Canada’s bday, America’s bday, and a proven way to generate cash flow

July 1st was Canada’s official 150th birthday… and today is America’s much older and bigger birthday party.

Both birthdays are a reason to celebrate independence.

And us entrepreneurial types are about as independent as they get!

We don’t care much for others telling us what to do.

We love blazing our own trails… creating success and happiness for ourselves, thank you very much.

And we detest leaving our futures up to circumstance, luck or fate.

We want full control of our future!

No matter what your business is, cash flow is king. It needs to be consistent, growing over time, and more in the positive than negative.

Pretty simple… right?

Then why do we all see soooooo many going out of business signs on storefronts?

That’s NOT the kind of freedom or independence those entrepreneurs dreamed of!

My guess?

They don’t market themselves nearly enough!

They overcomplicate marketing.

They let one bad experience stall them from doing it again.

They are UNcreative in their promotions.

Marketing is relatively simple.

You have quality products and/or services to sell.

You have a market that wants/needs to buy.

You find a way to make YOUR option the best option for them…

…then you get creative and grab their attention with your offer!

The more unusual those promotions are… the more attention you grab.


Those are the ones that stand out amidst all the clutter.

July is a time for family vacations, but it is ALSO:

International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month
National Bikini Month
 National Culinary Arts Month
 National Tennis Month
 National Ice Cream Month
 National Grilling On the Old BBQ Month
National Make A Difference to Children Month
National Wheelchair Beautification Month
National Recreation and Parks Month Anti-Boredom Month
 Picnic Month
 Women’s Motorcycle Month
 Cell Phone Courtesy Month
Family Reunion Month
 Baked Beans Month
 Hot Dog Month
 National Blueberry Month

If you can’t find at least THREE ideas for articles, blog posts, Facebook updates or promotions from all those events – you need to give your head a shake.

Marketing is ALL about looking for the opportunity to share value – to stand out from the clutter – and to have a little bit of fun mixing in stories with marketing.

And NOTHING helps you get more ideas, with more copy and paste ready-done campaigns than the 2017 Cash Flow Calendar.

We are officially half-way through the year and I have a Summer Blow Out for you.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Here’s how to make the most money and have the most fun
this summer in your business…
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

1) Create stories you can use in your marketing. Whether its your family fun you experience (getting one of my clients a 19% response rate from a COLD LIST – one who had never heard of him before). Take the summer to practice your story selling techniques, and use stories intertwined with marketing messages for compelling promotions that improve your cash flow and build your list of prospects and buyers.

My Story Selling course helps you do that, and it USUALLY sells for $97.

I am offering you a way to dramatically improve your marketing results leveraging simple stories you create.

This course walks you through my process of finding stories – leveraging stories – and using stories to help your business.

From there, you can use your cash flow to help others in need (like I am doing with this to help out the flood victims in Alberta here).
2) Use your newfound story selling skills in combination with the 2017 Cash Flow Calendar and become a marketing machine!

You’ll be cranking out blog posts, articles, promotions, sales pages and emails like a seasoned pro.

Any day you need an idea or two for marketing – pull up the calendar, flip to the day or week you need help with and *voila* you have all the ideas you need, along with some pre-written marketing pieces you can use word-for-word.

The 2017 Cash Flow Calendar is sold online for $97 right now (as of now – hackers took down the site – but I have all my files in a safe spot until sites are brought back from the techs)

Now, COMBINE the Story Selling Course and the 2017 Cash Flow Calendar and you have a wicked good system for growing your business this summer.

What would usually be a slower time of year, instantly becomes a busier and more profitable time of year.

More profits means more fun!

So instead of the $194 investment for the 2 training programs, I am offering a Summer Blow Out for the 2 of them for just $67

Create YOUR independence!

Thanks again,


PS: One other quick, simple request.

As I said earlier, I am representing Team Canada at WKU Worlds this year in Ireland. I am not only competing in 4 different fighting divisions, I’m there to co-coach our team to success and Medal bling.

Getting an entire team across the world to compete isn’t cheap.

My aunt and Uncle put together a page for me and the team a couple weeks ago that I haven’t really promoted much. Apologies to them – but I wanted to put this out there if you are like to support those with a dream and a passion!

Nothing thrills me more than seeing some of our kids raise their arms in victory at a tournament… let alone one that has Gold Medals and World titles attached to them.

I must admit though… my own being raised is a pretty amazing thrill too! Just brought home a couple Golds from Canadian Nationals for myself and it sure felt good!

If you are interested in helping us get to worlds – please contribute to the page my Uncle and Aunt setup https://www.gofundme.com/troy-is-going-to-the-worlds

…and I have some gifts for you in return for your support.

Not only are helping me and the team make an incredible journey to Ireland, you’re supporting me help coach them to their own quest for GOLD!
Any and alllll donations are very much appreciated!

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