Forget 50 shades – you only need 3 steamy shades for great writing

Someone asked me the other day if I had some writing tips for
them to make their writing more persuasive and easier to read.

So I put down three writing tips that will improve your writing
skills and help you persuade others through your emails, web
pages, direct mail or video scripts.

The first of the three writing tips:

Write out ads, sales letters, even fiction writing by hand.
That’s right… pen and paper writing.  Old school. Computers not

I fought this one for a long time… thinking there is no way
writing tips like this would help my writing style.

To me, the writing tips that I kept looking for were the ones
about headlines, and about the persuasiveness of what I wrote.

There was no way writing tips like “hand write out other peoples’
writing” would work.

But it did.

One day I stopped fighting it…

…and started doing it.

From then on, I woke up at 5:00 in the morning and hand-write out
direct response ads written by the greats.  For 2 hours at a time
I would hand write those ads out till my hands were cramping and
in pain.

Go figure… writing tips like that one actually DID work.

In 6 months, that one writing tip was able to do what would have
normally taken me years to do.

My writing style was night and day from when I started writing
out other ads.

And my response from those ads and letters was excellent.

Writing tips like that can help make you and/or your clients a
LOT of money.
The second of the three writing tips trifecta…



Blog posts.

You name it… write it.

While I was doing the first of the three writing tips… I started
tracking my hours I was investing in my writing skill.

I printed out a 1,000 square sheet and marked an X through one of
the thousands squares every time I Invested and hour in my

The first 1,000 squares took ~ 18 months.

The next 1,000 took ~ 12 months.

I tracked up to just over 3,000 and stopped tracking.

That was 10 or so years ago.

Of the three writing tips here, this is the one that motivated me
the most.

Filling those squares in kept pushing me along day after day to
fill that sheet.

Very powerful.
The last of the three writing tips…

Be a natural ‘talker’ in your writing. Pretend you are out for a
coffee, a beer, maybe a wine with your best friend. Think about
how relaxed you are as you sit there chatting between you.

That’s how you write…just like you talk.

If there is one of these writing tips that will make your writing
that much more enjoyable to read… this is the one.  The more your
writing sounds like a natural conversation amongst two good
friends, the easier it is to read and the more people will enjoy
your style.
The three writing tips I just shared here have helped me live a
life I love.  For 13 years now, I have been using these writing
tips to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and home
business builders grow their businesses through better marketing.
Please take these writing tips to heart and use them – the
results you will love.

Have a great day.


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  1. I was watching the live Hangouts with Jon Benson back in January.

    He made ONE guarantee of how to improve one’s writing.

    Just one; and that is,…

    He guaranteed that if one were to write copy four hours day day (straight) for a month.

    That’s it!

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