4 bitchy birds

The other day I was walking from my office to my house and heard a huge commotion going on next to me. I looked over and there were 4 little chickadees in an all-out brawl.

They were chirping and a chapping.

They were flapping their wings and pecking at each other.

From what I could tell it was all 4 of them battling each other.

They were completely oblivious that I was right next to them watching this whole brouhaha unfold. They went at it for a couple minutes, every once in a while one would try and fly up and away – one of the other grumps would chase them up in the air – scrap with them mid-air, then end up back in the bush they started in.

It was fascinating to me.

All said and done they either came to an agreement or called the scrap a draw. They ended it and each went their own way.

Mother nature provides us all ample gifts to admire and be grateful for. Sometimes we stop, pay attention, and learn from her offerings. Other times we walk on right past it without even a clue that something just unfolded before our eyes.

This bird brawl may not mean much on the surface, but I saw it, I watched with intent acuity, and noted the lesson I took away from it.

In my case, it was a dispute I was going through and I saw something happen there that showed me the lesson I needed to learn.

If you were watching it with me, your lesson may have been different.

Most would miss it altogether though…sadly.

Pay attention out there – the greatest business lessons come from the least likely of places.

Mine was in a group of 4 bithcy birds – where will yours be?


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