$7.9 Billion in sales – and THIS is his best approach

You may or may not know, but 13 years ago I was fortunate to have Ted Nicholas as my mentor and copywriting trainer. Ted is a legend in the advertising space, and has sold billions of dollars in products and services using his copy.

Ted Nicholas and I at one of his bootcamps...

Ted Nicholas and I at one of his bootcamps…

He gave me the foundational knowledge on story telling in marketing, and credits stories as the unsung hero of sales copy and promotional marketing success.

I have the privilege to work with Ted, even helping run his protege program one year.

Ted is a MASTER at using words to create cash flow.

He sticks to the basics of entertainment, education, and structure sales strategies to generate leads and revenues.

The best part (in my opinion) is his LOVE of stories!

I wrote about the launch of my new Story Playbook program yesterday at

Get this though…

…I have a NEVER BEFORE SEEN bonus you get with your first month inside the Story Playbook group.

Ted Nicholas and I discussed story telling, marketing, sales copy and cash flow creation not too long ago, from his home base in Switzerland ( while I was thousands of miles away in Canada)… got to love technology!

As a BONUS to joining Story Playbook, you get the audio and the transcription of this call between Ted and I.

Full details on the program are here

A couple things that Ted shared in this interview:

* How he leveraged the power of words to create a Fudge empire with 30 locations, by the age of 29…

* The ONE THING he credits to most of the $7.9 billion in sales he has done in his career..

* A simple way he uses obscure people, and ideas, inside his marketing to dominate a new industry..

* His brilliant brain fart he made on a radio interview that resulted in the headline and storyline for one of his MOST successful ads ..

* His pre-game warm up ritual to get his mind in the right place, and his copy tightly tuned to the best story he’s going to use (Ted is a master at mindset in business – this alone is a GEM and worth an entire YEAR’s subscription to Story Playbook… and you get it as a FREE BONUS!)…

* And a whole slew of gold nuggets Ted drops!

Yup – that’s just a BONUS for joining!

All the details are here – get serious about your stories this falls… and this is how you do it


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