How Scott got $18 back from every $1 he invested in marketing (5 steps)

18:1 Returns on Marketing Investment: The New Normal?

Gather up 20 entrepreneurs in a room and ask them about their experiences with marketing.

Let me guess… 80% of them have failed miserably with marketing their products and services.

The 80/20 rule applies in every industry, in every niche, in every city.

So why is it that 20% of the entrepreneurs out there take home 80% of the revenues?

Thinking even deeper: of THAT 20% taking home 80% of the revenues, there is 20% of that 20% that takes home 80% of that revenue.

In other words, out of 100 entrepreneurs (lets say $100 million in collective revenues, to make the math easy): 20 of those entrepreneurs make $80 millions in revenues

Of those 20, 4 of them make $64 million of that $80 million.

Amazing to see the real numbers at work!

Why do you think this is?

After 25 years in sales and marketing, 11 of that in direct response marketing (measuring the results of marketing investments), I’d say it makes complete sense.

Most entrepreneurs don’t do what it takes to make the money they want.

As an example, one of my clients used some of my services, combined with the marketing templates and ideas in my Cash Flow Marketing Calendar

We put together a 3 step campaign to his list of prospects.

It was a VERY unusual promotion that focused more on the entrepreneurs personality than the product/service offering.

Most business owners would scoff at the idea, and would let their ego take control of the marketing process from there.

They’d make all kinds of excuses why this idea wouldn’t work:

“this is business to business, that kind of marketing doesn’t work!”…

or… “these are professionals I deal with, they don’t want this personality/story junk in a company promotion”, …

or … “3 mailing pieces in a row? That’s garbage, and won’t be accepted by MY type of customers… MY business is different!” …

or…, one of my favorite excuses I hear “if I use me as the personality in the promotion, the person reading it will think we’re a small, two-bit operation!”.


Guess what – they are ALL WRONG!


I’ve helped my clients generate millions of dollars in newfound revenues with personality-driven marketing.

Revenues attained from C-level executives, from cold lists that had never been contacted before, in commodity type businesses, using multi-step campaigns, when once a year mailings were the norm before my help.

Scott was one of those entrepreneurs.

He sold a B2B type service – to professionals – in a very impersonal type of industry (financial dealings with large companies).

Scott buried his ego long enough to actually TRY my recommendations.

We chose a marketing theme from the Cash Flow Calendar

We created a 3-step sequence to go out to his mostly-cold list of prospects.

It was personality driven.

It had a off-the-wall theme to it.

It was aggressive, not much for actual teaching content in it, and asked for very specific actions to be taken in each of the emails that went out.



All-in-all, it broke EVERY possible ‘rule’ you can imagine in his industry.

His peers thought it was stupid and professional-suicide.

His wife nearly left him.

His staff fretted about the jobs they were about to lose.

Lo and behold… it worked.

Not only did it work… he made $18 in revenues for every $1 he invested in this marketing campaign!18-1-marketing-returns

You show me ANYWHERE you can put a $1 bill in – and immediately take out $18.

How many times would you put $1 bills in?

As many as humanly possible, I would hope!

Scott was smart – he let the numbers talk louder than his ego.

He reaped the benefits and has a evergreen campaign he can continue to run untouched for many years to come.



The keys to making measurable marketing work for you:

1) Bury your ego. It will also scream at you for trying unusual ideas in your marketing. Your ego is wrong – the numbers are ALL that matter and the only way you can get those numbers is to ignore the ego and test those ideas.

2) Use themes in your marketing. Unusual themes. Wild West Themes. Peanut Butter and Jelly Themes. Dog Days Themes. You name it – use it. Your first reaction will be, “how unprofessional”. Your second reaction after testing it, “surprisingly profitable!”. I see it time and time again.

3) Multi-step campaigns ALWAYS outperform one-off campaigns. 3 steps should be your minimum. If doing direct mail – space them out about 7-10 days apart. Email campaigns should be done every second day or so.

4) Personality driven campaigns only. No speeds and feeds garbage (where you talk only about the wonderful features of your product or service). Talk about why you started your business, talk about your failures along the way, talk about your wife, husband, kids and pets. THAT is how you stand out in the clutter.

5) Be prolific. Don’t try this once and give up. Be and think like a marketer! Always be looking out for innovative marketing ideas and take massive action on getting them implemented once you come up with them.


…ignore the naysayers.

There are lots of them out there and they will surely drag down your profits and kill your passion to be a marketer of your business.

Trust the numbers – and the only way you get those is to TEST these kind of marketing campaigns!

Have fun, and be different.


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3 ways to MASTER Adoxography Marketing (and why you MUST)

According to Wikipedia, Adoxography was a term coined in the late 19th century, and means “fine writing on a trivial or base subject.”

It’s also the foundation of billions of dollars in sales across the world.

Think about it…

…Reality tv – they pretend it’s ‘unscripted’ – ya right! It’s not only scripted, it’s a HUGE money-maker, and uses Adoxography scripts of the mediocre and stupidity at its core.

…The National Enquirer. You can put it down all you like… the facts prove YOU are the fool if you don’t think anyone buys it! The National Enquirer sells more copies in a week than the TOP 3 business magazines and newspapers COMBINED – Proof that Adoxolography works.The people that write these headlines – “Bat Boy Explodes” – “Use Your Dreams to Win the Lotto” – “Saddam & Osama In Love.”

Those writers make a substantial income writing those words – because they sell a TON of newspapers for the publishers.

Mega-bucks from trivial and stupid stories.
The fact is…

…ALL content is good content, if it’s done properly.

Content creation is all the rage right now online.

But content is content – whether its fact and tip filled, or great story telling at its finest.

I’ve shared numerous times before the FACT that stories outsells facts (educational content) by 118% (Carnegie Mellon study).

As you should know by now, I love using stories in marketing and sales.

And stories are RIPE for Adoxography-type marketing.

That simple trip to the grocery store this weekend can be a fantastic marketing piece that makes you money for years to come.

That time your daughters dressed you up and put makeup on you (complete with barrettes)… makes for a very profitable annual campaign you run.

<<oh ya right, that was me – and yes it is a story-campaign I’ve used for 7 years now!>>

Better yet…

While everyone was doing their Halloween campaigns yesterday, you can be THE ONLY ONE IN YOUR MARKET doing a National Deviled Egg Day campaign for November 2nd. deviled eggs

Or a National Marooned Without a Compass day (Nov 6 – and yes, a real National Holiday).

Or maybe on November 13th you run a special story about National Indian Pudding Day?

Not only are these trivial subjects (perfect for Adoxolography marketing)…

…they STAND OUT!

Especially when your competition is doing pretty well nothing creative to grab your attention.

And, duh, marketing is ALL about standing out from the competition.

Master this skill and you will NEVER be without marketing or content ideas!

3 quick ways:

1) Always be on the lookout for stupid things (and people) you see on your day-to-day adventures. Keep notes (I use Evernote for this). Whenever you need a new idea – pull up Evernote and away you go.

2) Read the news – ALL KINDS of news. The Onion. The Wall Street Journal. The Sun. Read it all – find the ridiculous – the bizarre – the trivial that fits a story you have – then MILK IT for all it’s worth!

3) Master the use of unusual holidays and celebrations. There are THOUSANDS of them I personally compiled in the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar. For 7 years now, I’ve been showing people how to use these wacky promotional ideas to grow their business and engage their audience.

The 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar is JUST ABOUT DONE! 

This year has some MASSIVE new additions.

Well over 1,500 marketing ideas – laid out in a day-by-day marketing calendar for you.

With copy and paste templates you can use as-is (not 1,500 templates – but enough to keep you busy marketing without anything more than copy and paste!).

Audio training.

Monthly updates.

Monthly templates emailed to you.


The price will be $97… but you are getting early bird pricing right here, right now.

The calendar will be out next Friday (Nov 8th).

You can grab it then for $97.

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The choice is yours.2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan

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Have a great National Plan Your Epitaph Day (yes, that’s today, November 1).


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My spooky screw up and some lessons to grow your business

Over the past couple months, I’ve been working in a different niche and head space.

Sadly, I neglected sharing my marketing insights with
you during that time.

But, boy-oh-boy did I learn some powerful things I
wanted to share.


First, ALWAYS follow your intuition!

How many times I’ve ignored that nagging gut feeling in
pursuit of the all might money!

I shudder to think.

In this case, I had warning signs FARRRR in advance of
going head-first into this adventure… but I ignored

It cost me $, it cost me far too much stress, and it
cost me some goodwill with YOU that I fully plan on
earning back.

ALWAYS follow your intuition – and back it up with some
checking the facts, but let your intuition guide you
through those tough decisions.

If I had followed mine, I would have saved 2 months of


Second, when plunging into new jv products or
partnerships, double check if your EGOS are in line
with each other.

Ego has a funny way of getting in the way of success.

In this same example, if I had done a little more
advance ego-checking, I would have seen the proof that
my intuition was right.

Just because surface level stuff says one thing,
doesn’t mean your new partners ego won’t get in the way
of trying and succeeding at things that could’ve been
wildly successful.
Third, B2B is no different than B2C – just because you
couldn’t/didn’t make it work before – doesn’t mean it
doesn’t work for others.

I’ve done some great B2B campaigns that got wicked-good
response rates (one of them got an 18% conversion rate
from a COLD list!

All C-level buyers – never heard from the client before
– using a 2 page black and white letter – no logos to
be found – entire campaign told a STORY – not the B2B
facts most companies spew out).

The best part? The 18% response rate came with
COMPLIMENTS from the prospects.

We received NUMEROUS emails, phone calls, and even
letters thanking US for such a unique, and welcome,

B2B does not mean you hide behind a company – some of
the greatest and most successful companies in the world
have a personality at the core – NOT A LOGO.


Four, always be prepared to listen to others – your
opinion ISN’T always right and they may have something
very profitable to share!

Just because something didn’t work for you in the past
– doesn’t mean it won’t work for you now – you just did
it wrong in the past.


Last, don’t be afraid to FAIL, and FAIL FAST!

The last thing you want to do when something is turning
ugly on you is to ‘stick it out’.

Especially when the intuition is telling you the
opposite, the egos involved are clashing, and the
ability to see things from all sides has become murky.



As the great Michael Jordan shares in this quote: “I’ve
missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost
almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take
the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and
over and over again in my life. And that is why I


Failure is not to be shunned – it’s a GOOD THING.
The more you fail, the more you succeed.

This applies in face-to-face sales, it applies in
online marketing, it applies in offline marketing.

This applies in sports. In learning. In improving
yourself and your situation.


And fail fast and furious, while you’re at it.

It develops thick skin – and positions you for

– – – – – – – – –
One last thing…
– – – – – – – – –

The 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar is JUST ABOUT

This is my 7th year of publishing this.

It gets added to and improved, every single year.

This year has some MASSIVE new additions.

Well over 1,500 marketing ideas – laid out in a
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With copy and paste templates you can use as-is (not
1,500 templates – but enough to keep you busy marketing
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Audio training.

Monthly updates.

Monthly templates emailed to you.


The price will be $97… but you are getting early bird
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2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan

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WANTED: Parentpreneurs for Interview (and marketers in need of cash flow)

For 11 years of self-employment now, I’ve been performing mind implants on my daughters.

Marketing implants.

Entrepreneurial Spirit injections. Parentpreneur

And turning them into independent thinkers and entrepreneurs-in-the-making.


They see that the traditional High School->College->Corporate Career->Retirement at 65 model is BROKEN.

Seriously dysfunctional.

Yet most people stick with that ideal and convince their kids to do the same.

Despite all the PROOF that the world has changed and that mode; doesn’t work anymore.

But there is a secret society of “PARENTPRENEURS” like myself that want more for their kids.

To give them the tools to enable their future wayyyy beyond a broke and ancient model of ‘security’.

Are you one?

I created a Facebook Group that is going to showcase Parentpreneurs like you.

Like your neighbour.

Or your cousin.

First – go and like that page – I can then give you updates on the incredible success stories I will be showcasing.

Second – if you want to be interviewed (or know someone I should interview) for the Parentpreneur community, like the page and post a note about doing an interview.

Let’s show off our ability to install the entrepreneurial spirit in the new generation – the ones that will be creating breakthroughs and wealth WITHOUT the corporate nonsense.


Please go like the page and become part of a brand new, passionate community

– – – – – – – –

Time flies!

We are more than halfway through May – and nearly to the halfway point of 2013 – WOW!

One of the simplest ways you can increase your cash flow and grow your business is to start marketing more, with more creative campaigns.

Waaaaay back in 2008 I created the Cash Flow Calendar to help with just that.

Fran went from $1,000 months to $1,000 days with the calendar.

Doc Carney made $11,500 with just one campaign idea in there, back in 2011.

Today… it’s your turn.

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar sells for $87 normally – but I am doing a special offer for our halfway point celebration. We are nearly halfway through the year, and I am offering you 50% off the calendar so YOU can make the second half of 2013 way more profitable than the first!

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Have a great day!



In honor of National PB&J Day … Pay-what-you-want special event

9 years ago I attended a Jay Abraham Marketing conference in L.A. and met a guy named Tad Hargrave.

He was a very smart dude, and stood out from the 600 others… by wearing a kilt.

Very articulate, a marketing geek like myself, and he lived just a couple hours from where I lived.

So, us geeks got together and planned out a marketing seminar.

We knew our stuff and had helped many others get great results.

The problem?

What to charge.

Tad had an interested, highly unique solution…



The concept was foreign and scary to me, but we did it anyhow.

And it was a wonderful marketing seminar we did with lots of very appreciative attendees.

Fast forward 9 years… Tad still does pay-what-you-want events!

Obviously my fear of them was unjustified and it has worked out well for Tad.

I was out walking the dog this morning thinking about this, and decided to do something about this.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Announcing: The Pay-What-You-Want P,B&J Week!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Next Tuesday, April 2nd, is International Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.

It’s also a GREAT day to end my pay-what-you-want week.

For the next 7 days, you can decide the price.

Here’s what you get:

1) Story Selling Tips Home Study Course.  

As Dan Kennedy says, people don’t buy STUFF – they buy STORIES!  And I whole-heartedly agree.  I love using stories in marketing and sales – you should too.

Not only are stories proven to outsells facts by 158% (Carnegie Mellon), people LOVE reading them.

We all love a good story… and I want to show you what stories to tell, how to tell them, and how to turn your stories into cash flow.

This has the course material, the audios, and the webinar recordings.

This course sells right now online for $99.

2) Sales Letter Success Course.  

When you combine stories with effective copywriting and wordsmithing to pursued… you have a mega-winner!

I have invested the last 11 years pouring my heart and soul into the art and science of copywriting. I am always learning and practicing, and sharing what I find works best.

This is the transcription and audios of my workshop on creating sales copy that sells.

This course sells right now online for $197.

3) The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar.

Nothing is easier than flipping through some wild and wacky events or promotional ideas and creating your own.

It isn’t something most people think of, nbut I show you exactly what to do, what events you can promote, and how to create a steady stream of cash flow using wacky promotional ideas.

This is the 6th or 7th year of the Cash Flow Calendar and people love it (they love the cash more – but the calendar helped them get there!)

Well over 1,500 weird and wonderful events (like International PB&J day on April 2nd) for you to choose from.  Many of them have template swipe mater you can copy and paste to use in your promotions!

Easy peasy.

This course sells right now online for $87.

Combined, those courses would sell for $383…


Call it an off day, or just reliving some of my past experience working with Tad, I wanted to test this for the next 7 days and see if YOU like the idea as much as I do.

Here is a link to a Paypal payment page – enter whatever amount YOU WANT – and I will send you these 3 products (download links).

This way you can feel comfortable with the price (you pick it) and I can feel comfortable knowing you are willing to pay what you feel it’s worth.

Sound fair?

Starting today, for the next 7 days, I will be running this campaign.

Pick it up today, and in the next 7 days you could have made a bundle using these tools – like Doc Carney did with JUST the calendar – making $11k with a few ideas in there.

You pick the price

Then let me know your results once you start running the campaigns!



Have a great day.


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Your marketing plan for 2013

Happy New Year and let’s get busy with a marketing plan!

We are over a week into the year and resolutions are being abandoned by the minute around us.

If building your business (or starting a new business from home) is one of your goals for the year, this will help.

The first thing you need to do in your marketing plan is to think from the end backwards.

If you do $100,000 in revenues now… and want to get to $250,000 this year… you need to figure it out backwards.

So $250,000 a year is ~$21,000 a month in revenues.

Which is ~$5,000 a week… or $1,000 a work day.

So what can you do to generate $1,000 a day in sales?

First, you need a database to market to.  If you don’t have one – GET BUSY building one! I hear this whiny complaint all the time. [insert nasally whiny voice here] “but I don’t have a list to market toooooooo”

You know what?

No one has a list to start with!


It’s true – every single business I know of started off in business without a list to start with.  If they have a list… they BUILT a list. As do you need to do. Build one!

That means you need to get focused on lead generation and website traffic.

This means blogging on a regular basis.

This means learning some SEO basics for those blog posts.

This means using paid ads from Google, Facebook, Bing, or any one of the hundreds of other paid traffic sources available online right now.

This means using solo advertising to “rent” traffic from someone elses list.

This means you learning how to CONVERT web traffic to leads.

Then convert those leads to buyers (hint: web traffic is USELESS if they don’t take an action on your site – they either buy, or they sign up to keep getting updates from you – they WON’T be back to your site because of the beautiful design, if that’s what you were hoping for!)

This means you learn how to tell compelling stories in your marketing to keep people loyal to you and looking forward to hearing more from you.Cash Flow Calendar and Marketing Plan for 2013

This means you create a weekly plan on how you are going to generate $1,000 a day – and you STICK with it.

The 2013 Cash Flow Calendar will help you get there, but it is up to you to stick to the plan and actually do something with the tools and education it gives you.

Novel concept… but many new entrepreneurs don’t understand this.

They think you buy the books or products and they magically make you money.

Doesn’t work that way.

You can have an enviable library of thousands of business books and be broke… if you don’t apply the information you learn.

But, take that same education, and you put MASSIVE ACTION behind it in 2013, and you easily can make your $1,000 a day!

It takes persistence and commitment.

…and a plan.

I’m here to help… let me know what I can do.


PS: The best way I know of, in the quickest amount of time, to make $1,000 a day is through Empower Network.  It has the BEST training out there for generating traffic and leads to your website (no matter what business)… and has a fantastic income source built into it.  If you want to start your year right, invest the $25 in Empower Network, and I will personally show you what to do and how to do it.  If $25 is too much of a monthly commitment to grow your leads and income… you aren’t very serious about it. In my 11 years of marketing online, this BY FAR has the best training I have seen or bought,.