6 Sacred Rituals for Monster Profits from SIMPLE Stories

As you probably now know, I am building a new business and kicking some butt right now.

It’s a new business, new industry, and new approach for 2018 for me.

So I dug back into some true gold I have in my files.


I discover something I thought was lost.


This was a paid program I did a couple years ago.

It was designed to give profit making story ideas that work in any industry.

I bled my heart and soul into those 16 playbooks (and 16 supplemental guides that went with each one).

People were paying a serious chunk of change for them.

Each month I walked through story angles that were making a mint for those that used them.

I broke down what was working, how to model it, and even where to find sinple copy and paste story angles that drums up new leads and closes your prospects on buying.


Get this…

I went through the 16 editions and found true GOLD for my new business.

I’m also willing to bet you WILL find true gold here too.

So, I am offering a flash sale on these 16 Story Playbooks.

The wise investors in these playbooks invested $640 US for the series of them.

You get them for $97 as part of the flash sale I am holding.

There’s ONE SMALL CATCH, which is part of the reason I am discounting this for 7 days…

I got hacked last year and my sites got demolished by the hackers. So some of the links are no longer available.

BUT… the concepts I share ARE available and I summarize each of the links… with action steps.

The content is pure profit.

Each edition is 16+ pages.

Each supplemental guide is 10+ pages.

That adds up to a lot of profit to be made from every page of these trainings.


Each and every resource here gives you sales generating templates that ANYONE can use:

>> Boregasm Breakers for the Thin-Skinned and Weak Whiners

>> 6 Sacred Rituals for Monster Profits from simple stories

>> How to turn your least likely prospect into your most profitable customer

>> HIGH PROFIT WARNING! Discover the secret of stealing other peoples stories for fun and profit (legally)

>> Back story basics (Playbook #2) and the killer strategy that most people miss in their marketing

>> Cliche your way to stellar copy and consistent sales growth

>> STUCK? No idea where to get a story idea? Here’s the simplest possible way you can find profitable story ideas, while building a lifelong bond with your buyers

>> The short story sales system that never fails to make moola

>> The re-branding basics bible… by Barbie?

>> The $2500 workshop summarized. Quite a few years ago I invested $2500 to attend a workshop by 2 of THE best copywriters out there. Here’s where you grab my notes, and the big takeaways that supercharge your ability to write compelling stories that make sales

>> Drunken ducks + bar room dog fights – and a hell of a profitable marketing idea!

>> Money0making Mojo Skills for those running out of time

>> Kijiji my Shmiji – big profit ideas from a free online classifieds site (and this one simple idea applies…. everywhere!)

>> Project 30 and the Awesome Power of Creating Your Own Signature Story (and the 3 part formula for simple success)

>> Fist fights and tramplings: the awesome power of media leverage for building a business fast

>> My ass-kicking and the BIG lesson I learned for monster momentum in business


>> The $10k a month potato story and how anyone can copy his model and bank at least $10k a month with this approach

>> Pissing them off for profits! Playbook #9 Supplement Guide shows an AWESOME ad a gym used that calls their bluff, pisses off those you don’t want as buyers… and draws like flies those you do. I LOVE THIS AD AND STRATEGY!

>> 7 Simple Story Angles you’ve probably missed – but can use TODAY for extra income

>> The “Mystery Gift” idea that keeps on giving… and giving… and giving

>> Virtual Vixens and the Macho Man of Mexico (and how they leveraged controversy for cashflow)

>> Plus a LOT more proven formulas for online and offline success with stories.

GRAB IT HERE =>> https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LWV6A6XDACPDL

The offer will come down February 15th at midnight.

If you were to use one of the Playbooks a week, you’re going to create a cash flow surge unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Grab it now.


PS: If you’re stuck on what to sell, or want additional cash flow streams, just hit reply and I’ll let you know where to get some killer tools I am using right now.

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