My biggest business lesson from 17 yrs in martial arts

I’ve never been the swiftest one out there.

That said, I’ve done some exciting things in both the business world and the martial arts world.

Especially when I remind myself that I didn’t even start competing in martial arts (Muay Thai) until I was 46 years of age.

Wayyyyy past the age when most do.

But I did it.

And despite 17 years total training inside the martial arts, my biggest lessons – the ones that will stick with me for the rest of my life – happened in just the past 4 years.

Stupidest thing I ever did?

Listening to others that told me NOT to compete years ago.

I had started martial arts journey in my early 30s in Muay Thai.


Wanted to compete really bad, but I LISTENED to others.

I let them convince me that competing was dangerous.

And I should best just keep training, without the competing.


I ended up getting some injuries after 4 years in Muay Thai and quit.

Got married.

Had kids.

Grew a belly.

So I got back into martial arts, but though something easier on the body was in store… so Tae Kwon Do it was.

7 years of consistent training and I had achieved my 2nd Degree Black Belt.

But I wasn’t happy.

Deep down I craved the raw power of training and workouts I used to have in Muay Thai.

So I dove back into Muay Thai at 46 yrs of age.


No more listening to others.

I was going to compete this time.

And I have…

78 tournament fights.

Canadian Nationals – 2 Gold medals won.

2 Worlds – multiple bronze medals won.

A torn knee.

Countless injuries, sprains, tweaks, and whine-friendly aches or pains.

One concussion.

A good 4 year run.

But it’s NOT for everyone by any means.

But man-oh-man has it taught me some fan-freaking-tastic business lessons.

One of the biggest is buried here…

“The punishment – to the body, the brain, the spirit
– a man must endure to become even a moderately good boxer
is inconceivable to most of us whose idea of personal risk
is largely ego-related or emotional”
~ Joyce Carol Oates, On boxing

The idea of spending many, many hours training on a one-person skill that takes many many thousands of hours to be moderately good at… is not for most.

But it further drilled into me the need…

…To keep my chin down, and my focus forward. IGNORING the nonsense around me, and focus on the task at hand.

…To be well-prepared for MANY bloody noses, injuries… and a crushed ego. You will NOT be a master at this or anything after a few hours, weeks, months, or even years training in something.

…It ISN’T about the quick wins. In business those big sales surges are nice, and a necessary part of business. But they aren’t everything like many would love you to think.

There’s ALWAYS people better trained, possibly more natural or talented at it too.

When you learn the art and science of taking a beating and still being able to get back up and battle your inner and outer demons…

…that’s a skill that is invaluable.

It’s worked well for me in business… still continues to.

As you may or may not know – I dove into the world of hemp and cannabis cbd products for healing.

I have not been working with clients for 8 months now.

And I absolutely love this new world I am in.

I’ve been able to help hundreds of people with all forms of health issues in the past while. Sciatica, pain, anxiety, depression, cancer, digestive issues, add, autism, adhd, etc, etc, etc.

** I’ve learned more about this new world in the past 6 months than most Doctors know about it after 10 years of schooling (did you know less than 13% of Medical Schools teach new Doctors about the Endocannabinoid System each and every one of us has in our bodies? Disgusting truth about the reality of medicine – but it’s the way things still are with this amazing plant).

…And I’ve never seen an entire multi-billion dollar industry being created quite like this one.

But the SAME lessons apply here, as they do in every business/industry/niche.

* Marketing, marketing, marketing

* It’s all about the unique aspects you bring to the market

* It’s all about knowing your customers and what they desperately want (and customizing your marketing message to their unique desires – not about mass marketing)

* Massive, on-going action

* Ignore the naysayers and focus on what YOU want

* Envision the big picture you want… and create a realistic game plan to make it happen

* Create your own reasons to market!

This last point is funny.

So many people get stuck on reasons/ideas/themes to market – yet they are alllll over the place.

Yesterday was July 10th (7/10).

In the world of Cannabis and Hemp – 710 is a reason all in itself for marketing campaigns – and millions of dollars wee made yesterday by using the number 710 in the marketing (those in the world of cannabis understand it and bought because of it).

Create YOUR OWN reasons for marketing, for promotions, for customer appreciation events.

It’s the reason I created the Cash Flow Calendars 11 years ago, and continue to make them for astute marketers.

To give their customers unique promotions and reasons to take action!

To wrap it up – I am sorry on the lack of communication. I’ve been crazy busy marketing and selling in an entirely new industry to me. ALL the tools I used in other markets and niches WORK BETTER in this niche market. They will for you too.

Keep that chin down and your focus forward, and never be afraid of mixing it up a bit in pursuit of your goal!


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Get creative with your marketing themes – know what your customers want – and keep your head down while taking massive action on making things HAPPEN!


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