thing or three that define you.

Those quirks you had and still have that make you, you.

Know what?

Those quirks make for some pretty awesome stories in marketing.

People love others with quirks.

Everyone has them, they just keep them quiet.

But if you want to stand out from the crowd in a very cluttered competitive marketplace… make your personality shine and share those quirks.

The good.

The bad.

The ugly.

And the oh so embarrassing.

Feel free to leave some of yours on my blog


Have a great and quirky weekend.


PS: You can take your story telling and story selling even deeper with my home study course https://www.storysellingtips.com