An apology about my last email (and a free training call tmrw)


Jack M wrote me after I sent out the email on Monday.

Wrote, chastising… whatever you want to call it.

But he’s right.

Thanks for calling me out Jack.

What was the problem?

I am co-hosting a webinar tomorrow night with Danny Inny…

…and I basically copy/pasted the details on the call that Danny provided.

Jack said I should have ‘crafted my own copy magic’ instead of sending a ‘canned email’.


I had a crazy busy day – and took the shortcut.

I didn’t do the call any justice, nor you, my fine and oh so devoted reader 🙂

The call is going to be AWESOME.

Danny Inny came out of nowhere – so it seems.

He does a very high 6 figure number in his business… and he is sharing HOW he did it – and WHY passion was his secret weapon.

Danny is a bit of an introvert… so am I.boxing gloves and martial arts

Put some boxing gloves on me and let me at a martial arts training workout… introvert GONE.

But, for the most part I am pretty quiet about my business.

Danny is sharing some truly important information with you and I tomorrow.

Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity
5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern on Thursday, January 16th.

Register here https://www.troysentme.com

The problem is…

PASSION ALONE… is a failing formula.

It isn’t enough.

If it was… I’d be a bazillionaire thanks to my passion for martial arts, beer, and being the proud dad of twin girls!

But there’s more to the formula.

You need to be passionate about your business… but you need to apply ALL THE PIECES… not just passion plus hoping and praying.

So get your be-hind registered for the call tomorrow night!

Danny is the real deal and he has some awesome information to share with us all.

I’ll be there – you can beat me up for sending a ‘canned’ email out on Thursday night.

Humbly yours,


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