An Open (and po’d) Letter to Mother Nature

I’ll be the first to admit that living in Calgary, Canada leaves me wide open to winter’s icy grips…

…but this has officially become FLIPPING ridiculous!

Even the Huffington Post had an article called
“Welcome to Canada, The Land that Spring Forgot”

Thanks for rubbing that in HP!

So, in honour of the spring that never happened, I’ve pulled
up a letter (aka rant) I sent to Mother Nature 3 years ago.

Surprisingly… it STILL APPLIES…

The best part about this?

I turned a simple snow storm into a marketing campaign
(and show you how), AND I’ve EXTENDED the Mother Nature
Madness Special Bundle (where you get the 2014 Cash Flow
Calendar as a FREE Bonus!)

Have a look, and use Mother Natures Nastiness to your benefit!

. . .

Dear Mother Nature,



You win.

After yet another 8 inch dump of snow last night, I had no choice BUT to record this video this morning.

Some great lessons here for the astute marketer in all of us.

It’s only a couple minutes long, but has some ideas in there for making the most out of those unexpected events in life and in business.


PS: I’ve also decided that in honour of good ole Mother Nature, I’d
offer you 25% off the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar!

Why? Because a quarter of the year is gone – leaving you 75% of your
year to master the marketing game! And this tool gives you the reasons,
the promotions, and the unusual ways to stand out from your competitors…

Go to and put in the code: mothernaturerant for 25% off

OR . . .

Grab the Mother Natures Madness Special and get the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar


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