Are you an information hoarder?

The first step is admitting it….

…my name is Troy White and I AM an information hoarder.

Love my books and binders and course material.

Boxes of swipe material (successful advertisements, sales letters and promotions)

Far too much of it.

But parting with it is extremely painful.

I might re-read that or need that someday….. soon.

Which happens.

But the more I hoard, the tougher it becomes to go back to that book I wanted to read again.

Does it sound like you?

Do what I do then.

I keep an area where my best, most cherished books are (looking up right now I see some classic copywriting books, psycho-cybernetics, full and not-cracked-open yet notebooks, and an ancient set of yellow pages (must throw that out right now…done).

Those are my most precious ones that I would never part with.

The others I would still protect as if a child, but many of them I am less passionate about.

Rejoice if you are a reader and information hoarder though!

As long as you are reading what you are hoarding.

I make it a point to review at least a few of my favourites a year… one of my personal ways to lock in the best of the best information I find.

You should too.

Some of my favourites that I love to review year after year:

* Robert Collier Letter book (you ad geeks out there know why)
* Advertising Secrets of the Written Word
* Magic Words
* Psycho-cybernetics
* No BS Wealth Attraction (and No BS Time Management)

…and then we could get to my hoarding of audio mp3s of courses I love. Those are alternated on my iPhone for when I am out walking the dog every day.

I do hope you love learning.

…and I do hope you re-listen/re-read your favourites…there is a real joy that comes with finding something new in something you have been through 6 times before.

Back to cleaning, purging, and getting majorly distracted in the process.


PS: The 2012 Cash Flow Calendar is just off the printing press – watch for it! That is how you turn information into cash!

“cherish a few books only, and those few chosen not for their fame in the world but wholly for the pleasure that they give you” ~C.E. Montague, A Writer’s Notes on his Trade, Pelican Books 1930

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