A one sentence story example that hits your emotions

I love Saddleback Leather!



They have great products… and the owner, Dave Munson, is a great entrepreneur and wonderful story teller.

He beautifully tells the tale of how Saddleback Leather came about, and you will probably be brought to tears when you read the story of his dog Blue.

Wonderful pictures sent in by Saddleback Leather clients fill in all the other story gaps you could ever need.

Pictures from every corner of the world adorn the Saddleback web and Facebook pages.

You name it… they have it on their website.

And it works.

What do YOU think makes them different enough to kick ass in the VERY competitive world of high quality leather products?

Is it the 100 year warranty that wins them over?

Or the fact that he lists AND links to his closest competitors websites?

Or the vast quantity of photographs his clients have sent in with pictures of them and their Saddleback products from every nook and cranny in the world?

Or maybe it’s the fact he does his video blogs from a hammock without a care in the world about bells and whistles on the videos?saddleback-leather-safari

Or the fact that his “hot wife” (as he fondly calls her) launched her own leather company… and Love 41 is donating 100% of their profits to orphans, widows and street kids in Africa.

No… it’s not one or the other to me.

It’s the fact he does them ALL… in such a subtle and beautiful way.

One other thing he does that I truly love, is to weave in little one sentence stories that grab you by your emotions and don’t let you go without permanent marks.

Like this snippet from his Dave’s Links page…


One sentence... it completely changes the feel of this paragraph about their favorite charity.

Spend some time poking around the Saddleback Leather site.

One of these days, I MUST dig up my notes from the interview I did with Dave.  He is da man!


How can you NOT be intrigued by an entrepreneur like this?!

In the different coaching I do and have done about stories… the one sentence story inventory sheet can be considered your greatest asset. 

Dave shows here how that one simple little sentence can permanently etch a call to action into your brain.

Watch for them, use them, and make sure you start listing all of them down NOW while you think of it.

Have a great day and Thanksgiving long weekend for my fellow Canucks (or Canoooks as my American friends would say 🙂


Saddleback Leather Moleskine Cover

My personal writing journal covered by Saddleback Leather


Blue... Dave's buddy and business partner who passed on... have a kleenex ready when you read Blue's story!


Makes the postman blush (and grown men cry)


Hope you are having a GREAT week!

Nothing has helped me more from a therapeutic and marketing standpoint than writing daily emails.

I know it may seem like work…

…but nothing good every comes without some work.

And it isn’t hard work at all.

In fact… there are so many INCREDIBLE examples to share with you, its more difficult deciding what to share.

Today, 2 fine, fine examples of great marketing ideas.

First… the blushing postman.

Look how she starts this video for Panty by Post

Panty by Post

Great marketing ideas galore here!


…with a story about one of her great loves… the French… and French Panties.

Not only is the video simply divine (simple, and selling)., it grabs your attention and would compel you to watch (man or woman).

These days anyone and everyone with a simply little handheld HD camera can do this (even me!).

Then add in some of the great editing software out there these days and voila… you have a video to use on Youtube, on your blog, on your site, on Facebook shares… and so on, and so on.

The second thing I LOVE about this video is the unusual membership piece. You have hopefully read my Million Dollar Lobster report (if not – here is the direct download link  https://www.milliondollarlobster.com/MillionDollarLobster.pdf).

Unusual membership programs like this are powerful ways to draw attention, publicity and experience buyers.

A membership is an experience.

It is something you get to interact with on an ongoing basis.

Vs a one-time purchase.

Is there any way at all you can take frequently bought items and turn them into a membership concept?

I have seen near everything sold via membership…

…panties, shows, jewelry, honey, steaks, baked goods, fresh goods, lobsters, shoes, dive-bar tshirts, kids gifts, art and paintings, travel, cars, motorcycles, boats, to name a small sample of what is now available.

Can YOU be the first in your city, or industry, that brings out a membership program?

Think it through – it’d be awesome to inspire you to create this.

The second example for today you may have already seen on Facebook.

Budweiser NAILED IT with this viral video.

What a beautiful idea and concept here.

…and Bud is winning over more fans than EVER with this.

It evokes emotion… and may even bring a tear to your eye.

If you have ever felt like you love and activity so much, but know you will never be in the big leagues (due to age, skill level, whatever) then this video will get that emotion factor revved up.

I LOVE my martial arts.  Been doing it for 12 years or so off an on, the past 6 years in Tae Kwon Do (training for second degree Black Belt right now)… but I know that my age and size are a factor in competition.  Maybe it is more fear than anything, but I haven’t been in one with my TKD.  There is a chance coming up this summer… we will see.

But I GET this video.

I would love to be in a competition and feel like a superstar (despite not being close to one).

THAT is the feel Bud gets going with this video.

…and it does 2 things I want to point out: It shares some intimate emotions with their prospects and clients, and it shows them doing something that gives back to the community.

Both of which you and I could be doing.

My blog post this week talks about emotion and the powerful force behind it in your marketing… you should read it if you haven’t.

Anyhow, hope you have a GREAT day/week/weekend.


PS: The Story Selling Home Study Coaching program https://www.storysellingtips.com is ready and is an incredible way to introduce your clients and prospects to your backstories… where your real money will be made.



Panda Poop Tea, $100 Hot dogs, and Cat Poop Coffee

3 very unusual “products” with one very powerful lesson.

I admit it: I am weird.

Very unusual in many ways.

One of the things that makes me an oddball is my fascination with wacky marketing ideas.

I love them!

You should too.

Always be on the lookout for those high priced, high oddball-factor products or services.

They are full of great lessons and ideas for your own marketing campaigns.

For example, you may recall my article on Cat Poop Coffee and Holy Crap Cereal.  One if s product idea that garnered tens of thousands of free media publicity for a teeny tiny coffee shop in Calgary.  The other snapped up thousands of dollars in first day sales as soon as they re-named their product


And now the Panda bear is giving the Wild Cicvik from Thailand  a run for its money.

$18,000 a kilo?


That had better make me 20 years younger, more attractive, wealthier, and 20 pounds lighter too for that price.

But my forecast is that they will do very well with this.

It’s exclusive.  Not something you can get at the local supermarket… so those who love a good story and an unusual experience (those with the money) will be flocking to the place that sells this Panda Poop Tea.


The right kind of people are magnetically drawn to this type of product.  People with disposable income. People who LOVE a good story and can’t wait to be the first to tell their friends what they did or bought.

People who are willing to pay an extremely high price for either bragging rights, or for that ultimate experience they can share with their friends and family.

The kind of person you NEED as part of your customer portfolio.

We all should have  segment of our customer population that is wealthy, affluent, and looking for something unique.

You’ve heard me talk about Saddleback Leather (https://www.sbackleather.com).  Their prices are reasonable but on the higher side for leather bags like they have.  But the STORY behind their beautiful leather bags and 100 YEAR guarantee make

Saddle Back Leather

THe BEST Leather Bags Out There

for a very compelling Valentines Gift, or Birthday Gift, or that special gift for anyone and everyone you know who loves quality leather goods (hint, hint….Valentines Day is just around the corner!).

Now we have $100 hot dogs! https://www.calgarysun.com/2012/01/24/vancouver-restaurant-selling-100-hot-dog


Just down the street you can pick up a $2 hotdog from a cart….but the “most expensive hot dog in the world” – a $100 cognac-infused sausage topped with oil-seared Kobe beef, lobster meat and a picante sauce.The foot-long bratwurst is infused with 100-year-old Louis XIII cognac – which has a $2,000 price tag of its own – and must be ordered 12 hours in advance so fresh ingredients can be prepped.

Now THAT is how you get media attention, world record breaking Guiness attention, and how you call out to the locals who have the money and are looking for something fun they can put their money into.

You see a BIG part of marketing to the affluent is in the experience side.

Quality is quality.

But experiences are tough to compare and tough to ignore.  When you have $1,000 in your pocket that’s consider pocket money for the day (every day), you start looking for unusual places to spend.

You can star out the day with some Cat poop coffee.  Have some Panda poop tea for a mid-morning picker upper, then a $100 hotdog that is infused with $2,000 cognac.  By 1 pm that day, you have had such a unique experience to share, it is WELL worth the money to you.

Not to everyone…

…that’s the point.

Marketing to the affluent is difficult for people to get their heads wrapped around.

Because most people think price is the major factor in buying decisions.

It isn’t.  It plays its part, but it isn’t the big part.

Especially when catering to those who high disposable income.

When I interviewed Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather, he revealed one of their HOTTEST sources of leads… a place I never would have thought of… but a place that is full of wealthy story-seekers.  I have never shared his source, but may one day when the timing is right.

So for you, I want you to think about the craziest, whackiest, most pie-in-the-sky concoction of products and services YOU could be offering.

Something that would increase your prices by a factor of 10.

And then consider how you can offer it.

I am not saying you need to replace your other products or services…just to add in ONE product worthy of media attention like all of the businesses here are lapping up.

If you have that one thing now – or know of one like it – PLEASE let me know!

I would love to do a write up on it and share some publicity with others (possibly a JV on a affluent marketing product I am working on too).

Think about adding a zero, or even two zeroes to y9our products.  What would you need to do…to offer…to promise… or to add into it to justify the expense.

Market it right and you just created a HUGE profit center!

And you are off to the races with all kinds of media attention and a whole new kind of client you can work with.

Try it and please let me know what you do.

I would love to interview you on this!


PS: The Story Selling Home Study is just about ready and it will be a big help to you in creating the ultimate marketing tools to promote your new product. One of the grads of a previous live Story Selling class wrote a single page letter for a client of theirs and their website went from $500 a month to $15,000 a month in sales, almost overnight….and all because of this one page story.

Find out how he did it and how you can too.  https://responsivedm.infusionsoft.com/app/manageCart/addProduct?productId=274

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Marketing and Success Secrets of the Amish

Sawdust in their blood, and Amish furniture in their shop (tales from Amish Country)

I recently had the privilege to spend a few days in Arcola, Illinois. True Amish country there.

…Marketing geeks like me would appreciate why I was so excited to go there!

Story fodder galore!

The truth on why I was there is that I do some marketing for a few Simply Amish (https://www.simplyamish.com) franchisees in Canada.

They make exceptionally well-built, hand-crafted furniture with a lifetime guarantee.

And seeing the actual Amish Craftsmen build the furniture in their shops was not only an eye opener, it was a necessity for a real understanding of their differentiators in the marketplace.


No matter what types of products or services you sell, getting inside the design and manufacturing process is where some great marketing breakthroughs can happen. It happened to Claude Hopkins when he wrote the now-famous Schlitz Beer long copy ads. He found out their manufacturing process involved a couple steps that not one of their competitors had ever spoken of… and used that idea to lift them up from the bottom of the top 10 to the top in just a few short months.

If your products are built or manufactured – go spend some time in the factory and ask questions of the engineers, designers and builders.

Get inside their heads on what makes this product superior, in their eyes.

Find some interesting tidbits that you can use to create some exceptional stories to use in all your marketing or advertising efforts.

If it is a service you provide… do the same but lay out on paper all the details that go into your delivery of the service.

Why is it done that way?

Was it always done that way?

What do you do different or better than the others in your field?

Dig deep and you will find some great USPs to use


Fortunately for me, I not only got to ride in a horse drawn buggy with them, I got to spend a full day touring their different workshops, and I got to eat with them during a mega-feast they prepared (chicken, tons of veggies, potatoes, ham, 5 different kinds of homemade pie… feast was an understatement!).

It was a very educational trip!

I thought you might be interested in some of the things I learned from the Amish while I was there.

Most people have no clue on what the Amish people or lifestyle is like.

I was no different.Amish marketing secrets

Some interesting facts:

* Each workshop has a specialty and each farm has a workshop.  So one workshop specializes in dining room tables, the other in beds, the other in dressers.

* There is no electric power running from the main power grid into their farms (they do not believe in plugging into the grid).

* The workshops are powered, heated or cooled, by either Geothermal, Wind, solar, or diesel generators.

Amish communities do not pay social security tax – but can collect it (they choose not to)

* Divorce not allowed – if it is a bad one and cannot be resolved by the husband, wife or family members – divorce is allowed but the person in the divorce who is in the wrong is shunned from the community – never allowed back

* Church wagon moves around from Amish farm house to farm house every Sunday. In the wagon are a dozen or more solid wood benches that are used for church service. Each Sunday the church wagon moves to  a new home

* The community loans $ to newly weds to get started in their homestead and business.

* The Amish LOVE their sweets! Cookies, cakes, pies… you name it.

* As the community I was in became more prosperous with their furniture businesses taking off… they slowed down on traditional food prep… opting for grocery stores instead (especially in the winters)

* Some of them use cell phones and drive vehicles for work purposes – but as soon as work ends, they resume traditional Amish ways.

* Simply Amish Furniture collections are named after their kids, nieces and nephews – the child gets their own branded furniture in their bedroom

* 4500 in the Arcola Amish community there

* They will have 400 people at wedding, which takes place on some of the farms

* The craftsmen rely on marketing – no marketing – no furniture to build (and the recession did slow them down a bit)

* Growing up building furniture gives a huge advantage in designed new types of furniture

* At age 16 they can choose to continue living in Amish Tradition or not.  Their choice can never be undone.  But if they choose to leave and not practice traditional Amish customs… they can still play and work with those that are in the community. But if they ever decided to stay in the community at 16 and then later want to leave… they are permanently shunned from the community.


What does it mean to you?

It means that each and every one of us needs to show our pride more.

To give our prospects and clients a GREAT story they can tell their friends and family.

To show them WHY you are the only one they should be considering, because we offer _______, which no one else does.

It also means that if you are looking for quality furniture that is guaranteed for life (much like my buddies at Saddleback Leather with their 100 year guarantee)…then Simply Amish is your place to be (https://www.simplyamish.com).

If you are in Alberta or British Columbia and interested in having hand made office furniture, dining room furniture, or living room furniture made… let me know and I can introduce you.

Last – it means that even in turbulent economic times like this, people ARE spending money on higher quality and higher priced goods like this.

Simply Amish is growing rapidly right now (425 franchises so far in Canada and the US).

They rarely do discounts (despite all the Groupons of the world)… and they never worry about price shoppers.

They focus on quality product, customized to the buyers, and a guarantee that provides decades of security for them and their family.


Some other notable quotes I heard (or things that happened) while there…

* After our Amish feast,  the teenage boys loaded up the buggies with batteries, lights and gear and all rode over to their favorite field for a 3 hour game of baseball.  They used the car batteries and lights to light up their baseball field.

* Headline I wrote down: Amish Bike-riding Road Hogs! When they are riding their bicycles to and from work, or to the store, they OWN the roads. They don’t move over for cars – and they gladly slow you down.

* A caravan of cars in Arcola, Illinois means that there is either a Simpy Amish annual conference or a funeral

* There was the Story of Belle… The Amish Pug who narrowly escaped death by horse and buggy right in front of my eyes (we all thought the little one was under the wheels of the buggy we were in!)


Hope you enjoyed the Amish visit as much as I did!


PS: If you are stuck for ideas on what exactly you could writer about, blog about, or wrap a promotion around, the 2012 Cash Flow Calendar (https://www.cashflowcalendars.com) is the IDEAL blueprint for you!  Every day of the year you are given templates and copy / paste templates you can use.  Have a peek and let me know your thoughts. Troy


Saddleback Leather Strikes Again

If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you know I have a man-crush on Saddleback Leather.

They are absolutely beautiful products (my medium sized Moleskine cover in Tobacco color is at my side daily, you can see it under the Wallets section of the Saddleback Leather website).

Not only do their products rock, their marketing and story telling is beautifully done (wish he shared more of his writings, but am happy with videos like this one below tells it all).

You should have a look at the article I wrote about Saddleback – it is packed with some excellent insights into how they have done so well in a saturated market (high end leather goods).

You can find the Saddleback Leather marketing article here https://smallbusinesscopywriter.com/writing-your-signature-story/

Have a poke around my article and their website – and notice how many raving fans they have!

Something for ALL of us to aspire to.



The difference between B2B and B2C

After nearly 10 years of helping entrepreneurs improve their marketing, I still get a kick out of people that claim “my business is different”.

Usually they claim their buyers are different than any other buyers.

Often though it comes down to this…

“…I sell to businesses – not consumers. And business buyers don’t fall for the same tricks you are sharing Troy.”

I will say this… Business to business (B2B) buyers are NOT different than Business to consumer (B2C) buyers!

A BUSINESS cannot buy anything.

Someone, somewhere, has to be involved in the purchasing process.

And anytime a person is involved, there are biases, prejudices, emotional triggers and hidden motives involved.

As much as we like to pretend otherwise, I don’t think there are too many businesses who use robots for purchasing from strangers. :o)

Yes, there can be minor changes you make to your campaigns to target business buyers, but people are people and the exact same tools and techniques that work in the B2C market ALSO work in the B2B market.

I have shown this many times over the past blog posts.

Like the one client who sells B2B: we sent out 200 letters to a COLD list… business buyers who had NEVER heard of him before. These were highly sophisticated buyers who worked for companies that ranged from $5 million a year to $500 million a year.

We mailed a 2-page black and white letter (no fancy brochures – no gloss – no color – not even a picture to be seen).

We sent it DIRECTLY to the purchasers.

We got a 18% response rate (the goal of the campaign was to initiate direct contact with the purchasing managers – either through a phone call or email… in essence, getting that first foot in the door).

The letter talked more about his family than his business!


One guy said “I get DOZENS of ‘pitch letters’ like this a week – I want to commend you on writing a very personal letter like this – I wish I saw more of this in my business”.


Guess something like that shows you that B2B buyers are NOT different…. they are people and like to buy from people.

So keep that in mind next time you are thinking up excuses on why YOUR buyers are different.

They aren’t that different.

They still eat, sleep, dream and have fears or dreams.

They are people like you and I are.

Treat them that way.

Not many B2B sellers do… so you will definitely stand out from the rest of the nonsense!


PS: I wanted to make sure you understand this – I have personally sold both B2B and B2C.

When I was working for Hewlett Packard in their Unix systems group… I sold $50,000 computer systems to business buyers. I also sold multi-million dollar servers and storage systems to business buyers. There was ALWAYS a person writing the final orders. Those people wanted to be TREATED like a human being too.

One potential client I nurtured for 2 years selling them smaller systems, ultimately knowing a big purchase order was coming… eventually.

And it did.

$3 million dollars worth of computer gear was sold in the end – the only reason he bought? “Because I stuck with him, and treated him the way he wanted to be treated. Not like some robot purchasing system. That was from him – the one who signed the purchase order and cheque.

If I treated him differently – the sale would have NEVER gone through.