Announcing the NEW and improved 2015 Cash Flow Calendar

It’s here… and it’s AWESOMER!2015cfc-s

The 2015 Cash Flow Calendar is a BEAST.

I lost count on all the new dates and additions here – but I am
guessing we are up to 3,000 or more marketing ideas now in the 2015


One month alone had 253 of them – so you will never be lacking for
ideas to use:

* Blog posts
* Email marketing campaigns
* Product launches
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Direct Mail
* Event Themes
* Wacky promotions
* Advertising ideas
* Lead generation ideas

Full details are here – https://www.cashflowcalendars.com

Basically, if you sell a product or service, this tool will help
you attract new buyers and improve your cash flow.


I give you the ideas, the tools, tons of copy and paste promotions
you can use as is or modify as needed.

All the promotions you need for the remainder of 2014 and the
entire year of 2015.

This is a goldmine for cash flow creation if it’s used!

(Graham made $11,000 from a 3-step campaign.  Doc C made over
  $15,000.  What about you? How much do YOU want to make by the end
  of the year? There’s over 500 ideas between now and January 1st
  – ya think you might just be able to crank up that cash flow by

Seriously… anyone that can’t create a promotion a month with
this and pocket a few thousand extra has some issues.

Talk soon,

Troy White


  1. When will the 2016 edition be out?

  2. In the next 2 weeks. Going to offer an early bird price for those that get in before 2016. Thanks Liz.

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