A conference for those around Calgary (meet me and my daughters there?)

Calgary is a great place to live, but there are very few conferences that seem to roll through here (one’s that interest me, anyhow).

This one came to my attention thanks to my awesome daughters.

One of the speakers here is a big part of the Insanity workout videos, and my girls are hardcore Insanity Workout fans!

We’ll be there – hope you can join us.

If you can make it, let me know and we will meet up in person (plus I have a gift for you as well if you decide to join us!)

The Inspiration and Influence Conference is a personal and professional development boot camp with a TWIST.

If you’re an ambitious and whole-hearted professional who desires to change the world with your work, here’s where you get the tools and inspiration you need to to influence those you want to work with.

Discover the simple (yet unusual) systems that help you focus on empowering others.

The key difference between this conference and others?


This is one place where the speakers are focused on YOUR NEEDS, YOUR GOALS, AND YOUR OUTCOME!

Other conferences tend to be focused on the speakers… building them up, having them sell more products, and teasing the participants with itty bitty pieces of content that they need more products to fill in the blanks with.


You will gain the knowledge you need, and the action plan that makes the difference.

YOU are the focus for the entire conference, and YOU are the one that comes out of this a bigger and better person and professional.

Calgary doesn’t host a lot of conferences like this, so we have brought in the best of the best from around the world.


GET 10% OFF:

Would be great to meet up there!

Let me know if you can join us.

Thanks again,


PS: If you didn’t see this short webinar I did a couple weeks ago, you must at least see the recording! A great way for you and I to do some very customized work together

Calgary Conference


Need your help: in return you help out a great athlete and cause


I have raved about Belinda Morrison and Be More Fitness. I have seen incredible results in just 6 months training with her.

Belinda’s daughter, Shaunie Morrison, is representing Canada at the Pan Am Games in just a few weeks and needs sponsors!Shaunie Morrison, Be More Fitness, Belinda Morrison

If you support our young athletes – and want to do some good for a GREAT ATHLETE and cause… can you help out?

From Belinda…

GREAT NEWS my daughter Shaunie Morrison just ran 10 min ago on Montreal she is the fastest Junior in Canada! It was a head to head race with the fastest in Canada!

She will be representing Canada again at the Pan Am Games in Columbia. We have three weeks to raise enough money to send her…any DONATION would be appreciated at this point.

If you know a individual or business that could help us please forward this email to them!

To donate please got to

Without the support of our clients and the community Shaunie will not be able to attend.

Thank you so much in advance,
Belinda, Colin and Shaunie!


Rekindling the Kundalini in your business and life

Yikes – where’s Waldo White?

Oh ya, that’s me… and I’m back baby!

Been a while since I wrote you an update – you’ll soon see why.flood-calgary-firefighters

First – the floods in Calgary and surrounding areas.

You may or may not know, but we just went through the worst floods in history here (in the 1930s, the flood levels were similar – but the city is 200 times bigger now).

A nasty combination of melting snow in the rocky mountains, combined with some wicked downpours, and flood waters destroyed homes, businesses, momentos and peoples’ dreams.

A city of 1.3 million people was spellbound and crippled watching the water levels rise, the rivers pouring over the banks into the surrounding communities, and a bustling downtown completely shut down for almost a week while Emergency crews attempted to grasp the reality of what happened.

$1 billion has been pledged so far to fix the problem (which probably won’t even scratch the surface). You can’t buy flood insurance in our neck of the woods – so all those homes that are destroyed – no insurance.

<< if you want to see the devastation that hit here – have a look at this — >>

Not just Calgary got hit either – some of the worst hit areas are Canmore, High River, the Siksika Indian Reserve, and countless towns surrounding us. flood-high-river

People lost their homes, their businesses, their jobs (when a business gets demolished like this – people lose their jobs), their pets, their futures, and all their memories.

But if you could see the positive in this…

Well over a million people have come together like no other time I have experienced.

From our incredible Mayor that proved his worth (and how he calls out the dumb asses in society through this, to the incredible people who have stood proud to help those in their time of need (on the first day of cleanup the city asked for 600 volunteers and 7000 showed up non the first day).

The Calgary Stampede is supposed to start up 10 days from now (see past article about the Stampede here

The problem is… the grounds where the Stampede takes place is UNDER WATER! flood-calgary-stampede

Massive destruction.

Talk of cancelling the Stampede – first time in 101 years.

$500 million in lost revenue.


The city and their awesome volunteers have pulled together – and are determined Through “Hell or High Water” (the new slogan for the 2013 Calgary Stampede) that the SHOW WILL GO ON, despite all odds against them.

People are working 24×7 to make this happen – and it will.

I have no doubt. flood-homes

I saw what this city can do when it pulled off the 1988 Winter Olympic Games… spellbinding!
Watching people have their dreams destroyed one day – and their passion rekindled the next to move on and be a bigger and better person because of mayhem is awesome!

It fired me up.

And it should for you too.
Have you heard of Kundalini?

According to wikipedia: “In practical terms, one of the most commonly reported “kundalini experiences” is the feeling of an electric current running along the spine.”

You know that feeling when a fire gets ignited inside?
When that energy starts flowing throughout your entire body and ANYTHING feels possible.

Ya, that one.

It is powerful.

But it can be fleeting.

If you can tap into it and KEEP IT FIRING, you can tackle anything and everything you set your mind to.

Like the passion running high in this city to rebuild bigger and better…

…it may be time for YOU to retire YOUR Kundalini energy.

And I have a simple little exercise to do it.

It applies to your business – to your relationships – to your hobbies.

First, grab a pen and paper (works way better at getting the energy flowing than typing does – try both if you don’t believe me).

Next, find a quiet spot without cell phones, emails, or distractions.


Write about first time you felt that Kundalini-type energy in your business. What fired you up about your business. What your dreams were. What you loved about being in this business. What you love about the types of clients you deal with.

If it’s difficult – GOOD! That means this exercise is EXACTLY what you need right now.

2-3 pages MINIMUM! And the more you write the more you will fell the energy rising in your body (in business – the more more of this type of energy you have – the more money you make).

If you don’t want to do this for your business – do it for those in your life that you love. Write a letter to them or about them describing what first gave you that Kundalini-type-of-feeling for them. The moment you met. The first date. The first kiss. The first realization that you had someone really special in your life.

Again – 2-3 pages MINIMUM! And ditto on if this is difficult to do… it could be the most incredible thing you EVER do to retire your passion in your personal life.
Please don’t discount this as silly or hokey.


See what it does to your sales.

Or to your sex life.

It works.

And it will drive you to bigger and better things in the coming months and years.
All this devastation here has fired up well over a million people – JUST WATCH what happens as a result.

And if there is any possible way for you to get to the Calgary Stampede this year – do it!

You will experience an energy and a community unlike any other you’ve ever seen.

I promise.

Some big things are coming here. A new program for all you renegades out there that hate being part of the status quo and want more from life. Examples of renegade-style marketing and simple ways to use them in your own business. Case studies on turning dull or blah business models into passion-fueled profit machines.

Lots of great things on the horizon.

Have a great day and FIRE THAT KUNDALINI UP BABY!

Mountains will move and impossible tasks will become easy.

Try it… you’ll like it!

Have a great day.




In Calgary this weekend?

Just a heads up on a networking event and direct sales tradeshow I’m at, this Saturday in Calgary.

Come down and learn about what’s working in the lead generation, blogging, and website traffic world of direct sales.

Pop by and say hi – there is a talk at 1:00 by Mike April on some simple ways to get up to $8,000 a year in additional tax write-offs.

I am giving away some audios and dvds in a draw there as well.

There’s a pass for you and a guest you can download from here

Calgary Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketing

(click then print and bring with you)


Saturday, March 16, 2013

South Calgary Community Centre

3130 16th Street SE (Marda Loop Area)

11:00 am to 4:00 pm


I’ll be there to talk about online marketing, blogging, lead generation and conversion… and how to improve the results you get from your websites.

Hope to see you there!



Tabata who? The timeless secrets of passion-fueled business owners

Ever heard of Tabata?

Up until January this year, I never knew it existed.

You may or may not have seen my articles before about my martial arts training.

For 7 years I have consistently trained in Tae Kwon Do 3-4 times a week, and have my second degree Black Belt.

I also walk the dog for an hour a day.

But my weight (ahem, more like flab) just wasn’t going away as fast as I wanted.

So I sought out a kettle bell trainer in Calgary and started training with Belinda Morrison of



Her husband Collin showed me the ropes with Kettlebells (awesome!) and then Belinda taught me Tabata training (you burn more fat in 4 minutes of Tabata band training than 30 minutes of jogging).

In 2 months of training with Belinda, I have dropped 3 belt notches!

Loving it!

Besides the training though, Belinda is an amazing business owner and coach.

Her workouts are 30 minutes long.

Tabata training is usually 20 seconds of all-out sprints at some form of body weight, or actual weights… then 10 seconds of rest.

20 seconds all-out.

10 seconds rest.

Do THAT for 30 minutes straight – I DARE YA.

I was in decent shape from all the martial arts and walking, but I realized how much I was missing out on by sticking to my comfort zone.

Way better shape now, better endurance, body fat melting off.

She calls her workouts F.L.O.W. – Fat Loss Optimized Workouts.

All because this one entrepreneur LOVES what she does.

Belinda trains all kinds of people.

Elite athletes.

Fem Sport contestants (female athletes that could kick the butt of any men I know!)

Average Janes, and Joes, like myself.

Her daughter was just ranked the top athlete for her age and sport (hurdles) in the province we live in.

When the family gets together – they do workouts as games.

During her workouts that I am in – she shares nutritional tips, eating tips, supplement tips – between sets and during our rests.

She LOVES her business and it shines.

Lessons galore for all of us in business.

Nurture your passion for business.

Feed it.

Stretch it.

Push it hard.

Your passion for business is a bright light that attracts your ideal clients – and KEEPS them loyal to you for a long time.


…if your passion is gone and your business is blah…


Find something else that fires you up.

Get FAR out of your comfort zone.

Try new things.

Belinda is a MASTER at her business and I have learned a TON from her in just a couple months.

If you are in Calgary – you MUST sign up for her classes (at a minimum – join me Saturday mornings at 9 am for her workouts – money goes to Charity).

WARNING: her workouts are tough – be prepared to work until you feel like puking (she says that’s ‘normal’). This is not a place you go to socialize – this is a place you go to sweat, and work your ASS off!

So, so, so worth it.

So is the refuelling of your passion for business!

Have a fantastic day – and work your tail off till you feel like puking!



Flu bugs, long copy pizza boxes, and a local Calgary Marketing Meetup

I’ve been abnormally quiet over the past 8 day.

Unfortunately it was with this stupid flu bug going around.  I haven’t been sick in years, but yowza this one knocked me down and boot kicked me real good.

Shivers, sweats, headaches, wickedly congested lungs…. oh what a fun time it’s been.

The only good thing about it?

It’s feeling a little better and I will feel like a NEW MAN after not being able to breath for a week!

Kinda like when you are in the trenches gasping for air, trying anything and everything to get your marketing campaigns to work.

Then you see a sign… albeit a small one… but still a sign that one of them is gaining traction.

So you STICK TO IT, keep on plugging, a voila(!) you have a winner!

Most entrepreneurs don’t stick with it.

They test Facebook ads for 2 days, decide Facebook marketing doesn’t work.  Then they do the same with PPC.  Or SEO.  Or print mail (great opportunities out there right now folks too!).

Marketing is about fighting the good fight and slugging your way through it.

Then you wash, rinse and repeat once you get them working.

Much like long copy pizza box marketing

Quite some time ago I wrote an article about a Calgary guy who MASTERED using long copy on pizza boxes.
(photos here too)

It has certainly worked well for him… he was just written up in the local paper for some of the amazing things he has done…

Why does it matter to you?

He ZIGGED when everyone else ZAGGED.

You can bet everyone said it was a stupid idea to fill his pizza boxes with stories like that.

Now people collect them.

STOP listening to the naysayers out there – their advice is usually useless.

The only way to succeed in marketing is to TRY NEW THINGS.

If everyone is marketing online, go offline.  If everyone is offline, go online.

If everyone is using pretty image ads… use long copy ads.

THAT is how you get attention… not trying to do the same-old, same-old as your competitors do!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I have taken the plunge, crawled out of my cave, and decided to start hosting regular marketing Meetups in Calgary.

After a 4 year hiatus from doing local seminars, I am back baby!

The first one is this Thursday –
(I could have done what most would have done – calling it the Calgary marketing club, but that’s boring, and Cowtown Marketing Club stands out a bit in my opinion).

If you are local – come on out and lets talk marketing!

I feel a chill coming on… back to my wimpy chair and blanket 🙂

Have a great and healthy day,


Cowtown marketing club Calgary