Advice to copywriters on what it takes to succeed in the world of copywriting

I had a great question come in from a friend that’s also in the copywriting world.

In copywriting… what qualities put you above the rest?

In other words. why do you think you succeeded where others failed, what made the difference?

There are so many writers out there with grandiose dreams of riches without real work.  I put together a few thoughts on this matter because I think Advice to copywriters about copywritingafter 11 years in the business I can say I’ve survived some major ups and downs in my business – and my personal life.

My response… 

Some things I did that I am not sure if others did:
* Actually LISTENED to Gary Halbert and hand wrote out long copy sales letters every day, 2 hours a day, for 6 months (all copywriters have heard of this – my guess is very few did it)
* Wrote a TON of copy.  Free. Paid. Lead generation. Landing pages. Emails. Articles. Rather than reading and studying all the masters without DOING what was taught – I DID IT.
* Wrote a ton of copy for myself – usually the hardest copy for a copywriter to write. I created info products, put on local seminars, taught the basics of good copy. And that all requires copy to get your own sales and butts in seats.  Lots of copywriters can write for others but few seem to put their skills to work in their own marketing systems.
* Went to seminars and met people.  Always a great source of new clients … and new ideas.
* Willing to work for less $ – rather than listening to the bullshit out there that any copywriter should be getting $15k per letter – I was willing to go out and test copy for others for far less money – even a trade on revenues.  I get a kick out of the guys with a year experience that think they are worth $20k a letter. Ha!
* Persistence.  I was willing to slug through the bad times and FIND ways to bring cash in the door.  Most give up at the first signs of a storm.  For 11 years now I have been slugging it out in the trenches and helping people with their copy.
Willingness to stretch my comfort zone.  I got up and spoke to local networking groups, create meetup groups, do whatever it took to build my reputation and get experience teaching what I knew.
* I didn’t fall into the internet marketing guru trap.  Thinking you have to be the next Kern or guru-of-the-month.  I worried about clients – not my brand reputation.
* I did my best to look after me.  Got caught in the workaholic mode many times.  But I looked after my health and mental well being.
* I played and mingled with all KINDS of people.  One of the keys to this business, I think, is the ability to learn about people and mingle with them.  Copywriters are usually quite introverted and stay out of the crowds.  That’s me.  But I forced myself to get out and go places to meet people.
* I created experiences that were story and article worthy.  From martial arts, to sky diving, to scuba diving.  From showing pictures of me in makeup after my kids did me up, to sharing stories of my past, present, and future dreams.  In essence, I walked the talk and wrote the articles that showed me as a real person – not some bullshit artist guru who pretends they walk on water.
Hope some of this helps!

George Carlin nails the power of words in advertising

You know what amazes me about the video below?

George Carlin probably put more effort into this bit than 95% of entrepreneurs put into their own marketing message!

Sad, but true.

Words can move people and influence them to buy.

Words can also repel them and drive them away forever.

Choose your words carefully, those minor differences can be major differences in your sales numbers.


Serial ‘millers’ and the wake of disaster they leave behind

According to the Macmillan dictionary, to mill around is to “move about in large numbers in a confused way with no particular purpose”.

Kinda sounds like the zombies in The Walking Dead…zombies-walking-dead

…and it kinda sounds like a whole lotta people I talk to out there.

Serial ‘millers’.

Wandering from ebook to ebook, launch formula home study product to pinterest how-to guides.

One week they are milling about the make a gazillion on Facebook forums

…the next week it’s all about learning the newest and greatest Youtube marketing tricks.

Learning is good.

Milling is NOT.

The difference?

One word…


Serial millers NEVER take action (except for clicking the buy buttons on the shiny-object-of-the-week).

They had hard drives crammed with digital ebooks and home study course (never review them of course).

They have book shelves packed solid with courses still in the wrappers.

They have all this pretend knowledge they could (and some do) write a book of their own on what they learned from those shiny ebooks they bought.

But they never put a serious effort into actually building a list of interested prospects.

They never actually WRITE emails or copy – they just read about it.

They never actually try and GET a suite ranked on Google – they just point to their Google Engage certificate they got by… you’re right… taking a training course.


If you have been milling about, you have left wakes of credit card debts, broken dreams, and frustrated spouses behind you.


Isn’t it time you get off your big-ole-bookshelf and DO SOMETHING?


Start actually building a database you can market to and share your wisdom with.

Start actually running sales funnels and advertising campaigns.

Start actually driving interested prospects to squeeze pages, to landing pages, to your video sales letters.

2012 is almost over people.

If you aren’t anywhere near where you thought you’d be by now…

…maybe NOW is the time to get off your milling machine and start DOING.

Serial killers and serial millers both leave destruction behind.

It’s your choice to make… keep on destroying your dreams… or start rebuilding the life you’ve always wanted.

I made 2012 my year for massive change…

…and I’m here to help you do the same for the balance of 2012 and the brand new shiny 2013 just ahead of us.

Stop milling and start making.

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The dark side of Troy…and the quirky secret of marketing successfully

I love some of the writing and character development being done in shows like: True Blood, Walking Dead, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy… and so on.

Learning how to develop characters in your marketing is KEY.

Someone reminded me for the fiftieth time to watch Dexter, as his character is deep, dark and so, so seedy.

I am new to the series (love his dark side so far)… will report back more on it and I dig deeper in.

But something about all of these types of shows strikes a chord for me…

…and it should for you too if you care about marketing, sales, or cash.


We all have them.

Those quirks that make you, you.

And me, me.

Like the addictive personality disorder I have.  Got me in lots of trouble over the years…starting in my early teens.  The addiction changes over the years.  Some are good, some are bad.

Or the love I have for animals. Always wanted to be a vet.  Used to devour an old fiction series as a kid about the life of a farm vet (can’t recall the name).  Healed many cats and dogs of my own from all kind of maladies. Raised many a scrapper cat over the years that always had wounds that needed healing. I always obliged.

Or the fact I was a headbanger as a teen. Loved Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest. Saw tons of concerts over the years.  Even got to see Stevie Rae Vaughan in Calgary before he sadly died in a helicopter crash in 1990 (not heavy metal but a legend). Wore a jean jacket with the old bleached back with Van Halen drawn on bit. Long hair. Had gawd-awful perms for a while with them long hair. Not a pretty site.

And you?

Must be a thing or three that define you.

Those quirks you had and still have that make you, you.

Know what?

Those quirks make for some pretty awesome stories in marketing.

People love others with quirks.

Everyone has them, they just keep them quiet.

But if you want to stand out from the crowd in a very cluttered competitive marketplace… make your personality shine and share those quirks.

The good.

The bad.

The ugly.

And the oh so embarrassing.

Feel free to leave some of yours on my blog


Have a great and quirky weekend.


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Marketing secrets of The Mocking Dead

If you aren’t living in your own Zombieland, you’d have heard of The Walking Dead tv series by now.


The Walking Dead

Based on the comic book series, The Walking Deadtells the story of a small group of survivors living in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

Not only has it received all kinds of awards for it’s story lines, it also saw 10.9 million viewers tune in for its season three premiere to become **the most-watched basic cable drama telecast in history**.

Not too shabby for a bunch of zombies getting their heads blown and cut off!

You know what I love most about this show?

It’s yet MORE proof that story telling just keeps getting better and better.

Television sucks overall if you ask me.

Stupid reality shows and lame excuses for plots have dominated the airwaves for many years.

But that’s all changing.

Series like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Weeds, and Californication are telling great story lines…

…and are creating copy and paste templates for marketers to use.

Yes, its time to point out some of the lesser obvious techniques the writers use to continue pulling these award winning series out year after year.

It’s time for YOU to start mocking the writers fantastic techniques.

We are headed into the last 2 months of the year and prime buying season is upon us.

Here is a template to follow to get the best reactions from your leads:

1) Marketing in series.  You see one-off marketing attempts all the time.  Big sales that come and go faster than a zombie can lose his head.

What’s missing?  A series of mini-stories.  One that feeds off the last.

They are easy to do – just get out a pad of paper, get creative, come up with a marketing theme, and then build a 5-part mini-series around your theme.

Each part digging deeper into the story, and each one egging the next one on.

THAT keeps them coming back.

2) Bone crunching cliffhangers.  You MUST end each part of the series with a cliffhanger.

Something that makes them HUNGRY for the next part in the series.

Tempt them with a peek inside the next story – but don’t give away the best parts to come.  Share with them a piece of the nuggets soon to follow.

3) Some gore, some tears, and some cheers. Mix it up.  

You gotta leave them crying in one of the parts of your series… and cheering you on in the next.

Yes, YOU are the main character in the series and you need to tell YOUR stories. The good, the bad, and the truly revolting.

THAT is what people want… and that is what keeps them coming back.

4) You MUST share you overriding goal or objective in every part of the series.  

In The Walking Dead… their goal is simple: SURVIVAL.

Not getting eaten.

Pretty simple.

When you are creating marketing campaigns like this… make sure they know something BIG is coming up.

Tempt them with it.

Tell them what it is.

Then when your series finale comes… end it with a BANG and over deliver on your promises. Your goal may be to buy a new product.

It may be get them into an auto responder sequence, or into a membership program, or maybe a loyalty club.

Tell them what it is… but tease them to the point of baited breath anticipation before you give it all away.

Keep them guess till the last possible moment!

5) Be prepared for the haters.  LOTS of people think The Walking Dead is stupid.  They bash it, make fun of it, and put down those who watch it.

You know what?

The writers and produced DON’T GIVE A CRAP!  

They are breaking television records – and the haters just help spread the message.

Your marketing WILL create haters if it is done right.  Never seen a successful marketing campaign that didn’t.

Everyone has an opinion and the ONLY opinions that matter to you are the ones that LOVE what you are doing.

Aggressive mocking dead marketing campaigns will create lots of haters – and FAR MORE lovers.

Seek them out and do everything to feed their appetite!

Have fun with your story lines and watch out for those zombies!