Big profits from practical jokes and weird passions

Back in my University days, I put myself through school, and nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit, by owning a College Pro Painting Franchise. I had started my own painting company in high school, and it was only natural to take this bigger and better with the College Pro name behind me.

It was a fabulous way to spend my summers, and had 8 painters working for me at any given time, and usually 4 houses on the go.

Like me, there were quite a few other franchise owners and managers who were putting themselves through school.

…One guy, we’ll call him Keith, had this fantasy about going out to a house to do a quote, and meeting up with the hot and bothered house wife.

You see it in the movies (well, a certain kind of movie anyhow), and to Keith it was his ultimate fantasy.

…It drove him to work harder every summer.
…It fired him up talking about this great escapade that he was ‘going to find’.
…He knocked on doors on weekends looking for home owners who needed painting done.
…He was relentless in his pursuit of the housewife fantasy.

So, me and some of the other managers did what many others would have done… we set him up.

I lived in a house he had never seen before, so we had the ultimate setting.

We had one of the managers girlfriend phone and set up a time for Keith to come out and do the quote.

We had hidden cameras set up inside the house so we wouldn’t miss a thing.

…We had it planned perfectly.

Keith comes out to the house, the girlfriend was there looking all cute and house-wife-ish.

Me and the other managers were hiding nearby.

…It went without a hitch.

Keith thought he had died and gone to heaven.

He done the walk around. Worked out the proposal. And gone inside to present his painting job.

She was all professional at first, hearing him out and letting him give her his best sales pitch.

Then she started joking around with him. Flirting a bit. Insinuating that he come out and paint the house himself… shirtless.

…Then she offered him a beer.

Which he gladly accepted as his eyes twinkled, thinking and believing that THIS WAS IT!!!

She turned on the music and started to get close to him, even offering to give him a little dance show.

Well, Keith was grinning ear to ear right about now (remember, we had it ALL on video).

She got him to take off his shirt.

He was already planning out how he was going to brag this one up.

And then the door knocked.

Quietly at first.

Then this booming voice behind the door started SCREAMING at her to “open the $%^$%^ing door!!

Who the HELL is in there with you?

Who’s truck is that in the driveway?”

By now Keith was in FULL PANIC MODE.

Then the door busted in and a very scary biker-looking dude came charging in.

Keith near wet himself right then and there.

He took off like a bat out of hell…

…out the front door

…into his truck

…burning away at light speed

(he even forgot his shirt there!!)

We actually had to get one of the managers to chase after him in his own truck to make sure Keith didn’t get in an accident!

He caught up with him and told him the truth.

Meanwhile the rest of us had been busting our guts and watching the video of Keith’s face when that door busted in.

It was the funniest thing I have ever done.

And the only real lesson I have in this one is this…

…Keith had a passion that drove him to be highly successful in his painting business.

He wanted to find that one housewife.

It pushed him to knock on more doors.

To quote more painting jobs.

To close more deals and hire more painters.

…It made him one of THE most successful franchise owners.

He got what he wanted, kind of.

He sure made a boat load of money those summers, we all did (it was a FANTASTIC summer gig).

…All kidding aside here – what is YOUR over riding passion?
…What is your big audacious goal for your business.
…When you reach a certain milestone – how will you reward yourself?

This one seemingly simple little thing can be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU DO IN YOUR BUSINESS.

Find it.

And let it drive you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

If I could track down that video – I would LOVE to share it – but it disappeared years ago… sadly.

Funniest thing I ever did or saw.

Have a great week.


PS:  I also wrote a post about my business and marketing lessons learned while at College Pro.  A great read for entrepreneurs in every industry, if I must say so myself.


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