One seriously fun and profitable way to pocket some cash

With all the Facebook posts, Tweets, articles, blog posts and email newsletters to write, it keeps a person busy just coming up with unusual ideas to keep things hopping.

…Then toss on a dash of originality so that you stand out from the thousands of other messages a person sees in an average day.

Whew… exhausting just thinking about it.

It’s the main reason I created the Cash Flow Calendar 5 years ago… and why I continue to update and add to it. (new $100 off special offer


For example, here are just a few ideas out of the calendar for the next couple days:

* Today (Friday the 21st) – World Alzheimer’s Day / World Gratitude Day / International Day of Peace / 1st gift coupon introduced (New York – 1865)

* Sunday Billy the Kid 1st arrested (1875)Billy the kid

* Monday the 24th – Energize Day / National Women’s Health & Fitness Day / World’s Longest Kiss recorded (17 days, 10.5hrs (1984)

* Next week: National Singles Week / National Clean Hands Week / National Love Your Files Week / International Women’s E commerce Days

Think about the Facebook Ads you could run with Billy The Kid as a graphic – or the big old juicy pair of lips as the graphics to tie into the Longest Kiss occasion.  Or run a special promotion or discount in honour of the 147th anniversary of the coupon.  Or have a special offer just for women next week for online orders.

All it takes is some innovative ideas, mixed with an itty bitty amount of initiative, and you have a campaign that’s unusual and profitable.

We are heading into the last 3 months of the year.

Christmas just around the corner.

Yearly goals that nerd a shot of adrenaline to keep them on the right track.

Which is EXACTLY why I am offering a special deal on this program.

$100 off!

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We executed the September promotion and received over $1000.00
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Pick up a copy and get your first promotion out this afternoon – another one out on Monday or Tuesday next week.

This is a simple, simple way to get more content out there in front of your prospects and buyers.

Use them to educate – or use them to improve your cash flow…

…this is a great deal on a proven money-maker (plus I will gift you the Facebook Ads training classes I have in home study format).2012 cash flow calendar and marketing plan

Get yours today —

Profit tomorrow.

Have a great day.


“Theme marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do.” – Dan Kennedy – 
Millionaire Maker

How to turn $47 into $5,000


The Rock and Roll Pastor that OWNS Niche Marketing

I had heard of this Pastor before, but just got the real scoop this morning while on my way to the dog park.

You’ve heard me preach (pun intended) the positives of picking a niche and customizing your marketing to it.

You’ve seen example after example I’ve shared on my marketing blog and in my email newsletters.

…but this is a new one I am very excited to have found.

Pastor John Van Sloten is on a mission to change who attends church and what draws them into their first experience at the New Hope Church in Calgary.

8 years ago, Pastor John had an unusual experience that led him to his present day mastery of niche marketing.

That experience with Metallica and the sermon he created was the beginning of something wonderful for Pastor John and the New Hope Church.  He has subsequently launched his book “The Day Metallica Came To Church”, has gotten him written up in Rolling Stone Magazine, on National Radio Stations in Canada and the USA, and has crossed oceans to be interviewed on stations like The Irish National Radio Network.

Not only that, he has now done sermons on other Rock and Roll bands like Supertramp, Rush, and Coldplay, to name a few.

Now that he sees the immense power in marketing to specifici niches (in this case, he was promoting to Rock and Roll lovers)… he has expanded his niche marketing ‘campaigns’ and now reaches out to a wide spectrum of people with all kinds of unique interests:

From the New Hope Church site:

This Sunday Pastor John will be talking about God’s Goodness in a Landlord. If it’s true that we’re all tenants in God’s world, then what can a landlord teach us about the heart of God? Here’s some intense theological preparation if you’re interested.

This Sunday Pastor John will be preaching on God’s truth in children’s author Robert Munsch’s book, David’s Father. Bring your imagination, a few of your childhood fears, and read this passage in preparation.

This Sunday Pastor John will be preaching on dogs. Why has God given them to us? What do they say about who he is? Also we will be celebrating the baptism of Charlie Schmidt!

This Sunday Pastor John is going to be preaching on God’s truth as we find it in a Wolverine. What is God saying about himself by making this incredibly wild, powerful and elusive creature?

This Sunday Pastor John will be preaching on Disney’s Tangled; a story that adds colour, truth and understanding to the question of who we really are. Homework is to watch the film and read John 10:1-10 and Romans 8:15-17. Don’t forget to bring your crayons.

This Sunday Pastor John will be preaching on Experiencing God via repairing a Harley Davidson V-twin engine

This Sunday Pastor John will be preaching on the parable of The Hunger Games

Do you see the awe-inspiring wisdom he has in this?

Not only is he reaching out to a much wider segment of the population, he is giving them very specific reasons to come out to a sermon for thge first time.  I am going to attend one soon as I LOVE the fact his sermons start at 10:10 (my daughters birthday and one of those numbers I see evvvvverywhere!).  Not only do I love Rock and Roll, I love the fact he is a marketer at heart that understands the impact of what he is doing.

Oh ya…

…he has THICK SKIN too.

With all the media attention he has gotten, there is no shortage of critics that are denouncing what he is doing as blasphemy.

He doesn’t care (another thing I truly admire about this man).

He has a message to share and sees the big picture of why his message IS important.

Small-minded people, and groups… don’t matter.

What does matter?

He niches the sermon to a very specific, and sometimes controversial, type of person.

Then he delivers the sermon that was promised.

Each time he does this, he attracts more attention AND more regular ‘clients’.

How does this apply to you?

I hope you see that already…

No matter what type of product or service you are selling, niche marketing is one of the most intelligent ways you can grow your leads and client base.

Create one campaign to reach out to niche A.

Another to niche B.

And so on.

Prepare for the criticism (every time I tell realtors about my admiration of the “Pet Lovers Realtor” here in Calgary, I always get (insert whiny voice here… “but IIIIII want to sell to EVERYONE… not just pet lovers”).

Same old, same old, stupid thinking by close minded people.

In this market, in today’s economic environment and cluttered marketing space… you NEED to start thinking out of the box through niche marketing efforts like this.

I am doing it with my work in the Empower Network and my niche focus on wanna-be beach bum marketers.

And I highly suggest you start thinking about this too.

In my upcoming coaching program, I am helping you find and customize your marketing to specific niches for Halloween and Christmas.  The last 90 days of the year are almost upone us and there are some AWESOME marketing opportunities at hand.

Get yourself signed up and lets make you some money to close off the year!


Pastor-John-New-Hope-Church-Rush-Metallica-Rock and Roll



Panda Poop Tea, $100 Hot dogs, and Cat Poop Coffee

3 very unusual “products” with one very powerful lesson.

I admit it: I am weird.

Very unusual in many ways.

One of the things that makes me an oddball is my fascination with wacky marketing ideas.

I love them!

You should too.

Always be on the lookout for those high priced, high oddball-factor products or services.

They are full of great lessons and ideas for your own marketing campaigns.

For example, you may recall my article on Cat Poop Coffee and Holy Crap Cereal.  One if s product idea that garnered tens of thousands of free media publicity for a teeny tiny coffee shop in Calgary.  The other snapped up thousands of dollars in first day sales as soon as they re-named their product

And now the Panda bear is giving the Wild Cicvik from Thailand  a run for its money.

$18,000 a kilo?


That had better make me 20 years younger, more attractive, wealthier, and 20 pounds lighter too for that price.

But my forecast is that they will do very well with this.

It’s exclusive.  Not something you can get at the local supermarket… so those who love a good story and an unusual experience (those with the money) will be flocking to the place that sells this Panda Poop Tea.

The right kind of people are magnetically drawn to this type of product.  People with disposable income. People who LOVE a good story and can’t wait to be the first to tell their friends what they did or bought.

People who are willing to pay an extremely high price for either bragging rights, or for that ultimate experience they can share with their friends and family.

The kind of person you NEED as part of your customer portfolio.

We all should have  segment of our customer population that is wealthy, affluent, and looking for something unique.

You’ve heard me talk about Saddleback Leather (  Their prices are reasonable but on the higher side for leather bags like they have.  But the STORY behind their beautiful leather bags and 100 YEAR guarantee make

Saddle Back Leather

THe BEST Leather Bags Out There

for a very compelling Valentines Gift, or Birthday Gift, or that special gift for anyone and everyone you know who loves quality leather goods (hint, hint….Valentines Day is just around the corner!).

Now we have $100 hot dogs!


Just down the street you can pick up a $2 hotdog from a cart….but the “most expensive hot dog in the world” – a $100 cognac-infused sausage topped with oil-seared Kobe beef, lobster meat and a picante sauce.The foot-long bratwurst is infused with 100-year-old Louis XIII cognac – which has a $2,000 price tag of its own – and must be ordered 12 hours in advance so fresh ingredients can be prepped.

Now THAT is how you get media attention, world record breaking Guiness attention, and how you call out to the locals who have the money and are looking for something fun they can put their money into.

You see a BIG part of marketing to the affluent is in the experience side.

Quality is quality.

But experiences are tough to compare and tough to ignore.  When you have $1,000 in your pocket that’s consider pocket money for the day (every day), you start looking for unusual places to spend.

You can star out the day with some Cat poop coffee.  Have some Panda poop tea for a mid-morning picker upper, then a $100 hotdog that is infused with $2,000 cognac.  By 1 pm that day, you have had such a unique experience to share, it is WELL worth the money to you.

Not to everyone…

…that’s the point.

Marketing to the affluent is difficult for people to get their heads wrapped around.

Because most people think price is the major factor in buying decisions.

It isn’t.  It plays its part, but it isn’t the big part.

Especially when catering to those who high disposable income.

When I interviewed Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather, he revealed one of their HOTTEST sources of leads… a place I never would have thought of… but a place that is full of wealthy story-seekers.  I have never shared his source, but may one day when the timing is right.

So for you, I want you to think about the craziest, whackiest, most pie-in-the-sky concoction of products and services YOU could be offering.

Something that would increase your prices by a factor of 10.

And then consider how you can offer it.

I am not saying you need to replace your other products or services…just to add in ONE product worthy of media attention like all of the businesses here are lapping up.

If you have that one thing now – or know of one like it – PLEASE let me know!

I would love to do a write up on it and share some publicity with others (possibly a JV on a affluent marketing product I am working on too).

Think about adding a zero, or even two zeroes to y9our products.  What would you need to do…to offer…to promise… or to add into it to justify the expense.

Market it right and you just created a HUGE profit center!

And you are off to the races with all kinds of media attention and a whole new kind of client you can work with.

Try it and please let me know what you do.

I would love to interview you on this!


PS: The Story Selling Home Study is just about ready and it will be a big help to you in creating the ultimate marketing tools to promote your new product. One of the grads of a previous live Story Selling class wrote a single page letter for a client of theirs and their website went from $500 a month to $15,000 a month in sales, almost overnight….and all because of this one page story.

Find out how he did it and how you can too.

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Starting work with a good VA

Hiring your first professional virtual assistant… in one word?

Painful is one.

Embarassing is another.

After 10 years in business, my introvertedness and lack of desire to have employees is getting the best of me.

Too many client projects to write and manage myself.

Far too many of my own projects taking a back seat while said client work is getting done.

Emails… lets not even think about the wasted hours a week spent on email management.

All in all.. time to move up and think bigger.

Yes, I hired a professional VA who is used to working with wierd writer types like me.

She is professional.


And wants to help.

The problem?

My urgent need to think through ALL the things that I do and all the things that I finally can get rid of.

This is not something new… the information around how and why you need to outsource has been around forever (and I have read it all.. but hesitated on doing until now).

There is no better time than the beginning of a New Year for this.

New goals.

Realizations of unmet goals from last year.

Big Hairy Audacious Goals set and agressively needing to be pursued.

But for a person like me, the process of going through to-do lists and task charts is not enjoyable. Necessary but not fun at all.

It stretches me.

And stretching is good. Its one of the big reason I am so active in martial arts! Stretching yourself regularly makes it very easy to adapt to change, to be quick on the draw, and to have more energy throughout the day.

Are YOU stretching yourself into those uncomfortable zones right now?

Are you planning ahead and pushing yourself harder than every before?

Are you setting those audacious goals you never once thought possible (but now know they are with persistance and hard work)?

Now is the time.

And I want to help you.

The Cash Flow Calendar coaching products are designed to push you into uncomfortable areas. To help you promote yourself shamelessly. To help[ you build strong bonds with those who buy from you. To help you BE a bigger, bolder, and more successful entrepreneur.

The question is…

…are you up for the challenge?

Are you ready to kickstart 2012 with a Big Hairy Audacious BANG?

Get started with the Cash Flow Calendar and we wil walk you thought the steps needed this year to make this one your best ever.

Your daily mantra should be around “what can I do this week that stretches my comfort zone far beyond what it has ever been stretched to?”

Answer that one with action every week and stand back from the fire storm you will iginite!

It’ll be fun.

Join me?


PS: Just one uncomfortable stretch in your business per week is all it takes. One new and wacky promotion. One direct mail campaign that carries a price tag (compared to emails ‘free’ perception). One new webinar you host. One new expert you interview.

One. Thing. A. Week.

Simple. And the 2012 Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan will show you how.


Random Marketing Miracles


     People LOVE unexpected surprises.

Sometimes, unexpected surprises can be the launching pad for exceptional results in your marketing.

2 top of mind ones that I really like…

…Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga


Johnny Depp, to me, is one of the greatest actors of our times.  He is also an incredible unexpected hero to 9 year old Beatrice and her classmates.

Beatrice wrote Johnny a letter asking for him to come to their school assembly…

…hoping he would… but probably not planning on it.

But he did – in full Jack Sparrow get up.

He was filming his newest Pirates of the Carribean movie and brought come decked out crew members with him – all in full Pirates outfit and character.

What a way to make an impression!

I think Johnny just added a whole new legion of fans, and a significant pay raise for all his future movies.

Lady Gaga… loves making her fans scream with delight.

I wrote an article about her some time ago

Some people didn’t like it – saying all she had going for her was skin and breasts.

Sex sells, they battled back. 

She is nothing without boobs, says another. 

While I am not one to disagree that sex does sell and showing some skin definitely attracts a certain type of person…

…Lady Gaga IS a masterful marketer.

And she doesn’t rely on her looks exclusively to warm over her fans (her customers).

She likes to pick up the phone and call one of her fans –completely out of the blue and unexpectedly.

Now THAT is a way to win the hearts of your fans!

Imagine the buzz that both of these unexpected surprises have given their customers.

Imagine what you could do if, just once a month, you did something unexpected for your clients and prospects.

A few unexpected surprises you could start using every month.  Alternate them – or stick with the ones that get the biggest shock-value from them:

–       Call a new client out of the blue – heck, call them all.  Say hi – have no ulterior motive – and just say thank you. (in the day and age of emails everywhere – the actual phone has become a VERY powerful tool for touching base.  I saw it this past week when I called a new customer how shocked he was, I am making it a new practice in my business!)


–       Send a handwritten card.  While I love services like send out cards for keeping in touch, a real handwritten card is unmistakable and will win them over much faster.


–       Send one random customer a present every month or week. Make the present something of value – and don’t always use your own products – use other people’s products as the central theme here.  This is not self promotion – it’s selfless promotion.


–       Pick a customer of the month and put their picture (with approval of course) on your site, your blog, in your store.


–       Do a write up on your customer of the month.  This would be especially powerful if you are dealing business to business.  Use your writing prowess and do an editorial on them – send it out to all your other clients. Send it to the press. Send it in a newsletter.  Plaster the write up everywhere.  And frame it and send it to the customer your profiled so they can hand it up in their office.


–       Give someone cash, for no rhyme or reason.  I had this happen to me a few weeks ago and it was an incredible feeling.  The amount doesn’t have to break the bank – the thought is what matters.


–       Gift them something sweet.  I have written enough about Kinjo Sushi here, but one of his secret weapons is his chocolates he gives out.  Only to the ladies and children… but it is a practice that makes him a mint (pun intended). He knows down to the penny what each free box of chocolate brings him back in business.


–       Use the product launch strategy of giving away one of your high end products.  But don’t build it into a launch – just do it without expectation of future sales (you can and should do a write up on the gift recipient though).


–       Use part of your profits to do a random donation to a good cause.


–       And yes, you can monetize these ideas – not only with the great karma and word of mouth, but with the immense pr potential when you do this consistently. Don’t do it once and call yourself a hero, expecting the press to crawl all over you.  Do it consistently for a year – and you won’t have to tell the press – your customers will do that for you.


I am making it part of my business (should have done it sooner – doh!).  I hope you do as well.

To your success.


Your 2012 Marketing Plan and Calendar (complete with thousands of marketing ideas, blog post ideas, promotional campaigns, etc)

PS: If you want off-the-wall marketing ideas… the 2012 Cash Flow Calendar is ready to roll…
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If you need help with your marketing and promotional plan for the next 12 months…

…this is an exceptional way to plan out all your campaigns, with simple formulas and copy/paste templates.


We executed the September promotion and received over
$1000.00 worth of sales from it in one day! 
Fabulous I say.” – Fran Agar – Ballymoon Beauty


4 Ways To Position Your Business and Improve Your Profits

Fellow Business Builder,

Here’s something for you to dig deep into this week.

Whenever I start working with a new client, we put a significant amount of our time into the positioning of them in the market place.  We want to make sure they know where they stand in the buyers eyes, and what makes them the one and only choice in a competitive situation.

It isn’t simple.

Most entrepreneurs want to be everything to everyone… but we all know that strategy is doomed to fail.

So what does work?

How do you reposition yourself in the market?

How do you find the ‘thing’ that puts you heads and tails above the others?

Here are 4 strategies that may help you get clear:

1. Pick on the competition… blatantly! This is the exact strategy that Avis took when they wanted to go head to head against Hertz.  The whole “we’re #2. We try harder.” Approach worked like wildfire for Avis.

They turned their competitors main advantage (being #1) into a David vs. Goliath approach.  And people ate it up.

This approach works just as well today, maybe even better, than it did then.

People mistrust big corporations more.  They want specialized attention. They like dealing direct with the owner(s).  They like the tlc they can get from the smaller guys… so give it to them.

Don’t try and hide from the competition… make the competitions so-called ‘advantages’ into a disadvantage. 


2. Big benefit.  Is there one thing you can do or provide that makes the entire investment in your product or service seem miniscule?

If you look at the big picture… is there one thing about your product or services that justifies the price every single time?  Compared to your competition?  Or are they saying the same thing?

There is almost always something there for you; it just takes some digging on your part.

One of my clients in the adventure business mentioned quietly one of his ‘hobbies’ that he loves.  He then went on to tell me that: no where else in the world can you do this, it really is possible (most people think it is only done in the movies), people have paid him BIG dollars to tag along side him for this, and that it only happens once a year.

Can we say ca-ching?

Major opportunity there that we can use as his big benefit.  Being a part of his other program can guarantee you a spot in this… and there is no other way possible to get the chance to do it… other than join.

There is a major benefit to joining him, if you are the right type of person who is wealthy and passionate about getting a serious adrenaline rush.  And there are lots of those out there that would LOVE to do this with him.


3. Your buyers.  Who are they and what makes them, specifically, different than other buyers?  Going back to standard customer research… you must know your buyers better than anyone else does.

You need to know: what they think about, what they worry about, what foods they eat (and hate), what their drink of choice is, what books they read (and how often), what movies they watch, what hobbies they have, what their biggest dreams are, and what their grandest desires are. 

Not an easy task.

But imagine what power you hold when you do!

Going back to the 80/20 rule… how does it apply to your buyers?  Your top 20% of buyers… what do you know about them?

How can you find more of just that 20%?  What about the 20% of those 20%?

What makes them different?  You can redesign an entire business around the strategy of selling to a VERY specific business.  And you should!

This is an easy way to grow your profits rapidly, while making your marketing much more targeted and focus on a very specific person (which makes it much easier to find the marketing media to reach them)


4. Picking on the problem. I have another client who is a traditional MD, but she has changed her focus to the more natural ways to help the body inside and out.

Her biggest pet peeve right now?

Flu vaccinations.  We are right in the middle of the immunization drive to get everyone and their dog into the doctors for a flu shot.  People are panicking about the N1H1 hype.

And she is PO’d.

Did you know that flu shots use formaldehyde?  The exact same ingredient that is used to preserve DEAD BODIES?

Yup, little Johnny there is getting a flu shot and injected with embalming fluid at the same time.

Not quite what you thought would be in the flu vaccine?

Well it is.

And when my client makes a stand against the traditional medical establishment and the ridiculous things they do, claiming it is for your ‘health’, people pay attention.

People are mortified when they realize how little they know about these shots the medical authorities are putting in your body. They have assumed, until now, that the medical community was acting in their best interest.

Once their eyes are open to the real problem, the real underlying issue that no one else is talking about… my doctor client has their attention.

She is seeing record sales this year (in a private clinic… much rarer in Canada than the US).

There is good reason why: she picked on the real problem (lack of real education about the traditional medical ‘cures’), and is guiding her clients and prospects to a much more educated and intelligent way of deciding who is injecting what into your baby girls blood.

These are 4 simple strategies that might get you thinking.

 Pick one – and find some ways to make it fit your business.

The economy is sluggish in most parts… but the signs are picking up and people are spending more.

Are you preparing yourself to tap into it?

Or are you hoping and praying that when people start buying again, they are waiting with credit cards in hand to buy from your same old pitch you have always used?

Maybe it’s time to invest some brain power on a new strategy for the remaining months in 09 and to kick start 2010?

Don’t wait… get busy!

I would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks again.

To your success,

Troy White


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