3 easy-peasy ways to MASTER marketing with ADOXOGRAPHY (and why you MUST)

According to Wikipedia, Adoxography was a term coined in the late 19th century, and means “fine writing on a trivial or base subject.”

It’s also the foundation of billions of dollars in sales across the world.

Think about it…

…Reality tv – they pretend it’s ‘unscripted’ – ya right! It’s not only scripted, it’s a HUGE money-maker, and uses Adoxography scripts of the mediocre and stupidity at its core.

…The National Enquirer. You can put it down all you like… the facts prove YOU are the fool if you don’t think anyone buys it! The National Enquirer sells more copies in a week than the TOP couple business magazines and newspapers COMBINED – Proof that Adoxolography works.

The people that write these headlines – “Bat Boy Explodes” – “Use Your Dreams to Win the Lotto” – “Saddam & Osama In Love.”

Those writers make a substantial income writing those words – because they sell a TON of newspapers for the publishers.

Mega-bucks from trivial and stupid stories.
The fact is…

…ALL content is good content, if it’s done properly.

Content creation is all the rage right now online.

But content is content – whether its fact and tip filled, or great story telling at its finest.

I’ve shared numerous times before the FACT that stories outsells facts (educational content) by 118% (Carnegie Mellon study).

As you should know by now, I love using stories in marketing and sales.

Which is WHY I am launching the Story Playbook series at

…And stories are RIPE for Adoxography-type marketing.

YES – this DOES work in B2B and with commodity products with
low prices and high competition!

Story Playbook

Iain Calder (the founder of The National Enquirer) and myself (with a few dozen extra pounds on me :)

Iain Calder (the founder of The National Enquirer) and myself (with a few dozen extra pounds on me 🙂

shows you how.

That simple trip to the grocery store this weekend can be a fantastic marketing piece that makes you money for years to come.

That time your daughters dressed you up and put makeup on you (complete with barrettes)… makes for a very profitable annual campaign you run.

<<oh ya right, that was me – and yes it is a story-campaign I’ve used for 7 years now!>>

Better yet…

While everyone is doing their Labor Day campaigns this week, you can be THE ONLY ONE IN YOUR MARKET doing a National Grandparents Day campaign for Sept 7th (with a story about your favourite grandparent or entrepreneurial boomer or senior you know).

Or a National Bold is Beautiful Day (Sept 8 – and yes, a real National Holiday – and yes, I would bet there’s a time or two in your life where you either acted bold and got the benefits, or DIDN’T act bold when you should have).

Or maybe on September 9th, you run a special story about National Wonderful Weirdo’s Day? (and I can guarantee you have a wacko weirdo in your life somewhere…they make for GREAT story fodder!

Not only are these trivial subjects (perfect for Adoxolography marketing)…

…they STAND OUT!

Especially when your competition is doing pretty well nothing creative to grab your attention.

And, duh, marketing is ALL about standing out from the competition.

Master this skill and you will NEVER be without marketing or content ideas!

3 quick ways:

1) Always be on the lookout for stupid things (and people) you see on your day-to-day adventures. Keep notes (I use Evernote for this). Whenever you need a new idea – pull up Evernote and away you go.

2) Read the news – ALL KINDS of news. The Onion. The Wall Street Journal. The Sun. Read it all – find the ridiculous – the bizarre – the trivial that fits a story you have – then MILK IT for all it’s worth!

3) GET ON THE STORY PLAYBOOK – this is a powerhouse tool for ramping up your marketing and boosting your cash flow… FAST.


Audio training.


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The choice is yours.

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Have a great National Cherry Popover Day (yes, that’s today, September 1).




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