A simple marketing system for 2014


I’m a pretty simple guy… who lives a pretty simple life.

I have some pretty simple ideas on raising my awesome 13 year old daughters.

I have a simple philosophy on getting into shape for a 45 yr old guy (it’s called… sweat…LOTS of it).

I run a pretty simple business…
…and I LOVE simple systems that make me and my clients MONEY.

I got an email from someone today asking what I would suggest they do to grow their service businesses (insurance, tax prep).

They have ZERO MARKETING experience… and next to no budget.

What to do?

Here’s my simple response – we will wait and see if they want to overcomplicate it (buying every stupid ebook offering magic pill solutions), or if they want to get some momentum going RIGHT NOW… so they can use the money they make to broaden their marketing plans throughout 2014.

Hi ____.  Great to hear from you.

The key for what you are doing is this (in my opinion):

* You don’t do marketing but you do purchase leads – those are assets and should be treated as such.
* Meaning… put them on an email list (if allowed by rental company – if not – build your own list – see below) and write to them once a week MINIMUM – don’t stop until they buy or opt out of your email list (make sure it is easy for them to get off your mailing list – and make sure they know it is easy to get off the list)
* Get involved with leveraging stories into your marketing that you are starting – stories about you and your wife – about your family – about your pets – about all the crazy ideas inside the cash flow calendar *(yes – it is a very good fit for you and has 1500 ideas you can use!) https://www.cashflowcalendars.com (TONS of prewritten email campaigns in there you can modify to suit your business and personality)
* Build squeeze pages into your sales funnel so you can collect your own leads via other means (advertise on Facebook is a good idea)
* Write to them!
* Write more often!

Never seen this simple system fail if you apply it.

I can coach the both of you into massive action with this if you want.  $xxxx for a month and I will kick your butts into the momentum you need.

Let me know if interested (and consider how many actual sales you need to more than make back your $xxxx investment!)

Thanks, Troy

Simple enough?

Or are you screaming inside…simple marketing plan

…what about pinterest?
…what about Google Ads?

…what about youtube?
…what about Bing?
…what about super-duper-link-cloaking-backlinking-strategies?
…what about SEO?

You know what?

They ALL can work for you.

But NOT all at once from the beginning!

And they are much more complicated to get results than plain-and-simple – build a list and email it!

Once you have some momentum going with email list building and marketing – THEN you can implement other strategies.

If you are new to marketing, and are unfamiliar where to start – start there.

Build a list
Email that list regularly
Leverage wild and unusual email marketing ideas from the 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar
Try anything and everything in your emails (within reason, of course)
Get prolific!

Once you start seeing consistent SALES from that – leverage a percentage of that new income into growing your list faster.

Such a simpleton I am!

Here’s to an AWESOME year ahead.


2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan


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