Building an online empire

I have a quick, educational, and profitable story for you

March 2002, I finally quit the corporate world.

Fortunately for me, I was owed a decent chunk of outstanding commissions from my computer sales job.

…it bought me some time to figure out what I “wanted to do when I grew up”.

It also started to finance my copywriting education and web marketing initiatives.

My wife, Kari, had been planning corporate and wedding events for years.

I twisted her arm and got her to agree to write a guide for planning weddings (specific types of weddings).

She wrote the book. I wrote the copy.

We went live.

That was over 9 years ago… and that simple (very ugly) sales page continues to make us money.

We do very little to it…

…and it continues to send us cheques.


My biggest mistake in the past 9 years? Not building up MORE of these sites. I have done this type of site in a number of industries, but I could have made far more moola if I had spent time getting this going on a larger scale.

Which is EXACTLY why you need to be on this teleseminar with my friend Dan Lok.Dan Lok

Dan is smart… smarter than me!

He was a copywriter… but he saw the light and went gung ho on these kind of sites.

And has made $27M since then in sales

Dan has agreed to do a one time webinar for you and I.

I will be there taking notes and planning my fall.


Unlike other gurus, Dan doesn’t speak at big conferences or go on the roads or do a webinar every week. And he doesn’t need to. He’s kind of semi-retired now.

The economy is on shaky grounds still, but Dan’s businesses continue to prosper (so do my own niche sites that continue to send us cheques in goods times and bad).

Secretly he told me, he’s made more money in the last 12 months than in any previous year.

He knows something that people don’t.

You need to hear what he has to say.

If you get a chance to hear him, you don’t want to miss it. We only have 300 spots, if you don’t think you will show up, don’t register.

This is probably the most important webinar you’ll listen to this year.

Plus, and this is a BIG plus, I have a surprise announcement for you on the call – that you will ONLY hear if you are on the call.

Dan has agreed to share his private formulas for conquering the online marketing world… and I want you to join us next Thursday.


Here’s a short-list of what will be covered on this 75-90 minute webinar:

* The fastest, simplest way to start making money on the Internet. Period.

* How to create a business that makes money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

* How to ‘fire your employer’! No more clocking in or out and no limit to the amount of income you can rake in.

* An amazingly simple strategy to make money without having your own ‘list’ of customers or prospects

* How to stop trading time for money and start earning a 6-figure ‘Passive’ income within 12 months.

* 2 big mistakes many new Internet Marketers make that you must to avoid at all costs. (Hint: Making these 2 mistakes can waste thousands of dollars and years of your time!)

Here are the details:


How to Get Started With Your Own On-line Business, or Start
Making (More) Money On-line with Your Current Business.

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2011
Time: 5 – 6:30 p.m. Pacific. (7pm Mtn. 9 pm EST).


Looking back over my past 9 and a half years in this business, I have loved it beyond anything else I have ever done in my life.

But I really am kicking myself over not doing more of what Dan is showing on this call.

It is the reason for my surprise announcement on the call…

…and is the reason I want you to be here with me.

Dan is going to deliver some incredible goods here – do NOT miss out.

Don’t delay and kick yourself later.

Dan is the real deal, will show you how to replicate the systems he uses, and you can steal his ideas to get your own online sites cranking out more revenues with greater frequency.

See you next Thur on the call.


PS: Dan will not only be showing YOU how to get this done – I will be taking copious notes as well!

Don’t miss this one – Dan is not one to do calls like this very often.

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