3 daily therapies for your marketing success and abundance

With just 49 days left in 2015, NOW is the time to amplify your efforts and end your year with a big celebration.

Not THIS kind of therapy!

Not THIS kind of therapy!

In order to do that though, you need to either magnify a routine you’re on (one that’s working), or pick up a NEW routine to really end this year well.

I shared one of my routines last week… morning pages. Full article is here:

Not only is it therapy for the mind (writing out your thoughts like that every morning is a great way to clear the head, and get your brain juices flowing.

BUT…it also is a GREAT SOURCE of marketing ideas, headlines, product ideas, and motivations.

Some really powerful (and profitable) ideas come to me this way – they will for you too. As I said, combine this one therapy with the Story Playbook – and you could easily end your year with a significant revenue boost => (Playbook #3 comes out on the 15th of November).

There’s also 2 other daily therapies that I do – and highly recommend for peak performance and profitability.


Heart pumping exercise – every day. I start my morning with an early 30 minute fast-paced hike with the dogs at the off leash. BUT, I don’t talk about this as much, I also do 10+ Muay Thai/Kickboxing workouts a week. Now, that is a wee bit excessive…and I don’t need anyone yammering on about how it’s too much.

You DON’T need to work out like I do – but you DO need to exercise. It’s great for the body AND mind…and you need BOTH to make your business successful (end up bed bound with an illness due to poor health and your business goes splat).

I workout like I do because I love it (I teach classes every week and get lots of sweat-filled, butt-kicking fitness in).

I am competing in a week – and I have GRAND AMBITIONS for 2016 (Worlds!).

In order to do that, at 47 yrs old…I need to stay consistent and stay VERY active.

So find a workout of choice (one that combines body weight exercises, weighted exercises, and interval style training – my recommendation).

Last, #3…


Lots. And I don’t mean idiotic Facebook rants. I mean real books. Books that push your mind and make you think. A combination of fiction AND non-fiction is the best way to do it.

I typically have 2 or 3 books on the go at a time. Some people prefer to do one at a time. As long as you’re reading, you’re growing.

The books I am working on right now: A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw, The 12 Week Year by Brian Morgan, and Wired For Story by Lisa Cron.

All non-fiction right now, but I have a fiction one (Travis McGee) ready to roll when I finish one of these 3.

BONUS, #4…

Master your ability to use stories in your sales and marketing! It’s a simple, but highly profitable skill to refine.

It works in EVERY industry.

And it has always boosted revenue when done right.

Story Playbook #3 comes on November 15th, and it’s a doozy:

* A done-for-you holiday template you can use for a surge in extra cash flow before the end of the year (you need to fill in a few blanks, but everything else is done for you!)…

* A very unusual place to find killer story ideas (I’m almost positive you’ve heard of the site, maybe even been there, but undoubtedly MISSED this one hidden section of the site)…

* Story lines that sell your stuff. A complete breakdown of some unusual story angles you’ve probably never even thought of (along with examples), and how to turn those into hidden sales messages…

* Sneak-a-peak into some unusual holiday promotions that’ll have your prospects lining up to order (thinking OUTside the box is the key here, and I’ll give you some wacky ideas and examples to use for growing your bank account)….

Plus some powerful examples of stories that sold a boatload of products and services (along with some simple steps to modify them as your own)…

That ALONE should be enough to give the Story Playbook an honest try:
Have a FANTASTIC day!


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